Monday, October 03, 2011


Mitra Strengthening Squad

Newly promoted Mitra Kukar are looking to through down the gauntlet ahead of the new Indonesian season which starts soon. Probably.

With Simon McMenemy installed as coach they had already signed Hamka Hamzah, Isnan Ali and Jajang Maulyana. Now comes news they have added Ahmed Bustomi and Arif Suyono. Bustomi is a strong contender for the Jakarta Casual Player Of The Year Award for his consistency for club and country while Suyono has looked good the last couple of seasons.

Guess they need some strikers now!

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there is a rumour on facebook page.....mitra kukar signs former Liverpool, El Hadji Diouf........
Correct, it is a rumour...
it would be interesting if it were true...
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