Monday, October 24, 2011


Deja Vu, Indonesia?

Remember last season? When the Indonesia Super League began, three clubs jumped to the breakaway, short lived, unloved Liga Primer Indonesia who promised to change the game but couldn't even finish the season? And FIFA talked tough saying the FA had to solve the problem of the LPI because you couldn't have two premier football leagues running simultaneously with one league not under their control?

Well, since those heady, exciting days the focus has moved on from football which is a shame because the same crap is going on. But now the LPI people are in charge of the Football Association and the ISL teams are threatening a breakaway.

The LPI version kicked off a week or so back with one game but the rest of the season has been put on hold while everyone gets excited about an Under 23 competition. No one is sure if the league will resume...hell, no one even knows what teams are in the bloody thing.

Meanwhile the ISL version has released some fixtures for their season which will begin in December, with a three week break in December!

Just to add to the mess there are two Persija's, one in each league but only the LPI version have been told they cannot use that name...they should call themselves Jakarta FC like they did during LPI when they failed to attract any fans.

Nope, I don't make this stuff up. If I was to write about it daily I would go ga ga, the mental and verbal gymnastics are mind boggling.

I trust the suits at the AFC and FIFA are keeping up with the events here. Perhaps they're waiting for something to actually happen rather than loads of piss n wind.

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