Saturday, October 29, 2011


Fan Pressure Forces Action

Not a headline you're ever gonna read in England.

There was widespread disappointment in Malaysia when it was announced ticket prices for today's Malaysia Cup Final between Negeri Sembilan and Terengganu were set at 50 RM, compared to 30 RM for last year's showpiece.

Fans protested on line and off and there were threats the game would be boycotted. Now however it seems the state football associations have stepped in and will subsidise ticket prices for fans.

A noble gesture and an interesting reaction to fan power. But would never happen in England where Arsenal patronisingly brushed off the 6.5% price rises ahead of the current season as necessary to keep the squad together...and that was before they sold Nasri and Fabregas.

Of course it's worth pointing out football clubs in England have to source their own income while state FAs in Malaysia rely on handouts so find it easier to pull the odd populist stunt.

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