Friday, October 21, 2011


Selangor's Costly Home Loss

Criminally I have not been keeping up with the Malaysia Cup over recent days. We're at the semi final stage now with the second legs being played tomorrow. As things stand:

Selangor v Terengganu 0-2
T Team v Negeri Sembilan 2-4

Is an all Terengganu final on the cards? NS's home advantage following their 4-2 win over the ever so daftly named (takes a deep breath) Terengganu PBDKT T Team makes it unlikely but this is Malaysian football after all so we'll see.

Negeri Sembilan have appeared in the last two finals, beating Kelantan in 2009 before losing to the same team in 2010, only their second ever success in the prestigious trophy. Selangor have of course won it on a record 32 occasions but the last time was 2005, an Arsenal like drought for them. Terengganu won their first and only Malaysia Cup in 2001 while T Team just have a daft name. Wonder what sort of support they get?

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