Thursday, October 27, 2011


CLeague Team To Play Abroad?

Phnom Penh Crown have been a prominent, and welcome, sight in the Singapore in recent years, boosting the profile of football in the Kingdom at the same time. Now comes news, well two weeks ago, that another Cambodian team maybe considering some overseas competition.

Preah Khan Reach have reportedly been in discussions about joining the Malaysian football set up. Already next season Singapore will have an Under 23 team playing across the causeway in the top flight. It remains to be seen where a Cambodian team would fit in.

It's a shame that with Malaysian businessmen busy buying teams in England, Cardiff City and Queens Park Rangers, no one seems serious in investing in the league in their own backyard. Recent private teams like PLUS, Kuala Muda and My Team have been flops while the state teams run around like headless chickens waiting for the next hand out.

Perhaps it's not a shame. Businessmen become rich by operating in a certain way. Malaysian football isn't ready for that, not yet.

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