Thursday, October 06, 2011


Proposed Tampines Move Highlights Singapore's Lack Of Sporting Infrastructure

Many outsiders look at Singapore and consider the place a perfect example of how a city can be run. They point to a progressive public transport network, a popular airline and a thriving tourist industry as supporting their arguments.

Maybe that's true, maybe it isn't. But when it comes to running sports Singapore is as cack handed as the rest of the region. Look at the shambles over the oft delayed demolition of the National Stadium with no replacement ready to take over.

Now the news that Tampines Rovers, perhaps the most supported team on the island, after Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City, will leave Tampines Stadium at the end of next season. With no ready made replacement!

Tampines Stadium is to be demolished to make way for a new hub, Singapore thrives on hubs and if some famous actor played marbles you can be sure they would build a hub somewhere on the island. The new hub may or may not include a new stadium. Which sounds like there are no real plans in place, just another lust to demolish something and then let's see what to do next.

If there are no fixed plans for the hub then why not build the bloody hub around the existing stadium with some improvements to said stadium. Good idea eh? Except of course you can't sell or rent a field and expect the same returns you would get with an office block or a new condominium. And people running round a field aren't consumers, they don't contribute to the local economy. But hey...a hub's a hub!

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