Monday, October 31, 2011


SEA Games 2011 Ticket Prices

Two venues being used in Jakarta for this year's SEA Games. These are the prices for the Group Stage at each venue

Bung Karno Stadium (Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand)

VVIP - 250,000 IDR
West VIP - 150,000 IDR
East Vip - 100,000 IDR
Category 1 - 75,000 IDR
Category 2 - 50,000 IDR
Category 3 - 25,000 IDR
Category 4 - 15,000 IDR

Lebak Bulus Stadium (Brunei, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, Timor Leste, Vietnam)

Class 1 - 100,000 IDR
Class 2 - 75,000 IDR
Class 3 - 50,000 IDR
Class 4 - 25,000 IDR

Opening games are at Bung Karno with Vietnam v Philippines at 4pm and Laos v Myanmar kick off 7pm. At those prices don't expect a sell out.

Indonesia v Singapore has been scheduled for a 2pm kick off which is barmy, a bit like the weather. The one game I really want to see, it is also on absolutely the wrong day. For me at least.

Anyway based on 9,000 IDR to the USD what do you think of those ticket prices?

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Results 29/10

Malaysia Cup Final

Terengganu v Negeri Sembilan 1-2 (Ashaari Samsuddin; S Kunalan, Hairuddin Omar)

The Negeri's second win in three years, they also reached last year's final but were beaten by Kelantan. Malaysian football done and dusted until January when we can expect to see foreign players line up for the first time in three years. Or is it two years?


Young Lions v Home United 0-2 (Frederic Mendy, Firdaus Idros) 497
Albirex Niigata v Tampines Rovers 1-3 (Tatsuro Inui; Jamil Ali 2, Mustafic Fahruddin) 1,399

Home had their points secured halfway through the first half, Tampines had to wait until the bitter end. A rare goal for Fahruddin...was it his birthday?!

1 - Home United 30 23 2 5 74-28 71
2 - Tampines Rovers 30 22 3 5 63-24 69

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Indonesia's SEA Games Preparation

The 5-0 defeat of Persikota yesterday in Cilegon Indonesia's friendlies ahead of the SEA games. So how did they fare?

v Persikat Katingan 5-0
v Indonesia 1-1
v Makassar United 1-2
v Bali De Vata 4-2
v Persebaya 1927 3-1
v Persiba Bantul 1-1
v Hong Kong U23 4-0
v Bin Chun Rangers 5-1
v Citizens FC 2-1
v Persikab 3-1
v Semen Padang 1-1
v Persikabo 2-1
v Persiba Bantul 3-2
v Mitra Kukar 5-1
v Timor Leste U23 5-0
v Persikota 5-0

P 16 W 12 D 3 L 1 50-14

9 - Patrick Wanggai
7 - Yongki Aribowo
5 - Andik Virmansyah, Ferdinand Sinaga, Titus Bonai

I'm knackered just writing all that down...god knows how the players feel!


Fan Pressure Forces Action

Not a headline you're ever gonna read in England.

There was widespread disappointment in Malaysia when it was announced ticket prices for today's Malaysia Cup Final between Negeri Sembilan and Terengganu were set at 50 RM, compared to 30 RM for last year's showpiece.

Fans protested on line and off and there were threats the game would be boycotted. Now however it seems the state football associations have stepped in and will subsidise ticket prices for fans.

A noble gesture and an interesting reaction to fan power. But would never happen in England where Arsenal patronisingly brushed off the 6.5% price rises ahead of the current season as necessary to keep the squad together...and that was before they sold Nasri and Fabregas.

Of course it's worth pointing out football clubs in England have to source their own income while state FAs in Malaysia rely on handouts so find it easier to pull the odd populist stunt.


Results 28/10

International Friendlies

Cambodia Under 23 v Nepal 0-1 (Santosh Shahukala)
Indonesia Under 23 v Persikota 5-0


SAFFC v Etoile 4-1 (Goran Subara, Mislav Karoglan 2, Indra Sahdan; Wilson Grosset) 1,342


Malaysia's Indian Tour

Malaysia's serious approach to international continues with a couple of friendlies lined up in India while the rest of the region is focussed on the Under 23 SEA Games. Games will be played on 13 and 16 November and their squad features like Safee Sali and Safiq Rahim.

Friday, October 28, 2011


SEA Games 2011 Draw Changed

I have no idea what it is about this part of the world but the powers that be, no matter what country, seem incapable of drawing a match schedule and sticking to it. Oh no, there has to be a whole heap of tinkering and changes done.

The SEA Games have changed their match dates, at least for one group. Why? Who knows. Things don't happen in this part of the world 'cos they need doing, things happen because they can be done by incompetents on power trips.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


CLeague Team To Play Abroad?

Phnom Penh Crown have been a prominent, and welcome, sight in the Singapore in recent years, boosting the profile of football in the Kingdom at the same time. Now comes news, well two weeks ago, that another Cambodian team maybe considering some overseas competition.

Preah Khan Reach have reportedly been in discussions about joining the Malaysian football set up. Already next season Singapore will have an Under 23 team playing across the causeway in the top flight. It remains to be seen where a Cambodian team would fit in.

It's a shame that with Malaysian businessmen busy buying teams in England, Cardiff City and Queens Park Rangers, no one seems serious in investing in the league in their own backyard. Recent private teams like PLUS, Kuala Muda and My Team have been flops while the state teams run around like headless chickens waiting for the next hand out.

Perhaps it's not a shame. Businessmen become rich by operating in a certain way. Malaysian football isn't ready for that, not yet.


Old German Buggers Fancy Bangkok Break

Several weeks back it was aging AC Milan buggers hitting Jakarta, and Bali, in the name of a good, free, holiday plus an exhibition football match with plenty of hugging and back slapping thrown in for good measure, pandering to the masses.

Now, with the Thai Premier League limping to a slow and much delayed climax comes news that a bunch of aging Germans will be having a free holiday, will be slapping their thighs in public and also kick a ball around, expecting others to dig deep into their pockets in the name of charity.

The game is being played 6 November and features all the usual old farts you might expect on this jollies while the Thai team also includes just about every Thai player a foreigner can be expected to have heard of. Kiatisuk and, err, um...

Of course I have a problem with these nonsense games. I have yet to see what benefit they are to the local game. There isn't of course. It's just a freebie for 'the lads' and a chance to promote their club or, in this case, the FA. But nothing for the local game. I saw Arsenal play in Thailand back in 1999, or was it 1998, did that game encourage Teerasil to play professionally? Unlikely. Did it encourage any Thais to go and support their local team like KTB, TFB, SET, TTM, PAT or PEA? Did it bollocks.

Then there is the charity angle. What if I don't want to give money to charity? Or I don't agree with the selected charity? Where's my choice in the matter? I don't have one. Instead I'm told by someone who obviously knows these things better than me that I must give to their charity if I wanna see the game.

The same thing is increasingly happening in England. Arsenal have a 'favoured' charity of the year and back in 2007 boasted they had raised nearly 2 million quid for their 'favoured' charities over a period of 15 years!

The club favours the charity and the fans foot the bill. Instead of handing over gate receipts from one home game a season, instead of the club using their own money, instead of having the players donate a month's wages, they find ways in which we, the fan, can donate. As if there aren't enough people out there trying to get their hands on my money.

It's my son's birthday soon and I thought it would be pretty cool if I could get him a mention in the match day programme. You know, Gooner man and boy 40 years wishing his nipper happy birthday son. It can be done of course but the club recommend a donation to their 'favoured' charity in return!

Screw them and screw the German All Stars and the AC Milan Legends...


Borey Dropped From National Team

Cambodia's sole target this year in international football has been the SEA Gams which start next month, hopefully, in Jakarta. The national team coach came out and said several months ago the World Cup Qualifiers, against Laos, weren't important, his eye was on regional glory.

To help prepare for that regional glory, they have been drawn with Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore so the definition of glory maybe an interesting one, Cambodia have played teams like a bunch of Korean students.

Anyway the coach as only gone and dropped the biggest name in Cambodian football ahead of the games. Khim Borey is perhaps the only recognisable player from Cambodia, though Keo Sogngorn is highly rated and could make an impact.

Back to Khim. Time with Si Sa Ket before returning to Cambodia with Phnom Penh Crown means this is a lad with a bit of experience around the region. Strange then that the coach isn't taking him.


One That Got Away

Indonesia have been busy tracking down anyone who may qualify for citizenship in a bid to bolster a national team that has seriously underperformed for several might argue they should try and find some of the diaspora to come back and run the game, with players like Sergio van Dijk and Diego Michiels targetted.

There is one player though that got away. Radja Nainggolan screams out from the type face as an Indonesian name but 21 year old midfielder who plays for Cagliari in Italy already has an international cap, with Belgium.

He was born in Antwerp with an Indonesian father and started his career with Germinal Beerschot before moving to Italy while still a teenager. He made his debut for Piacenza while 19 years old and moved to Cagliari just last year.

Anyway, now comes talk clubs like Manchester City, AC Milan and Real Madrid are interested in his talents.

I dunno, I think he should have stayed in Indonesia. Just think, he could have been stuck on the bench at some pissy mid table club the last three years, brought in for extra stamina work and physical training by some knucklehead manager whose knowledge of football wouldn't fill a postage stamp and have his innate ability suffocated by a system filled with greed and petty jealousies.

He may not have played so much football but at least his autobiography would be worth a read!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


About The Thai Boom

Much is made of the booming interest in the Thai Premier League but I wonder how booming it really is. Yes, 2009 was a good season but instead of consolidating or improving, 2010 was a mess and so is the current season for reasons I have covered before.

But how about attendances? Are the fans supporting their local team? What follows is all attendances officially over 10,000.

Si Sa Ket v Raj Navy 12,150
Buriram PEA v Police United 10,139
Army United v Muang Thong United 15,710
Muang Thong United v Thai Port 13,595
Buriram PEA v Chonburi 24,712
Muang Thong United v Buriram PEA 20,011
Buriram PEA v Thai Port 16,360
Buriram PEA v TOT 13,042
Buriram PEA v Army United 10,524
Muang Thong United v BEC Tero 11,330
Buriram PEA v Raj Navy 13,454
Buriram PEA v Sri Racha 13,098
Buriram PEA v Chiang Rai United 24,125
Army United v Chonburi 11,323
Muang Thong United v Si Sa Ket 21,370
Buriram PEA v Khon Kaen 13,593
Muang Thong United v Bangkok Glass 19,835
Buriram PEA v Pattaya United 11,430
Buriram PEA v Bangkok Glass 14, 524


Thai FA Limps Along

There is a Thai FA Cup this year but unless you actually live at the Football Association of Thailand offices in the Supachalasai Stadium, following it is a lesson in futility and the current floods in Bangkok won't make things any easier.

The Round of 16, where did these stupid names come from? What's wrong with 3rd round, 4th round etc, kicked off at the end of August and it still ain't finished. The latest, courtesy of the oh so patient Thai Fussball, is as follows:

Sri Racha v BB-CU 1-0
Chiang Rai United v Chai Nat 3-4 (on pens)
Samut Songkram v Loei City 2-4 (on pens)
TOT v Songkla 1-4
BEC Tero v Si Sa Ket
Police United v Buriram PEA
Pattaya United v Muang Thong United/Bangkok Glass
Army United v Chonburi

BB-CU used to be known as Chula United, before that Chula Sinthana if I recall? And Loei City? Talk about bigging yourself up! I have been to Loei and it was like no city I'd been to previously...which is no bad thing of course.

Bangkok Glass beat Thai Port in the 3rd Round last week and their reward for that was not a place in the Round of 16 but a meet with Muang Thong United in the Extra Round!


The Best Team In The SLeague

I have been most remiss in my coverage of the SLeague in recent weeks and I do apologise for that. I hope to take some games in before the end of the season though.

So how do we stand as we enter the final furlong? I think it's fair to say it's a two horse race as the table shows;

1 - Home United 29 22 2 5 72-28 68
2 - Tampines Rovers 29 21 3 5 60-23 66

Four games remaining and a two point difference make for another exciting climax to the SLeague. Perhaps most pleasing for the fans of the local stuff there is that a Singapore team will reclaim local pride after Froggie import side Etoile took pole position last year.

Remaining games

29/10 Young Lions v Home United, Albirex v Tampines
01/11 Gombak United v Tampines Rovers, Hougang United v Home United
23/11 Tampines Rovers v Home United
27/11 Tampines v Balestier Khalsa, Home United v Geylang United

The Stags have the tougher run in, games away to Albirex Niigata and Gombak United are always tricky. Get through them and the clash with Home United will have meaning.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Former Arsenal Scholars Try SLeague

Defenders Oliver Nicholas and Rhema Obed maybe unfamiliar names to many but they have rubbed shoulders with the likes of Emmanuel Frimpong and Conor Henderson, two highly rated young Arsenal players. In fact, anorak alert, the four of them feature side by side in the Arsenal Handbook 2008/2009.

They're together no more of course. Nicholas and Obed are joining a couple of dozen other prospects hoping to get picked by SLeague teams ahead of next season. They will be taking part in open trials where SLeague coaches will have the opportunity to run their eye of the lads.

Monday, October 24, 2011


Timor Leste The Guests

Indonesia Under 23 will play Timor Leste Under 23 at Bung Karno Stadium tomorrow afternoon. Tickets cost 20,000 IDR and 100,000 IDR.


Bachdim Faces Three Month Ban

Irfan Bachdim burst on the Indonesian football scene some 12 months back but unfortunately it wasn't only his football people were talking about. His supposed boyish good looks, done nothing for me, had teenage girls swooning in ways Budi Sudarsono and Jendri Pitoy could only dream about. Bachdim, and his model girlfriend, moved from the sports pages to the front pages as the celebrity world discovered him and, momentarily at least, made the national team cooler than a polar bear in Raybans.

Soon, it became clear that Bachdim's focus was no longer on kicking a ball and his team mates. He spent more and more time on personal sponsorship deals, appearances and a movie, missing training and cutting a more remote figure at his club, Persema.

His presence made the unfashionable Persema, the other Malang team, the glamour club of the short lived Liga Primer Indonesia, adding a few hundred to the gate here and there but all was not well.

Advice is easy to find in football as in life. The trick is to filter the bullshit and that only comes with experience. Fortunately football is littered with the wreckage of careers damaged by the inhalation of fame, riches and recognition at an early age. Bachdim needed protecting if he was to fulfill his ability much like Alex Ferguson did with Ryan Giggs.

But with a model girlfriend and an entourage who loved the limelight more than he did Bachdim was backing a loser from early on. No longer a shoo in, his football star has waned while he has seemingly concentrated on his extra curricular activities. Perhaps they do earn more, perhaps that is what he really wants, perhaps we will never know.

Bachdim is a likable lad, bemused by the nonsense that surrounds him but not strong enough to knock it on the head. Now, after falling out of favour with the national team and the Under 23s he has been banned from all football for Indonesia for three months for not turning up for training camps among other reasons.


Deja Vu, Indonesia?

Remember last season? When the Indonesia Super League began, three clubs jumped to the breakaway, short lived, unloved Liga Primer Indonesia who promised to change the game but couldn't even finish the season? And FIFA talked tough saying the FA had to solve the problem of the LPI because you couldn't have two premier football leagues running simultaneously with one league not under their control?

Well, since those heady, exciting days the focus has moved on from football which is a shame because the same crap is going on. But now the LPI people are in charge of the Football Association and the ISL teams are threatening a breakaway.

The LPI version kicked off a week or so back with one game but the rest of the season has been put on hold while everyone gets excited about an Under 23 competition. No one is sure if the league will resume...hell, no one even knows what teams are in the bloody thing.

Meanwhile the ISL version has released some fixtures for their season which will begin in December, with a three week break in December!

Just to add to the mess there are two Persija's, one in each league but only the LPI version have been told they cannot use that name...they should call themselves Jakarta FC like they did during LPI when they failed to attract any fans.

Nope, I don't make this stuff up. If I was to write about it daily I would go ga ga, the mental and verbal gymnastics are mind boggling.

I trust the suits at the AFC and FIFA are keeping up with the events here. Perhaps they're waiting for something to actually happen rather than loads of piss n wind.


Butler Is Back

Being reported that Peter Butler, who used to play for West Ham United, will soon be back at the helm of Kelantan. Malaysia Football says the former coach of SAFFC, Persiba, Kelantan and Yangon United will return to his old desk next month.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Persib's Aussie Interests

This report suggests Persib Bandung are interested in a couple of Australian midfielders. Robbie Gaspar has spent several years in Indonesia playing for clubs like Persita, Persiba and Persema but has been without a club since leaving Persema during last season's short lived LPI.

The other Aussie reportedly interesting Persib is Goran Subara. The defensive midfielder (pictured top left playing for Gombak United) can also do a job in the centre of defence and had a short spell with PSM, also in the LPI, last season. He first came to prominence with Gombak United in the SLeague and after his unhappy PSM adventure he returned to Singapore with SAFFC.


Kayamba's Return To International Duty

Keith Kayamba Gumbs has been at the heart of Sriwijaya's successes over recent years and his consistent performances have seen him recalled to the St Kitts & Nevis national team for their World Cup Qualifiers.

They play Canada home and away so as well as adding to his airmiles Kayamba will get to play some football...something he is highly unlikely to do here for a while!

Friday, October 21, 2011


The Home Strait

With just about five games remaining in the SLeague it appears Home United are in pole position with a five point cushion over second played Tampines Rovers who have played a game less.

Last year's champions Etoile are out of the race, 10 points behind the leaders but then they did lose five points after getting involved in a brawl with Hougang United earlier in the season.

The title decider could well be on 23 November when Home travel to Tampines Stadium.

1 - Home United 28 21 2 5 70-70-27 65
2 - Tampines 27 19 3 5 54-22 60
3 - Albirex Niigata 28 19 2 7 75-25 59

Apologies for not having covered the best league in South East Asia in more depth recently...been somewhat desk tied...


Selangor's Costly Home Loss

Criminally I have not been keeping up with the Malaysia Cup over recent days. We're at the semi final stage now with the second legs being played tomorrow. As things stand:

Selangor v Terengganu 0-2
T Team v Negeri Sembilan 2-4

Is an all Terengganu final on the cards? NS's home advantage following their 4-2 win over the ever so daftly named (takes a deep breath) Terengganu PBDKT T Team makes it unlikely but this is Malaysian football after all so we'll see.

Negeri Sembilan have appeared in the last two finals, beating Kelantan in 2009 before losing to the same team in 2010, only their second ever success in the prestigious trophy. Selangor have of course won it on a record 32 occasions but the last time was 2005, an Arsenal like drought for them. Terengganu won their first and only Malaysia Cup in 2001 while T Team just have a daft name. Wonder what sort of support they get?


Malaysian SEA Games Prep Takes Them To 'Nam

While Indonesia Under 23s defeated Mitra Kukar 5-1 in their latest friendly, holders Malaysia were in Ha Noi, Vietnam competing in the VFF Cup alongside Vietnam, Myanmar and Uzbekistan's Under 23 squads.

Malaysia started the campaign poorly, losing 3-1 against the Uzbeks. Next up was Myanmar and they won 2-1 with a late winner from Baddrol Bakthiar. They play the hosts on Sunday


Beckham Coming To Jakarta?

I've missed out on Beckham mania. He started his football career when I had already left England so I was spared the hysteria and bullshit that accompanies people who are thought of as celebrities.

Now though it seems that I'm about to get my fair share with reports suggesting LA Galaxy will play a friendly in Jakarta at the end of November. Whether it happens or not it remains to be seen, and against who it remains to be seen.

Will it be worth going? A mid week evening game in the heart of Jakarta, pissing down with rain in the rainy season, standing in a sodden Bung Karno surrounded by day trippers and screaming pubescents taking pictures of anything on the pitch that has white skin, excitedly sending messages to their friends telling them breathlessly Becks waved at them, asking the guy next to them what colour shirt Beckham is wearing, a 1001 handphones with pissy cameras being used to capture the moment and You Tube being flooded with numpties and the moment they got close to the aging super star.

Think I'll give it a miss...


Stadium Plan B

With the SEA Games, an Under 23 event, taking precedence over everything, including World Cup Qualifiers, the PSSI are busy scampering round trying to fine a venue to host the WCQ between Indonesia and Iran.

The game is scheduled on 15 November, check the AFC website, but that date falls slap bang in the middle of the SEA Games with Indonesia's Under 23s playing Thailand on the same day.

The WCQ dates were fixed months ago, the SEA Games dates earlier this week. It is heartening to know that there are people involved in running football in this part of the world who are totally incapable of scheduling a football match without having it clash with something of greater importance.

So now the PSSI are trying to find an alternate stadium so one country can host both the national and the Under 23 team on the same day. Clever stuff eh?

Two possibles being put forward are Jalak Harupat which is in the one street kampung of Soreang an hour south of Bandung, or Manahan Stadium in Solo which has the benefit of being in the city centre.

Then there is the small question of whether either ground is suitable. The AFC recently checked Indonesian stadiums and found only three met their standards; whatever they may be. One was Bung Karno, in Jakarta being used for the SEA Games, the Jakabaring in Palembang, being used for the SEA Games and the Mandala Stadium in Jayapura, about seven hours flying east of Jakarta.

But the PSSI are suggesting two grounds that don't fit AFC criteria...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


SEA Games 2011 Draw

Vietnam vs Philppines Bung Karno
Laos vs Myanmar Bung Karno

Brunei vs Timor Leste Bung Karno
Myanmar vs Vietnam Bung Karno

Timor Leste vs Philippines Lebak Bulus
Laos vs Brunei Lebak Bulus

Myanmar vs Brunei Lebak Bulus
Vietnam vs Timor Leste Lebak Bulus
Singapore v Malaysia Bung Karno
Indonesia c Cambodia Bung Karno

Filipina vs Laos Lebak Bulus
Brunei vs Vietnam Lebak Bulus
Malaysia v Thailand Bung Karno
Singapore v Cambodia Bung Karno

Philippines vs Myanmar Lebak Bulus
Timor Leste vs Laos Lebak Bulus
Thailand v Cambodia Bung Karno
Indonesia v Singapore Bung Karno

Myanmar vs Timor Leste Lebak Bulus
Philippines vs Brunei Lebak Bulus
Malaysia v Cambodia Bung Karno
Indonesia v Thailand Bung Karno

Laos vs Vietnam Lebak Bulus
Thailand v Singapore Bung Karno
Indonesia v Malaysia Bung Karno

Winner A v Runner Up B Bung Karno
Winner B v Runner Up A Bung Karno

Semi Final Loser v Semi Final Loser Bung Karno
Semi Final Winner v Semi Final Winner Bung Karno

UPDATE - the schedule has been revised. Check ASEAN Football for the latest

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Pakistan Fancy Indonesian Dates

December sees the South Asian Football Federation Cup, like the ASEAN Cup but different region of course, and Pakistan are looking to South East Asia to help with their warm ups. Nepal are of course all ready back packing round the region, playing the odd game here and there.

Pakistan are already planning a week in Thailand, now Football Pakistan is reporting they are hoping to have a week in Indonesia. The Thai dates are 22-29 November so arriving in Indonesia before then may well clash with the Under 23 SEA Games which is around that time.

But with football clubs in Indonesia starved of competitive practise thanks to the usual bollocks behind the scenes there may well be a few club sides interested in giving the Pakistani side a game. Not forgetting the national who would have played two more World Cup Qualifiers, and lost them...they would be in need of a gentle run out!

Now here's a funny thing. I worked in Karachi several years ago for a short spell and when I told people that I was based in Indonesia they would look at me and say 'isn't it dangerous there?!'

Monday, October 17, 2011


Divide And Divide

Indonesian football is now limping headlong into another season marred by delays, confusion and, umm, more delays.

The 24 teams invited by the PSSI have split down the middle with half mumbling about going their own way. And come on...what country in the world can have four different top flights leagues in two seasons?

These are the 12 thought to be lining up in the PSSI camp:

Persiraja, PSMS, Persibo, Persema, PSM, Arema, Persiba Bantul, Persijap, Semen Padang, Persib, Persebaya, Persija.

The clubs in slopey writing played in the breakaway LPI last season while them in bold have since merged with LPI teams, whatever that means, or have been taken over by LPI folks. I'm not sure whether Semen Padang merged with Minangkabau or not, I did hear the LPI team would merge with Persik. Likewise not sure how or why Persib and Arema ended up in this half of the division.

These clubs are showing the PSSI the middle finger...12 months after they supported it!

Sriwijaya, Persipura, Persidafon, Persiwa, Persiba, Persela, PSPS, Pelita Jaya, Deltras, Persisam, Mitra Kukar, Persebaya (don't ask!).

Interestingly of the 12 who are rejecting the PSSI, over half come from outside of Java. With greater travel costs to be incurred they were no doubt attracted by the promise of greater subsidies from an alternate league organiser.

It will change soon so don't get all gooey and excited.


Jaya Hartono Takes Over Persija

OK, this could get confusing. Remember there are two Persija's? One which is run by, umm, Persija and is recognised by the players and fans? The other is run by the guys who ran Jakarta FC in last season's Change The Game LPI.

Anyway the PSSI, now with former LPI guys in strategic positions, decided the latter Persija was the real Persija and approved them for membership in their league. Which began at the weekend. With one game. And is now on hold. Like the LPI was last season for several months.

Anyway that Persija have appointed Jaya Hartono as their coach for a season that won't begin, for them at least, until the end of October. The former Persik, Persib and Deltras will have hos work cut out...I don't think he has that many players to choose from. Anyway given the twists and turns of Indonesian football Persija will probably start next year in the SLeague playing their home games in Manado!


Booth Extends PPC Stay

Just hours after he was linked with Indian team Mohun Bagun, David Booth has signed to stay with CLeague champions Phnom Penh Crown. Booth joined the club in the second half of the season, replacing Bojan Hodak who had moved to Shandong Leung in China, and led the team to the CLeague and the AFC President's Cup Final when they unluckily lost to hosts Taiwan Power.

To be fair I don't know how much substance there was in the Booth to Mohun Bagun story...I just lifted it from a paper there and everyone loves good, juicy stories like that, don't they?!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Fortune's Always Scoring

Former Persiba Bantul striker Udo Fortune had a phenomenal season last year, scoring more than a goal a game and helping his team earn promotion to the top tier of Indonesian football. But while Persiba Bantul prepare to play the Indonesian Under 23s tonight in Jakarta, Fortune now plays in Vietnam and is still scoring.

He now plays for Binh Duong and while they were beating recently in the BTV Cup, one of many invitational pre season competitions hosted by Vietnamese teams, he still top scored in the competition with four.


Results 15/10

International Friendly

Malaysia Under 23 v Nepal 2-0 (Faris Ramlan, Yong Kuong Yong)

Indonesia Premier League
(I think that's what they're calling it)

Persib v Semen Padang 1-1 (Milijan Radovic; Mostapha Aji)

Former Persikota and Persitara striker Mostapha Aji had the honour of scoring the first goal in the latest new era in Indonesian football as the new season got under way at Soreang. It promises to be another long and fascinating season! Champions Persipura had been scheduled to play newly promoted Persiba Bantul in the newly expanded 24 team league but they said they weren't ready. Ordinarily I think in those circumstances, where a team refuse to play, the game gets awarded to the team who would play, in this case Persiba, but they're now in Jakarta preparing to face the Indonesian Under 23s.

So the league has kicked off but we don't know how many teams there are, 14 are said to have withdrawn and are considering a league of their own, while the 10 remaining could go it alone. And no more games have been scheduled, the initial fixture list I guess having been torn up.

And no, I don't do drugs, I'm not pissed and I'm not making it up.

Thai Premier League

Khon Kaen v Army 2-0 2010
Chonburi v Police United 0-0

Disappointing draw for Chonburi sees them 10 points off leaders and champions (!) Buriram PEA.


Young Lions v Woodlands Wellington 5-1 (Gabriel Quak, Irwan Shah, Faris Ramli, Hariss Harun, Nigel Vanu; Moon Soo Ho) 344

The heady days of when Pele and Eric cantona attracted over 2,000 fans to the JBS are long forgotten. It's been a long hard season for the Young Lions but this victory would have cheered their dwindling band of supporters. As for Woodlands, the adjective 'hapless' unfortunately fits them like a glove. Three wins and 15 goals all season...


The Revolving Door At Mohun Bagan

Steve Darby has quit as coach of Indian team Mohun Bagan before the season even begun. Reports suggest he was unwilling to work while there was a three man committee overlooking his shoulder.

Everybody watches English football on TV. Everyone wears the replica shirts of the big, successful clubs yet it seems no one understands what it takes to build a successful football club.

Football clubs in this part of the world are little more than personal fiefdoms for the personal glory and aggrandizement of the owners. The players, the coaches are little more than chattels or pawns, to be moved according to a whim and a prayer. Logic has no place, neither does team building.

It ain't about how much money you have, how many top of the range German or Italian cars you have damaging their suspension on the pot holed main roads, it ain't about the gold dripping off your arms or mistress gasping for your flabby, sweaty body. It's about style and style has no price. You can't buy it.

Anyway, Steve Darby will go down in Mohun Bagan history as its shortest serving coach while a possible replacement is David Booth who has his own personal merry go round having coached Laos, Si Sa Ket and Phnom Penh Crown in the last 10 months!

Coach in Asia and, umm, see Asia!


Lions Prioritize SEA Games

The SEA Games is only an Under 23 competition. In Europe it may get a few column inches but in this part of the world it is seen as far more important than the World Cup. The reason? Countries stand mare chance of achieving something among their local rivals. Malaysia winning the last one was the springboard to success in the SEA Games big brother, the ASEAN Cup.

Already this year we have seen countries like Cambodia come out and say the SEA Games is of more value than a World Cup run. Now Singapore have basically said the same thing, admitting that Under 23 players who have been on World Cup duty will be allowed to miss the next two qualifiers to play in the regional competition being hosted in Jakarta.

The plain fact is that South East Asian football is so far behind the rest of Asia, let alone the world, that thinking beyond the local stage is to invite humiliation after humiliation results wise. No thought is given to players improving their knowledge by playing bigger teams on a regular basis. And you can be sure no one will have considered Sri Lanka who went from cricket whipping boys to world champions in a playing with the big boys all the bloody time.

Still, what do I know? I'm just a non-Asian geezer with too much free time!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Latest News, Jakarta Casual & Twitter

Don't forget you can get latest news and gossip and general BS on football in the region and the (very) odd Arsenal rant by following Jakarta Casual on Twitter!


Thai Premier League Extended

The Thai Premier League 2011, which kicked off in February will now end on 7th January. The fixture list has been changed so many times it's hardly been worthy of mention. What would be worthy of a mention would be a fixture list in the region not being changed on a whim and a prayer or, whisper it, at the behest of certain clubs.

The frequent fixture changes, be it Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore or Mars, just add to local perceptions that the local game is beneath contempt, run by clueless jokers for the benefit of a few insiders.

Until that perception changes then domestic football in South East Asia will never make the crossover from mass mockery to mass support.

It's down to the Football their actions be they known!

Back to the TPL...they think they have it tough in Thailand but at least they have games most weekends, stadiums to see games, websites etc. In Indonesia we have none of the above. And we we once had a season, 2007, that lasted 13 months.

Take that and add it to your som tam

Friday, October 14, 2011


Jakmania, PSSI & Jakarta Globe

The whole situation regarding the new Indonesian season could well be cleared up, or made much murkier, at a meeting being held as I type this. While we wait, check out this post I had posted on the Jakarta Globe today.


Indonesian Season Postponed?

I think anybody who follows this blog on a regular basis will be current on what has happened in Indonesian football this year and certainly I have no intention of rehashing the year so far...again.

We've had the Liga Primer Indonesia start, go into a mid season break then end with a whimper, their slogan of Change The Game quietly shunted to one side when it was realised the only change was in the people running the game. The decisions they made were often as mystifying as those taken by the official league.

The General Manager of the LPI is under investigation for misuse of money, a story I am staying away from, relating to another position he held, while the grandiose promises made by the LPI have been shown up for what they were...piss and wind.

A new leadership took over the Football Association came in and promised to run things better but they have carried on in the manner of previous regimes. The top flight would have 32 teams, then 18 and then 24.

Relegated teams found themselves not relegated because they were too big to go down, teams kicked out last year 'cos they joined the LPI were allowed back in with the big boys and two teams who were in the second tier were allowed back in the top flight due to pressure from as yet unknown sponsors.

The season would start 8 October then 14 October then 15 October.

Three clubs have 'two owners' please don't ask, and in one case, Persija, the owner chosen by the PSSI has been rejected by fans and players.

Some fixtures were finally announced earlier this week and they showed the league would kick off tomorrow with a grand total of one game!

Now comes news the league maybe cancelled. A group of 14 clubs, I'm assuming they are the teams that ended last season's ISL (except bottom club Bontang) but I don't know for sure, are unhappy at the increase to 24 and have withdrawn from the competition with the first game tomorrow.

I promise you, Brian Glanville and David Conn would have a whale of a time writing about the chicanery that goes on in Indonesian football. I know I do!

They think they have it tough in Thailand with frequent fixture changes, in Malaysia where relegation issues are often not decided until a meeting after the season has ended and in Singapore where the powers that be do nothing to promote the game and nothing to make paying spectators feel welcome.

But Indonesia? Indonesia takes things to a whole new level. What happens here is revolutionary. And what is amazing is that it happens every year and every year sees something new and more spectacular than what has gone before. 2011 has been an incredible year in football here and well worthy of a book in its own right, which I may try to do at year end, and of course there are still two and a half months to go.

And don't forget the SEA Games disaster where the original stadium in Palembang was deemed not ready and the whole lot moved to Jakarta. And the coach who was fired 'cos no-one could find his contract.

I can't wait to find out what Indonesian football has up its sleeve next...

They said a week is a long time in politics. In football here much can happen in a day!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Greg Makes His Move

Greg Nwokolo has been one of the most highly sought after players this transfer window. The Persija wideman has been impressive in his last two campaigns with the Kemayoran Tigers, with a spell in Portugal sandwiched inbetween.

However given the uncertainty surrounding Persija ahead of the new season players have been jumping ship all summer and Nwokolo is just the latest in a long line to move.

Speculation had been rife about him for several weeks with Persib and Sriwijaya among the possible suitors. Instead he has signed for Pelita Jaya.

Pelita Jaya have also signed former Persipura defender Victor Igbonefo.

Both Igbonefo and Nwokolo recently became Indonesian citizens meaning they will be elgible for the national team sometime soon.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


World Cup Qualifiers Match Day 3

Indonesia v Qatar 2-3 (Christian Gonzales 2) 28,000
Singapore v Jordan 0-3 3,799
Thailand v Saudi Arabia 0-0 42,000

OK so Indonesia and Singapore can forget about a trip to Brazil in 2014 following defeates to Middle Eastern nations while the Thais sit second in their group two points ahead of the Saudis but face two away games to complete the group.

Indonesia played better against Qatar than they did against Bahrain but frankly they're not good enough. Say what you like about the problems facing the national league, there was one moment that summed up the chasm in quality between the hosts and Qatar and indeed the rest of Asia.

The visitors second goal was a sublime lob from about 25 yards with keeper Ferry Rotinsulu off guard. It was as well taken as wit was simple. Yet I have never seen an Indonesia player score a goal like that. Both Indonesia's goals were scrappy affairs, yes you have to be in the 6 yard area to knock them in but you can't rely on defensive lapses to pull you out of jail everytime. It pays to have players with the wonderful knack of thinking out of the box. That has nothing to do with the number of games played in the domestic league, it has everything to do with the manner of training and management at club level where all too often fear is the over riding factor.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Bambang Considers Persija Exit

Like a horse and carriage Bambang Pamungkas and Persija are a partnership many thought was timeless. With the exception of two years in Malaysia with Selangor and a few months in Netherlands with EHC Norad Bambang has spent the last 12 years with Persija. An unheard of period of time in Indonesian football.

Now though that time could be drawing to a close. With the confusion over who will own Persija this coming season Bambang is suggesting he may leave the club if the situation isn't sorted satisfactorily.

The FA have decided a new faction will lead the club, a decision that has been met with fury by Persija fans while the players have also expressed disquiet over the decision with Bambang being quoted as saying he hopes the old leadership retains control.

Should Bambang decide to leave Persija expect no shortage of suitors in Indonesia. And can we expect some overseas interest? Last year he had trials with Wellington Phoenix in the A League but his wage demands would have been to high while the temperature would have been too low!


Indonesian Premier League

Looks like a new name for a new season.

The AFC said that the new Indonesian season must kick off 15 October at the latest or Indonesian teams would be banned from Asian club competition. Well, the season does kick off 15 October...with one game! Persib against Semen Padang.

No Community Shield this year. No Inter Island Cup. Straight into the new season without any foreplay, some players still don't know who they will be playing for, some fans don't know who will own their club this season.

When it comes to farce no one can hold a candle to Indonesia. The rest are just also rans!

In the opening week there will be a grand total of eight games before the IPL takes a hard earned rest so we can concentrate on the SEA Games for five weeks. The AFC said 15 October, they got 15 October!

I only have a few fixtures up until the middle of December and it does look like the weekends will have pretty full schedules which is eminently sensible, logical and sure to be done away with for precisely those reasons!


Results 08-09 October

Thai Premier League

Raj Navy v Sisaket 2-0
Samut Songkram v Sri Racha 1-1 1,700

Not much happening eh? Glad I went away for the weekend!


Nepal's ASEAN Tour

Forget your Liverpools, Manchester Uniteds and Cardiff Citys, Nepa are coming to town. They are planning a month in ASEAN ahead of the South Asian Football Federation Champions in December.

11/10 v Philippines
15/10 v Malaysia Olympic
28/10 v Cambodia Under 23
31/10 v Thailand Olympic
3/11 v Thailand

Expect players like Santosh Sahukala and Rohit Chand to appear on the radar of major clubs in the region with this tour

Saturday, October 08, 2011


International Friendlies

Australia v Malaysia 5-0 Match Report
Indonesia v Saudi Arabia 0-0 Match Report
Singapore v The Philippines 2-0 (Shaiful Esah, Aleksander Duric)
Thailand v Jordan 0-0 (Match Comments)

SINGAPORE, 7th October 2011: Singapore beat Philippines 2-0 in an International friendly that was played at Jalan Besar Stadium on 7 October 2011.

A match that was aimed as a preparation tune-up to Tuesday’s crucial FIFA World Cup Third Round qualifying campaign, proved to be something else altogether when the referee signaled the kick-off.

Both teams were raring to showcase their passing game from the get-go and it showed as the match progressed by the minute. Philippines got the honors of having the first shot at goal from striker Angel Guirado.

They almost took the lead in the 14th minute but the linesman waved his flag for an offside call. It was Singapore’s turn to go on the offensive as they created chance after chance before Shi Jiayi rifled the first genuine chance for the Lions in the 33rd minute which proved to be a routine catch for Philippines Custodian, Neil Etheridge.

The first half came to an end with both teams still on level terms and coach Radojko Avramovic made the changes as expected with Izwan Mahbud coming on for Lionel Lewis in goal.

If the first-half was a game of few chances, the second-half was a different ball game altogether. Both teams were all out to attack and the home side were duly rewarded in the 51st minute with a brilliant goal from Shaiful Esah after his shot was deflected into the net by a Filipino defender.

Philippines responded with two shots in quick succession in the 52nd minute but Izwan was on hand to produce two amazing saves.

As the clock ticked down, the Lions went on the rampage with captain Shahril Ishak darting in a powerful header which tested stopper Etheridge in the 61st minute before Aleksandar Duric doubled the advantage in the 65th minute after some good build-up play by the Lions.

Substitute, Shahdan Sulaiman laid off a well placed pass that split the Azkal’s defence to allow Duric an opportunity to put the ball into the bottom left corner.

Philippines became more offensive in search for a consolation goal as the match wore on while Singapore caught them off guard with a few counter-attacks through the likes of Hafiz Rahim and Jiayi.

The match ended with a 2-0 scoreline for Singapore to give them a winning mentality, going into their crucial game against Jordan next Tuesday.

Speaking at the post-match press conference, Singapore Coach Radojko Avramovic said “I looked at this game as continuity from the two excellent matches against Malaysia, and I hoped that in this game, they will give us more confidence and belief in ourselves for the match against Jordan.’’

“It is always difficult when you try to make some changes. In the first half, our attacks were cut from midfield and we couldn’t keep possession in the opponent’s half. And when you can’t do that, you cannot create chances, we then changed the positions of a few players during the break, and the team looked a lot better.” He replied when asked what he said to his players who were different in the second half.

Coach Hans Weiss paid tribute his players who had to travel from Europe and other countries to play in this International Friendly. He added “They were tired and jet-lagged but they played well despite that fact. We were compact in the first half and played quite ok.”

Speaking on the first goal his team conceded, “I warned my players of Singapore’s set pieces as they have a few variations and we were punished by Singapore’s No.3 Shaiful Esah. But we had a couple of chances in the second half but it was not enough.”

“Singapore and Thailand are considered the best teams in the South East Asian region and we need more of such games to grow and become better. With time, we will only get stronger.”

Starting Line-up for Singapore: Lionel Lewis (Izwan Mahbud 45’), Safuwan Baharudin (Noh Rahman 45+3’), Shaiful Esah (Delwinder Singh 90+1’), Isa Halim (Hafiz Rahim 76’), Shi Jiayi, Aleksander Duric, Fazrul Nawaz (Shahdan Sulaiman 54’), Hariss Harun, Daniel Bennett, Shahril Ishak (C), Juma'at Jantan

Friday, October 07, 2011


An Arsenal Anniversary

Maybe a day late or so but some memories of a terrace legend on the Jakarta Globe


East Borneo Rising

Persisam and newly promoted Mitra Kukar have been busy recruiting some of the biggest names in Indonesian football this pre season. Read all about it in my latest Jakarta Globe column!

Thursday, October 06, 2011


Proposed Tampines Move Highlights Singapore's Lack Of Sporting Infrastructure

Many outsiders look at Singapore and consider the place a perfect example of how a city can be run. They point to a progressive public transport network, a popular airline and a thriving tourist industry as supporting their arguments.

Maybe that's true, maybe it isn't. But when it comes to running sports Singapore is as cack handed as the rest of the region. Look at the shambles over the oft delayed demolition of the National Stadium with no replacement ready to take over.

Now the news that Tampines Rovers, perhaps the most supported team on the island, after Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City, will leave Tampines Stadium at the end of next season. With no ready made replacement!

Tampines Stadium is to be demolished to make way for a new hub, Singapore thrives on hubs and if some famous actor played marbles you can be sure they would build a hub somewhere on the island. The new hub may or may not include a new stadium. Which sounds like there are no real plans in place, just another lust to demolish something and then let's see what to do next.

If there are no fixed plans for the hub then why not build the bloody hub around the existing stadium with some improvements to said stadium. Good idea eh? Except of course you can't sell or rent a field and expect the same returns you would get with an office block or a new condominium. And people running round a field aren't consumers, they don't contribute to the local economy. But hey...a hub's a hub!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Bring Back Nurdin!

It was widely believed that nothing could out incompetence the previous regime at the Indonesian FA but the new mob are doing their damnedest. Days after announcing clubs like Persis were among the most professionally run in the country they decided to keep the league as it began last season, promote the four clubs who got promoted, reinstate the three clubs who quit mid season, promote the only team who got relegated and promote two other teams because they were big clubs!

All this after it was decided the top flight would have two conferences of 16 teams, then one of 18. Now, if you've done the maths, it's 24! And let's not go on about the clubs which have divided into two and no one knows which one is which.

Season could be, should be starting next weekend yet there is still no fixture list out. It's useful of course in a football league to know who you are playing and when. It makes training easier to organise. Indonesia of course is a bloody big country. Logistics are a pain in the place where the sun rarely shines. Away games need flights booked, hotels reserved and training pitches co-ordinated.

Clubs can do none of this. With good reason they're getting peeved with some even asking whether the league will even kick off. At least under the old regime a fixture list came out ahead of the season. It was frequently changed of course but it came out.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011


Persib Squad 2011/2012

1 Jandry C Pitoy
2 M Nasuha
3 Zulkifli Syukur
4 Wildansyah
5 Maman Abdurahman
6 Abanda Herman
7 Atep
9 Airlangga Sutjipto
10 Zdravco Dragicevic
13 M Agung Pribadi
14 Hendra Ridwan
15 Aliyudin
16 Tony Sucipto
18 Jajang Sukmara
20 Budiawan
22 Dadang Sudraajat
23 Dudi Sunardi
24 Hariono
25 Rian Permana
30 Rizky Bagja
33 Anggi Indra
44 Aldi Rinaldi
55 Cecep Supriatna
58 Miljan Radovic
69 Sigit Hermawan
81 M Ilham

A new era for Persib but is their squad up to it? Goalie Jendry is pushing 40, Eka has gone. It's a team perhaps lacking in big names like we have grown used to lately but perhaps, given their underperformance, that is no bad thing?

SOURCE - Persib Online

Monday, October 03, 2011


Mitra Strengthening Squad

Newly promoted Mitra Kukar are looking to through down the gauntlet ahead of the new Indonesian season which starts soon. Probably.

With Simon McMenemy installed as coach they had already signed Hamka Hamzah, Isnan Ali and Jajang Maulyana. Now comes news they have added Ahmed Bustomi and Arif Suyono. Bustomi is a strong contender for the Jakarta Casual Player Of The Year Award for his consistency for club and country while Suyono has looked good the last couple of seasons.

Guess they need some strikers now!


Women Refs In Indonesia

JAKARTA (2 Oct 2011) – Six women referees have been identified to handle matches in the new season of the Indonesia Super League (ISL) 2011/2012 and also the lower Premier Division.

The six referees – Samkarya (Sulawesi Tenggara), Minin (Bekasi), Yiyin (Sumedang), N Cori (Sumatera), Herlin (Padang) and Cici (Semarang) – are now undergoing final test at the Hegarmanah TNI AD Perwira Candidacy School in Bandung.

“This is the first time that we have considered using women referees for the Indonesia Super League. It is definitely a move forward for the future of Indonesian football,” said Jajat Sudraja, the chairman of PSSI West Java’s Referees Allotment and Competition Committee.

Jajat admitted that while the test for the women referees will be different from their male counterparts, they will still have to at least meet the minimum standard required.

“Minin and Yiyin will be developed to become a FIFA referee alongside one young referee from Sukabumi named Rossy,” he added

COMMENT - yeah, but how will they handle Marcio Souza?!


Buriram PEA Overcome Sharks

Chonburi may have won 3-2 on the night but it's champions elect Buriram PEA who will play Thai Port in the League Cup Final thanks to away goals. PEA Had won the first leg 1-0.

Former Persib midfielder Suchao Nutnum had given the visitors the lead but Chonburi came storming back with goals from Guston Silva, Pipob On-Mo before Frank Ohandza equalised for PEA. Pipob's second gave them hope but 'twas in vain.

After the game the visitors' team coach had its windows smashed in despite a supposed heavy security presence.

Saturday, October 01, 2011


A Warning To Indonesia

ZURICH - FIFA has kicked Myanmar out of qualifying for the 2018 World Cup as punishment for crowd violence at a 2014 qualifier in July.

Fans threw stones and water bottles onto the field during Myanamar's game against Oman on July 28, forcing the referee to abandon the match.

Oman was leading 2-0 at the time and was awarded the victory by that score. Oman, which also won the first leg 2-0, advanced to the next round of Asian qualifying on 4-0 aggregate.

FIFA's disciplinary committee says the Myanmar football federation failed to prevent "improper conduct of supporters" and "is excluded from taking part in the matches of the preliminary competition" for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

The federation was also fined 25,000 Swiss Francs (S$35,989).

COMMENT - Indonesia's World Cup Qualifier against Bahrain last month was held up for about 20 minutes after some fans through flares and water bottles on the pitch by where their subs were warming. This is not the first time it has happened but it remains to be seen whether FIFA have the balls to take action against one of the bigger members. Coming down heavily on the likes of Brunei and Myanmar is one thing...


Laos Hex Indonesia

2009 SEA Games Indonesia v Laos 0-2
2010 AFF Cup Indonesia v Laos 6-0
2011 Under 19 Indonesia v Laos 3-3
2011 Under 16 Indonesia v Lao 0-2

I'm not sure when the SEA Games draw will be made, probably the day before the games start, but Indonesia may well be hoping not to be drawn against Laos. Recent meetings, AFF Cup excepted, show tiny Laos have the upper hand over their giant rivals. That is not of course to diminish the work Laos has done over the years, fat from it.

Picture shows Hamka Hamzah having a stretch the last time Indonesia met Laos in the AFF Cup.


Whatever Happened To...

Following on from Indonesia's poor start to their World Cup Qualifying campaign, two defeats against Iran and Bahrain, it was being mumbled in some corners that it might be better to drop the whole team and bring in the Under 23s as they prepare for their SEA Games campaign next month.

We've been here before. Back in 2007 Indonesia lost 4-1 at home to Syria and head of the second leg drafted in the Under 23s. They got done 7-0! Here is a look at the team for that Damascene revelation:

Dian Prasteyo Agus

M Roby (Persisam)
Ricardo Salempessy ( Persipura)
Fandy Mochtar (Persisam)
Ardan Aras
Atep (Persib)
Ian Louis Kabes (Persipura)
Cornelis Geddi
Purwoko Pratomo
Eka Ramdani (Persisam)

Immanuel Wanggai (Persipura)
M Bahtiar

Only M Roby, Salempessy and Ramdani can be said to be regulars in the national team these days while Arif Suyono and M Nasuha were unused subs that day. Persisam Samarinda have been active signing up many of that squad but what about the rest? Any idea where they ended up?

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