Saturday, October 15, 2011


Thai Premier League Extended

The Thai Premier League 2011, which kicked off in February will now end on 7th January. The fixture list has been changed so many times it's hardly been worthy of mention. What would be worthy of a mention would be a fixture list in the region not being changed on a whim and a prayer or, whisper it, at the behest of certain clubs.

The frequent fixture changes, be it Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore or Mars, just add to local perceptions that the local game is beneath contempt, run by clueless jokers for the benefit of a few insiders.

Until that perception changes then domestic football in South East Asia will never make the crossover from mass mockery to mass support.

It's down to the Football their actions be they known!

Back to the TPL...they think they have it tough in Thailand but at least they have games most weekends, stadiums to see games, websites etc. In Indonesia we have none of the above. And we we once had a season, 2007, that lasted 13 months.

Take that and add it to your som tam

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