Wednesday, October 26, 2011


About The Thai Boom

Much is made of the booming interest in the Thai Premier League but I wonder how booming it really is. Yes, 2009 was a good season but instead of consolidating or improving, 2010 was a mess and so is the current season for reasons I have covered before.

But how about attendances? Are the fans supporting their local team? What follows is all attendances officially over 10,000.

Si Sa Ket v Raj Navy 12,150
Buriram PEA v Police United 10,139
Army United v Muang Thong United 15,710
Muang Thong United v Thai Port 13,595
Buriram PEA v Chonburi 24,712
Muang Thong United v Buriram PEA 20,011
Buriram PEA v Thai Port 16,360
Buriram PEA v TOT 13,042
Buriram PEA v Army United 10,524
Muang Thong United v BEC Tero 11,330
Buriram PEA v Raj Navy 13,454
Buriram PEA v Sri Racha 13,098
Buriram PEA v Chiang Rai United 24,125
Army United v Chonburi 11,323
Muang Thong United v Si Sa Ket 21,370
Buriram PEA v Khon Kaen 13,593
Muang Thong United v Bangkok Glass 19,835
Buriram PEA v Pattaya United 11,430
Buriram PEA v Bangkok Glass 14, 524

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