Monday, October 17, 2011


Divide And Divide

Indonesian football is now limping headlong into another season marred by delays, confusion and, umm, more delays.

The 24 teams invited by the PSSI have split down the middle with half mumbling about going their own way. And come on...what country in the world can have four different top flights leagues in two seasons?

These are the 12 thought to be lining up in the PSSI camp:

Persiraja, PSMS, Persibo, Persema, PSM, Arema, Persiba Bantul, Persijap, Semen Padang, Persib, Persebaya, Persija.

The clubs in slopey writing played in the breakaway LPI last season while them in bold have since merged with LPI teams, whatever that means, or have been taken over by LPI folks. I'm not sure whether Semen Padang merged with Minangkabau or not, I did hear the LPI team would merge with Persik. Likewise not sure how or why Persib and Arema ended up in this half of the division.

These clubs are showing the PSSI the middle finger...12 months after they supported it!

Sriwijaya, Persipura, Persidafon, Persiwa, Persiba, Persela, PSPS, Pelita Jaya, Deltras, Persisam, Mitra Kukar, Persebaya (don't ask!).

Interestingly of the 12 who are rejecting the PSSI, over half come from outside of Java. With greater travel costs to be incurred they were no doubt attracted by the promise of greater subsidies from an alternate league organiser.

It will change soon so don't get all gooey and excited.

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