Saturday, March 31, 2007


What's it like to have no fans...

To be fair Bandung are as fanatically supported as most other clubs in the League but for the next couple of games the Vikings, as they are known, will have to do without seeing their team.
Today, the game at Benteng Stadium against Tangerang City will be played without fans because of recent trouble involving the Benteng Mania.
Next week's top of the table clash between Bandung and Medan has similarly been declared a fan free fixture. This punishment was meted out by the Indonesian FA after fans invaded the pitch during the recent 4-2 victory over Malang and held the game up for nearly an hour. The club were also fined 20 million rupiah.
Until clubs and security officials get serious about fan behaviour inside stadiums this will happen again and again. Unfortunately when fans do decide to climb the fences surrounding the pitch the local brave constabulary are nowhere to be seen until it's too late.
I don't mind admitting this is a pain in the butt. Next week I had planned on going to Bandung for the just ain't fair!

Friday, March 30, 2007


Indonesian Friendlies

The Indonesian FA have announced a couple of warm up games before the Asian Cup begins in July

1 June v Jordan (Bung Karno, Jakarta)
30 June v UAE ( possibly Sleman but to be confirmed)


Charlie Webster

As you probably gathered by now Star Sports Charlie Webster was in town for the Jakarta game yesterday and she seemed to have a blast. Before the game she was on the terracing doing a report where the Jakmania are at their most vociferous.

After the game she was on the pitch doing interviews when some fans tried to get too close. She was happy enough for them to take pictures but these lads don't get to see many blondes at the game and some were a bit over the top. The police of course in fine Indonesian tradition looked on while, lawyer style, calculating their fee should they be asked.

One Rambo cop decided the way to impress a Sheffield lass was to singlehandedly charge into a mob of skinny 12 year olds and whip them with his whippy thing...oh dear.

Anyway after the crowds had died down we did what 2 English people do when they meet in a strange, or indeed familiar, place. We hit the pub. A nice anonymous bar, Football Crazy was on TV and, to coin a phrase, once in a while Charlie piped up "look, that's me on TV," but the oil and gas types gathered round the bar weren't interested!

For an old bugger like myself working in an environment where people support Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and England, it was refreshing to natter with a Sheffield United fan and we never once discussed 3-5-2 or 4-4-2. Indeed, she never once called the game footy and forever will be in my good books for that omission


This weekend

In Group 1 Bandung will hope to overtake Jakarta when they travel to low scoring Tangerang City in a game that will be apparently played behind closed doors due to the home team's fans, Benteng Mania, role in recent disturbances with Jakarta. This is of course the second time a game in Tangerang has been played behind closed doors after the Derby match in the first round of fixtures.

Sunday sees Jakarta travel to Lamongan looking for just their second win of the season on the road. Tangerang host Fandi Achmed's Pelita Jaya and they will be looking for 3 points after their slip up against Sriwijaya last weekend.

In Group 2 Arema will be hoping for a change of look when they host Pasaruan Division while Jayapura travel to Ternate in a top of the table clash.


Midweek results

Group 1

Medan v Bireuen 2-0 5,000
Padang v Malang 0-1 5,000
Banda Aceh v Lamongan 1-0 12,000
Deli Serdang v Semerang 3-1 4,000
Jakarta v Kediri 2-1

1. Medan P 11 W 8 D 2 L 1 12-3 26 Points
2. Sriwijaya P 10 W 7 D 2 L 1 13-4 23
3. Jakarta P 10 W 6 D 2 L 2 17-9 20
4. Bandung P 9 W 6 D 1 L 2 16-9 19
5. Malang P 11 W6 D1 L4 14-12 19

Medan went back to the top after a comfy victory over Bireuen in front of another paltry crowd. 5,000 for the team top of the league? What's that all about? Sinaga scored either side of half time for the fanless North Sumatrans. Semarang continue to struggle and now lie 10th 6 points off a Big 4 place. Gonzalez sparkled for Kediri, going close on a couple of occassions in the opening minutes at Lebuk Bulus but a cracking shot from Izmet Sofyan from something like 35 yards (Top Corner!!!) gave the Jak the lead. Bambang scored a second but a goal from Kediri was little more than consolation for the dozens of Persikmania who had made the trip.

Group 2

Makassar v Manokwari 2-0 12,000
Persibom v Balikpapan 2-1 6,000
Manado v Botang 1-0 12,000
Sidoarjo v Pasaruan Division 1-1 18,000
Yogyakarta v Arema Malang 2-0 8,000

1. Makassar 11 7 2 2 13-5 23
2. Jayapura 9 5 1 3 15-9 16
3. Sidoarjo 10 4 4 2 15-9 16
4. Wamena 9 4 3 2 13-7 15

Two of Indonesia's traditional clubs find themselves in unfamiliar territory. Surabaya and Arema Malang are in the bottom 4 at the moment though Surabaya fans may point out they have 2 games in hand on most teams and should they win them they would climb to 6th. Sidoarjo remain handily placed in 3rd but consecutive home draws cost them the chance to put some daylight between themselves and the clutch of clubs on 15 and 16 points. Christopher Wreh got booked as Manokwari cemented bottom spot with another away defeat. 0 goals in 5 games on the road for the Papuans!

Top scorers:

7 - Hita (Malang), Pronetto (Deltras)
6 - Aliyudin (Jakarta), Anazco (Deli Serdang), Trinidad (Balikpapan)


Spot the Star Sports presenter!!!

In there somewhere is Charlie Webster trying to do a piece after Jakarta beat Kediri 2-1 at Lebuk Bulus. Exubarent bunch these Indonesian football fans!
The banner Bonex is Dead refers to hooligans. Bonex is a local word for hooligans and the Jakarta fans, recently banned from travelling to away games, feel they have been unfairly tarnished as thugs


Thursday, March 29, 2007


Jakarta v Kediri

The game is over but the Jakmania wo't let the players go.

The geezer in front

Indonesian football eh???


Persija Jakarta v Persik Kediri

2-1 to the Jak

You had to be there...



I'm off to see Persija Jakarta play Persik Kediri at Lebuk Bulus.

Check back later tonight for match report and images lah



A poem


Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Half time

And Indonesia are a goal down. Hasan after 23 minutes and there could have been more. Indonesia are woeful in defence and seemingly clueless in the final third which means they aren't doing a whole lot righ. They are complaining, perhaps justifiably, about Lebanon's time wasting but they should be looking in the mirror more and asking questions of themselves.

Like for example how can a Lebanese forward, surrounded by two, three, defencers, still get off a shot? Like how come so many passes in the middle and final third go astray. Like how a team dominating possession can only manage half as many shots as the visitors in the first half.

1-0 to Lebanon


Liverpool v Arsenal


Indonesia v Lebanon

Kicks off at 7 pm tonight. To be honest I'd rather watch this than England's egos take on some poncey ski resort in Barcelona.

The maths are simple. Indonesia have to win to even have a chance of getting through to Beijing. A draw or defeat and they might as weel flog their shirts on e-bay.



With Arema attacking in numbers they were always going to be susceptble to a quick break and that's what happened on 89'. Wayan was through, tricked AK in the Arema goal and slid it home.

Arema's slump shows no sign of ending soon.

Yogyakarta v Arema Malang 2-0


Red card

Agung gets a red for slapping a Yogyakarta player right in front of the linesman.

Not the brightest light on the Christmas tree? Of course the Yogya player didn't stop rolling for a good few moments, eating up valuable moments but halfway through the second half Arema have still offered little up front.

1-0 Yogya


It had to happen

AK, who played such a blinder at Sidoarjo last time out, has been beaten in first half injury time by a soft goal. AK and a defender both went for the same ball but both missed it. An oncoming Yogka player played it across the goal mouth where it eluded an Arema defender. Ranu was left with a simple tap in to the empty net from 6 yards.

Arema have offered little up front first half and while the rain sodden pitch doesn't help good football it hinders both teams.

Half time, 1-0 Yogyakarta


Yogyakarta v Arema Malang

It's fair pissing down in the popular tourist destination that also hosts PSIM Yogyakarta. 0-0 so far but already our old friend AK has been called on to make some saves.

Looks grim there, like a drizzly sunny day in Manchester!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Getting shirty

Thanks to John who found this link about the old Indonesia shirt. I never saw this available locally but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have cost more than 50 quid!

It's all a far cry from when I first bought an England kit back in 1974. I paid 6.95 GBP for it and saved up all my pocket money for many many weeks!

Monday, March 26, 2007



So there I was at Lebuk Bulus on Saturday. During half time my eyes wandered round the stadium and I was struck by the adverts round the pitch. Or rather lack of them. Prime slots when to the league sponsor, a tobacco manufacturer. Outside the ground they had a couple of booths selling stuff and they also seemed to be sponsoring the live band.

Another advertiser was Nike. This manufacturer are providing the Indonesia shirt for the up coming Asian Cup. The other advertiser was Diadora, the sports company behind the jakarta shirt this season.

On the Sunday I went to a Nike outlet in Plaza Senayan seeing how much the shirt would cost. They had the Arsenal shirt. Barcelona. Manchester United. Even Netherlands. But no sign of the Indonesian shirt. They had life size posters of a player wearing the full kit but the shelves had no stock! So I went to their website...and wondered what's the point! A`slick website full of Flash, and proof indeed websites should never be designed by geeks. And no sign of the Indonesia kit. So please, what is the point? Surely the idea of supplying shirts is to increase your exposure and increase sales? People here know about the brand through their association with the clubs mentioned before. There are plenty of stand alone outlets. Coming soon is the...oh never mind.

I went to a more general sports shop. They had a small selection of Diadora stuff but the only football related stuff was a t shirt for Hannover 96! I Googled Diadora and found their website. Another slick affair high on bells and whistles, low on info. I have sent them an e mail asking where I can buy a Jakarta shirt. Don't hold your breath!


Indonesia v Lebanon

This Olympic Qualifier has been shifted to Jakarta's Lebuk Bulus after the Lebanese whinged that Makassar was to far. I guess the FA will be looking at the attendance with interest after Jakarta's Jakmania announced they would not be supporting Indonesia in either the Qualifiers or Asian Cup. They are peeved at what they percieve to be the injustice of their recent punishment which saw them banned from travelling to the next 5 away games. The fans of Bogor Division and Tangerang City received no punishment and the Jakmania, who called the FA a brothel on Saturday, believe they are being tarnished with a reputation they don't deserve. They handed out a leaflet at the game against Malang detailing their grievances. They called the punishment heartless and said that they do their best trying to support not only their team but also Indonesia. They closed by saying, touchingly, that while they may not be perfect they ar trying to get better.


Weekend results

Group 1

Bandung v Sleman 2-1 20,000
Tangerang v Sriwijaya 0-2 15,000
Pelita Jaya v North Jakarta 1-1 8,000
Padang v Kediri 2-0 5,000
Jakarta v Malang 3-1 6,000
Banda Aceh v Semarang 1-0 10,000
Deli Serdang v Lamongan 1-0 4,500

1. Sriwijaya 23 points
2. Medan 23
3. Bandung 19
4. Jakarta 17

Perhaps feeling put out by their rivals Tangerang City's efforts against Jakarta, Tangerang's fans decided it was their turn to make the headlines by jumping the fence and lobbing rocks at the visiting Siriwijaya support. Victory would have seen their team cement 4th spot. Talking cement, Padang of course are sponsored by a cement producer and they surprisingly beat Kediri with a couple fo goals scored by the wonderfully named Gbeneme Friday. Jakarta leapt to 4th with a comfortable 3 points against Malang in front of just 6,000. 'Cos no one knew what the kick off was eh???

Group 2

Jayapura v Wamena 0-2 25,000
Jepara v Bali 2-0 16,000
Solo v Surabaya 5-0 25,000
Persibom v Botang 2-1
Sidoarjo v Arema Malang 0-0 30,000
Yogyakrta v Pasaruan Division 1-0 12,000

1. Makassar 20 points
2. Jayapura 16
3. Sidoarjo 15
4. Wamena 15
5. Ternate 15

The Papuan Derby ended in a surprise 2-0 victory for the visitors with two second half goals. Jepara may not be one of the bigger names in the League but they pull reasonable crowds. 16,000 saw them beat Bali. Surabaya slipped back into the bottom four after getting tonked by Solo in front of another good crowd. Talking of good crowds the terraces were packed at Sidoarjo for the 0-0 with near rivals Arema which saw a small turnout of Arema fans who missed the referee Purwanto dish out yellows like confetti. He gave out a couple to Sidoarjo and 7 to the visitors.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Sidoarjo v Arema Malang

Once in a while a goalkeeper truly can be a match winner, Their performance has helped their team to a result that otherwise they didn't deserve. 1973 was a good year for goalkeepers. Who can forget Jim Montgomery single handedly holding Leeds United, then perhaps the biggest club in England, at bay before Sunderland, then in the old Second Division, went on to win the FA Cup.
Later that year Jan Tomaszewski, dubbed the clown by Brian Clogh, stood between England and World Cup qualification.
Today Achmad Kurniawan stood between annihalation and respectabilty. History records a 0-0 draw but those who watched the game will remember it for a superlative performance by AK as he is affectionately known. Whether I remember it in 34 years time remains to be seen but it is a performance that deserves a wider stage.


If only England could

play as well they talk they would be world beaters.

As Roy Keane said about the Irish the same old non performing egos get picked time after time and just don't do the business.


It's only a matter of time

On Friday the Jakmania website reported the kick off for the game against Malang had been changed to 18.55. Not seeing it on the Indonesian FA site or in the paper I took the Jakmania at their word and planned Saturday round the fixture.

On the way to the pub we contacted a member of the Tanah Abang Supporters Club and he said the kick off was 4pm! Odd as most games kick off at 3.30. We saw a couple of busloads of fans heading to the stadium so we went to have a look see. Our Tanah Abang mate confirmed 4pm. The stadium forecourt was relatively quiet. There was a band but not many fans lingering around.

We went to the ticket office. They said 4pm! We bought our tickets and went to the entrance. The gate man said 3.30! We sat down and waited. The stadium was less than half full though the main terrace that houses the Jakarta supporters did fill up later both terraces behind the goals were mostly empty.

The game kicked off about 3.40!

After the game our Tanah Abang chap texted us. Kick off 7pm he said!


Jakarta v Malang in pictures

Bambang celebrating his goal moments after Malang had equalised
A Jakarta corner

The players shaking hands before kick off. The banner just behind them says Fair Play, something that happens all to rarely in football

Malang players warming up before kick off


More crowd trouble

Yesterday's showpiece fixture between Tangerang and Siriwijaya was marred by crowd trouble as the visitors returned to the top of the table with a 2-0 victory. Tangerang fans invaded the pitch and tried to get at the handful of Siriwijaya who cowered beneath thir banners as rocks and bottles rained down on them. Trouble continued outside with a coach and some cars getting broken windows to remind them of their day out.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


Jakarta v Malang


Report and images later. Maaf but I'm pissed and ready for my bed


Casual gets it wrong!!

A couple of days ago I reported that Jakarta's fans had been banned from travelling to the next 5 away games. That was correct. What was wrong was the fixtures I listed here.

In fact the games are:

Pelita Jaya


Friday, March 23, 2007


Match of the Day + other stuff

Tomorrow, in my book at least, sees Tangerang host Siriwijaya. Victory for the Viola would see them rise to 4th spot providing other results go there way. It also sees 2 of Indonesia's top coaches pit their wits against each other. Benny Dolo, architect of much of Arema Malang's recent success, moved to Tangerang in the close season and he faces Rahmad Dharmawan who guided Jayapura to the Championship in 2005

Jakarta's match with Malang has been rearranged to 18.55 so it can be shown locally on TV. It will also be a good workout for the flodlights at Lebuk Bulus because next Wednesday the venue will host the Olympic Qualifier against Lebanon. The Lebanese weren't keen on the add on flight to Makassar and whinged about it but to be honest all they needed to do was get a decent travel agent. Still, Makassar's loss is Jakarta's gain and who knows; the merah putih might even score a goal...


Poor Arema Malang

They arrive back from Korea today after their ACL excursions, where they lost 2-0 to Chunnam Dragons but they can forget about putting their feet up. They've had their feet up on the flight for god's sake. Nope, they can shift from Juanda Airport in Surabaya and prepare for a vital away game at nearby Sidoarjo on the Sunday.

Vital because Arema lie 12th and 4 points off 4th place Sidoarjo. 3 points are a must.


Persik Kediri

Kediri may have struggled to reach their usual high standards domestically but in the Asian Champions League their 1-0 victory against Shanghai Shenhua has got Asia talking. It's funny but you expect a team bearing the name Shanghai to be big and glamourous. To be brash and cocky as the city befits. An oriental Manchester United if you like. But despite plenty of possession they were turned over by what is to be frank some country bumpkin outfit who couldn't even use their own stadium for ACL fixtures.

That's not strictly fair of course. Since ariving in the big time in 2003 Persik Kediri have been Indonesian Champions twice. That's twice more than Arema Malang! Under coach Daniel Roekito they play football the way it should be played. In Christian Gonzalez and Fagundez they have a couple of imports who add something to the game here.

Rain, a working day and a lengthy trip kept the crowd on Wednesday night to 7,000 but with Sydney FC up next it is to be hoped Kediri have the confidence to go into that fixture knowing they can get something out of it. Jiminez, the Shanghai coach bemoaned the rain and the poor playing conditions in Solo but of course that was true for both sides. The one time Kediri got their slick passing together they scored an Arsenal type goal. In the last minute a similar movement saw the final shot slowed up in the mud and the keeper had little difficulty in making the save.

Domestically though Kediri will be looking for a result next week when they visit Lebuk Bulus to play Jakarta. The ACL is still a couple of weeks away, plenty of time to think about that later!


More Australian teams to visit Indonesia???

Football Dynamics Asia is an altogether more serious website devoted to the business of football in Asia. It recently ran a story that caught my eye relating as it does to the development of the local football scene.

The Western Australian government has done a deal with East Java which will, it is hoped, lead to the frequent interchange of clubs between the two regions. East Java may lack the infrastructure of Jakarta, witness Champions Kediri having to play their ACL games at Solo, but it is a hot bed of football in Indonesia and boasts many powerhouses. Persebaya Surabaya have long been a major force in the game, Arema Malang a more recent addition but possibly the future. They were formed just 20 years ago and have become one of the glamour clubs, famous for their loyal support. I’ve already mentioned Kediri. Last season Pasaruan Division fared well in the domestic league while we can also add to the mix Lamongan, Sidoarjo Deltras and Malang. In the second tier we have Gresik United waiting for a chance to shine in the big time. Sidoarjo and Gresik also boast more modern stadiums than some of the established big boys.

Perth Glory are one of the big names of Australian football and it is to be hoped they get the chance to pit their wits against Indonesia’s finest. Last December in the Bang Yos Gold Cup we saw Bulleen Zebras and Manly United visit Jakarta and they failed miserably against the likes of Jakarta, Kediri, Semarang and Medan. Performances in the Asian Champions League to date, one win and three defeats, show that what Indonesia needs is to play against the best in the region on a regular basis. That, coupled with a major rehaul of the domestic set up, should help them become a major force in the region but that is a process that will take many years. The tie up with Australia is instructive.

Back in 1984 I went to Highbury to see Arsenal play Australia in a meaningless friendly. We won 3-2 in front of 4000 fans. A couple of years later I moved down under and seeking my football fix enquired locally. I went to the tourist office, I asked friends. No one knew squit about the local football scene. I finally found a football weekly that looked at the Australian scene. There was a national league called West End National Soccer League and to show how low a profile the game was then in a country of beer guzzlers West End was nothing but a quaint brew local to South Australia.

I started following St George. Primarily because they were closedt to where I lived, easiest to get to and because they lacked much of the ethnic baggage that most clubs carried. Sydney Croatia against Melbourne Croatia was billed as a Croatian Derby! Start names then were Frank Farina and Graham Arnold!

Many games were ruined by poor pitches; Wentworth Park which hosted APIA Leichardt a few times was a shocker. Hooliganism was a frequent occurrence and I well remember nasty scenes involving Preston Makedonia when thye came to Sydney. Preston, from Melbourne, weren’t blessed with a fanatical away support. Local Makedonians mobbed up to follow them. With Croation and Serbian backed clubs I was an expert on Balkan hatred before Milosovic introduced the world to Greater Serbia and ethnic cleansing.

I left Australia in 1991. The last Grand Final for the newly named Quit National Soccer League was played in Melbourne and saw a record crowd at a football match of some 26,000.

Things have changed greatly now. Australia have finally found a format for a domestic league that seems, at the moment, to work, In the recent ACL people were complaining that only 21,000 fans turned up! Australian players round the world don’t rate a second glance now there’s so many of them. Compare that to the excitement when Rangers took Scott Playle, a youngster from Brisbane Easts, on trial back in ’87. And of course there was the World Cup in 2006. Australia has found its place on the world football stage but it took years of determination and tinkering. They regularly play internationals at European stadiums and get far bigger crowds than those hardy few who stood and sat at Highbury way back when. Indonesia can do the same. They would though perhaps find it easier once they allow professionals to run the game and not appointees!

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Crowd disturbances

The FA Disciplinary Committee are being kept busy even at this early stage of the season. They met recently and got a little peeved with Persija Jakarta and their following The Jakmania.

The Jakmania have been banned from travelling to the next 5 away games after recnt disturbances in Bogor and Tangerang over the last couple of weeks. The punishment is daft though because the horse bolted ages back and with 4 of the next 5 aways scheduled for Lamongan, Semarang, Banda Aceh and Bireuen it's not really going to hurt too much. (Last season Jakarta took about 1000 to Semarang.) The fifth game is against Bandung...

Tangerang City's fans, the Benteng Mania, are also punished. But while Persija Jakarta are hit with a 25 million fine Tangerang City and Bogor Division get nothing.

Jayapura also got a 10 million fine because their supporters through plastic water bottles at visiting Arema Malang players recently


Bandung v Sleman 2-1

Bandung move to within a point of Sriwijaya with a hard fought victory over Sleman who so rarely feature on TV!

They have the weekend off but with only Malang and Lamongan the only teams capable of overtaking them they can rest easy. Not only do the Bandung boys have a better goal difference, Malang visit Jakarta and Lamongan, with the second best away record in the league, make the lengthy journey to Deli Serdang. The team from East Java will fancy their chances in North Sumatra but should bear in mind Deli Serdang are unbeaten on their own patch.

Jiminez beats the keeper with a fortuitous bounce and the Bandung recovery is almost complete.

2-1 with 7 minutes on the clock


Midweek Review

Group 1

Medan v Deli Serdang 1-0 2,000 (Local Derby!!!)
Bireuen v Banda Aceh 1-1 8,000 (Aceh Derby!)
Semarang v Bogor Division 1-0 12,000
Lamongan v Tangerang City 1-0 7,000
Bandung v Sleman

1. Medan P 10 W7 D2 L1 10-3 23 points
2. Sriwijaya P9 W6 D2 L1 11-4 20
3. Bandung P9 W6 D1 L2 16-9 19
4. Malang P9 W5 D1 L3 12-9 16

Semarang make it two wins on the bounce with another goal by Julio Lopez, that's 2 in 2 for their new striker. Tangerang City failed to score again but when you have just 3 in 10 games and 1 of them was an og then it's not really news it?

Group 2

Makassar v Manado 3-1 15,000
Manokwari v Persibom 0-0 13,000
Botang v Minhasa 2-0 5,000
Balikpapan v Ternate 1-0 9,000

1. Makassar P 10 W6 D2 L2 11-5 20 points
2. Jayapura P8 W5 D1 L2 15-7 16
3. Ternate P10 W4 D3 L3 9-7 15
4. Sidoarjo P8 W4 D2 L2 14 8 14

Makassar can't stop scoring with 5 in their last 2 games at home.

Halfway through the second half and still Sleman have the lead but penalty for Bandung.

Cabanas places it in the bottom corner and Bandung are back in it.


It's been all one way but Sleman attacked once and scored. The fanatic Vikings are still getting behind their teams but as the game wears on and if their forwards keep on being so profligate in front of goal that could change.

Bandung have a 100% home record.

Sleman have one point and one goal from their travels.

This won't last...

...will it???


Well that's a turnip

Sleman take the lead at Bandung through a geezer called George

1-0. Funny old game innit


The national team

The Indonesian National team is in transition. Despite remaining unbeaten at the recent ASEAN Football Championship, lack of goals cost the merah-putih the chance of qualifying and ultimately cost former European Cup Winner Peter Withe his job.

Bulgarian Ivan Kolev has taken over the helm but it remains to see how much better he can do with the resources available to him. The big problem at the ASEAN was scoring goals. Singapore thumped minnows Laos 11-0. Indonesia went a goal down before eventually winning 3-1.

Domestically the Indonesian League allows a maximum of 5 foreigners per team and this translates into the scoring charts. Just one out of the top 10 scorers as of last weekend is local. Aliyudin, with 6 goals, has looked impressive at new club Persija Jakarta alongside possibly the biggest name in Indonesian football Bambang Pangkumas. But while Aliyudin has been scoring the goals Bambang has netted just twice after a successful spell in Malaysia with Selangor.

BP, as he is fondly known, looks good. He moves well off the ball, has good control and is effective in the air but is still finding his scoring touch.

Indonesia’s problems in front of goal extend down to the Under 23’s who spent many months in The Netherlands last year preparing for the Asian Games in Qatar. They needn’t bothered, ignominiously returning home early.

They are now preparing for the Olympic Games and still they can’t score. In the Pre Qualifiers they scored just once, in the last minute at home, against The Maldives over the 2 legs despite pummeling them in Jakarta. And in the Qualifiers proper 2 defeats in 2 games have been matched by 2 blank sheets, at Oman and at home to Vietnam.

Ivan Kolev has a simple job if Indonesia are to get through the group stage of the upcoming Asian Cup. They must score goals against Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Bahrain. Failure to do so and he may not last until the SEA Games later this year.

They do try to play football on the ground which is in their favour but in front of goal, be it 6 yards or 36 yards they seem to get a rush of blood to the head and go for glory, wellying it as hard as possible and sacrificing placement in the process.

Last season most of the LEAGUE WENT 3-5-2 because that was how the national team was expected to play but I understand Peter Withe changed tactics mid ASEAN (you might want to confirm that elsewhere!).

They are in a tough group and despite all the preparations, they’re having a mid season break starting the end of April, I can’t see them getting past the big boys in the group.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Job done.

Kediri get the result 1-0

Funnily enough the same score at Lamongan which was always going to be enough. Can you imagine Tangerang City scoring away from home???

Shanghai are getting closer.

A header just over and a smart save keeping them out

Nervy times in the Kediri defence and Giminez, the Shanghai coach, is prowling the technical area nervously.

The Kediri fans are celebrating but there's still a long way to go and Shanghai are the ones still pressing. A second goal would calm the nerves as well as improvinvg the goal difference

Still 1-0 at Lamongan

First time Kediri get their passing together. Slick one twos split Shanghai and leave Berta with a simple tap in.

1-0 Kediri with 20 minutes to go

Shanghai break but from 20 yards shoot over


Kediri are being allowed plenty of possession but without a quality ball forward they are rarely troubling Shanghai.

They are getting frustrated and a yellow card has been shown to Davilo despite winning a free kick.

A daisy cutter from 35 yards ain't gonna trouble anyone but the worms.

Mind you when they go long with a corner the ball goes out before any head can get near it!

Elementary errors that you might expect from Arsenal

Shanghai are having the upper hand second half, attacking a lot down the right but the pitch is doing no one any favours. Gonzalez is being well shackled up front and Kediri, (nickname the White Lions) look short of ideas in the midfield.

Finally they get to the bye line and pull the ball back but 2 Kediri players collide with each other and the ball goes harmlessly out of player.

Maybe Kediri substiute Bertha can provide some inventiveness, Sudarsono has been quiet

Free kick for Shanghai giiven away on the edge of the D, keeper saves well. The resulting throw in is cleared for a corner which is played short and ;ost.

Does anyone else think the short corner is a waste of time??


Half time


Too much stuff down the middle and getting stuck in the mud

Let's hope for more second half

Lamongan 1-0 up after 43 minutes, also in he mud and bugger me it's started raining here..

Kediri's 5th corner and they're worse than Arsenal...


The other game

Half way through the first half and 0-0 at Lamongan

The middle of the pitch is like a swamp, difficult to play football, both teams ned to go wide.

Very scrappy at the moment

Shanghai go close with a free header from #5 going just wide

Free kick 25 yards out for Kediri

Fagundez beats the wall but it's comfortable for tghe keeper


Even the main stand looks empty.

What a shame Kediri cant play this game at their own stadium but while Solo is just 137 kilometres from Kediri it seems a lot further on Indonesian roads.

Gonzalez threatens but Shanghai clear their lines. The corner is cleared at the near post. The second is played short and a tame shot from 25 yards barely reaches the keeper


5 minutes

It's a bit wet there and the terraces look pretty empty at either end. A few Solo fans taking the opportunity to enjoy some Champions League football

Shanghai free kick hits the wall and Kediri clear



Lamongan v Tangerang City

Lest we forget there are still domestic league games being played today with the above fixture being shown live on TV.

I will though be concentrating on the Kediri game in the Asian Champions League 'cos that should get me more traffic!

Regular updates though on this game...


Shanghai Shenhua

If you read Chinese then check out the Shanghai Shenhua website.
For those who can't this comes from the invaluble Wikipedia
Shanghai Shenhua (Simplified Chinese: 上海申花) is a Chinese Super League football club. They play at the 35,000 seat Hongkou Stadium in Shanghai, China and is owned by Zhu Jun(75%),Shanghai SVA Group, SMEG (Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group)and Huangpu Investment Ltd.(SMEG+Huangpu Investment 25%) Their head coach is Osvaldo Gimenez.
The club was founded on
10 December 1993 and was first sponsored by a local company named Shenhua (Shenhua also means "flower of Shanghai" in Chinese). At the end of 2001, Shenhua ended their sponsorship of club, then SVA and SMEG came aboard. The club changed its name to Shanghai Shenhua SVA SMEG Football Club (SFC). The team however is unique as it still retains "Shenhua" in its name while many other teams drop the name of their former sponsors completely.
The club is the most successful of the Shanghai teams, the others being
Shanghai Zobon and, formally, Inter Shanghai. Shenhua are 2 time top-tier champions and 6 time runners up. Their biggest supporters club is called Blue Devil.
In 2007, Zhu Jun, the owner of in-city rival
Shanghai United F.C. and The 9 bought a majority share of Shanghai Shenhua, thus began to merge the two clubs. The new club moved their home stadium to Yuanshen Sports Centre Stadium in Pudong, Shanghai, which was the stadium Shanghai United F.C. played in last season. In the new squad submitted for the AFC Champions League, 17 players appeared in the China national football team or the China national under-23 football team.


Kediri's first ever home defeat

Kediri's home defeat at the weekend against Tangerang was their first home defeat since they joined the big boys of Indonesian football back in 2003!

Star striker Christian Gonzalaz missed the game after missing training. As punishment he was sidelined and watched from the bench as his team lost that wonderful record.


A little late but

Last weekends results!

Medan v Banda Aceh 1-0 10,000
Kediri v Tangerang 0-1 15,000
Malang v Pelita Jaya 2-1 7,000
Bireuen v Deli Serdang 1-0 10,000
Lamongan v Bogor Division 1-1 8,000
Semarang v Tangerang City 2-0 18,000

1. Sriwijaya P9 20 points
2. Medan P9 20
3. Bandung P8 16
4. Malang P9 16

Makassar v Persibom 2-2 15,000
Manokwari v Manado 2-0 13,000
Pasaruan Division v Solo 4-2 10,000
Botang v Ternate 1-0 7,000
Balakpapan v Minhasa 1-2 10,000

1. Makassar P9 17 Points
2. Jayapura P8 16
3. Ternate P9 15
4. Sidoarjo P8 14


ACL today

Kediri host Shanghai today in the second round of Asian Champions League. Well, they sort of host it. Kediri is miles from any airport and of course we can't have these footballers spending too long on the road after a long flight so the game has been moved to Solo.

Of course the Kediri fans, Persikmania, aren't so happy about the move but they optimistically hope to take some 50 coach loads of fans. Mind you, after losing at the weekend at home to Tangerang and it being a work day there might not be so many.

Ticket prices are cheap though with Kediri fans paying 10,000 for the terraces. General admission is 12,000 while seats cost 20,000 and 25,000.

Kediri need something out of this game to keep their hopes of qualifying alive. Watch this blog for regular updates!!!

Arema Malang visit Korea to play Chungnam Dragons.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Lamongan v Bogor Division

Hailing from East Java, Lamongan seem consigned to be forever overlooked when we talk about the big clubs. They're like Middlesboro, always there but part of the furniture. Football looks at East Java and thinks of Surabaya, Arema Malang, Kediri. Lamongan nary gets a mention.

Today was the first chance I'd had to see them as they hosted Rain City's own Bogor. 1-1 it ended with a couple of quality goals scored half way through the second half. The hosts took the lead after Bogor needlessly gave away a free kick on the edge of their box. Up stepped Gustavo and one sweet right foot later and it was top corner.

Minutes later and Bogor were back in it. Lamongan failed to clear a hopeful free kick punted into the box, a swivel and the ball was in the bottom corner.

And so it finished!


Makassar go top

I was meaning to do a piece about Group 2 giants Makassar and their reluctance to score goals but bugger me they only go and score twice in one game. They were however held to a 2-2 draw by Persibom (Bolaang Mongondow) at home just days after Indonesia's Under 23's fail to score at the same stadium against Vietnam in the Olympic Games qualifiers.

Makassar move one point clear at the top of group 2 with 17 points from 9 games but they must worry about lack of goals. 8 from 9 isn't title winning form lads.


The other Malang team

While the better known Arema Malang struggle in Group 2 in 8th spot, Malang go about their business quietly and successfully. Yesterday saw them host Pelita Jaya and the guests took the lead. Former Arema star Franco Hita scored twice to secure the points and confirm Malang in 4th spot, 4 points behind the joint leaders Medan and Sriwijaya on 16 points. Hita has now scored 7 goals and is the top scorer in the league while Arema have scored 7 all season.



The boys in violet from Tangerang are proving a very tough nut to crack this season as champions Kediri found out yesterday. Benson's goal in the 4oth minute proved enough and moved them up to 6th, level on points with Kediri and with just a single defeat all season. They can't score for toffee, just 7 goals in 8, but their defence is the 3rd best in the whole league with just 5 goals conceded.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Midweek stuff

Group 1

Tangerang City v Jakarta 0-0 10,000
Sleman v Kediri 0-2 10,000
Bandung v Malang 4-2 20,000
Bogor Division v Padang 3-1 6,000

1. Srwijaya 20 points
2. Medan 17
3. Bandung 16
4. Kediri 15

Christian Gonzales found his scoring boots as he scored twice to reignite Kediri's season with a 2-0 away win at Sleman. The goals came either side of half time and take his total to 5 for the season. Three of the top 4 have 100 % records but manage just a single away victory after 4 games. The team that copes best on the road should be strongly fancied for league glory.

Group 2

East Kalimantan v Balikpapan 1-2 7,000
Wamena v Arema Malang 4-1 10,000
Ternate v Yogyakarta 1-0 10,000
Jayapura v Pasaruan Division 6-0 20,000
Minhasa v Sidoarjo 1-1 8,000
Bali v Surabaya 3-2

1. Jayapura 16 Points
2. Makassar 16
3. Ternate 15
4. Sidoarjo 14

Great week for Papua! Right goal fest this week as well. Let's hope that continues.

Bit brief today, I'm having a blast down memory lane on You Tube


Crowd trouble again

Last Sunday saw crowd trouble when Jakarta made the short journey down to Bogor Division. The locals are blaming the fanatical Jakmania for the trouble saying they brought too many fans! Apparently the agreement had been for 3,000 but many more had travelled. How many more? Attendance figures here are notoriously unreliable. The crowd given for this game was 20,000 while on Wednesday Bogor hosted Padang and attracted 6,000! So are we looking at some 14,000 travelling Jakarta fans? All through the game the rival fans taunted each other and after it apparently kicked off big time.

Fast forward to Wednesday and I take no delight in anticpating trouble in Tangerang. Neither apparently did some official on the Disciplinary Committee of the Indonesian FA. He had been hearing for several days before the fixture that the Jakmania were firming up for the trip. If what he says is true then perhaps his colleagues on the committee should be talking to him?

I saw some of the trouble from the Tangerang City Jakarta game and to be honest the excerts were laughable. One incident showed a couple of mobs about 20 or strong lobbing stones at each other, seperated by a couple of motorcycle policemen! The Jakarta fans edged forward and the Benteng Mania, as the Tangerang City support is known, were away on their flip flops. Other scenes showed police firing tear gas to disperse rowdy elements.

The Benteng Mania are going down the same road as the Bogor fans. They are blaming Jakarta for taking too many fans. The agreement was supposedly for 300 but if they really believed Jakarta were going to travel up the road days after taking 14,000 away and just fill of couple of angkots then I believe Ken Barlow is the next manager of England! OK it was a school day and the crowd given was just 10,000 but estimates give the figure as 10,000. Anyway, why did the Benteng Mania try to barricade the Jakmania inside the ground as was reported locally?

Jakarta have 3 more high profile away games this season. They return to Tangerang to do battle (deliberately) with their old foes Tangerang. Slightly further afield are Pelita Jaya and Bandung. Like it or not, good support or bad, Jakarta's fans will be marked as the local wannabes will take umbrage at the invasion of their town by the arrogant big city boys in orange. I said it a couple of days back and I'll say it again. A way needs to be found for such high profile games to be made all ticket.


Bali v Surabaya 3-2

Ok it wasn't a penalty but I think overall Persigi Bali did just enough to earn the 3 points over the 90 minutes. Deep into injury time it was Bali still pressing but the cheer that greeted the final whistle was tinged with more than a little relief.

One of the better games of the season so far.


The referee's an Olive


Oh dear

The ability to fall on the edge of the box does not a penalty equal.

Unless the ref is as short sighted as Olive

3-2 to Bali, great game but I think Surabaya can be a bit peeved with the ref about that decision.


Exciting stuff

1 - great save
2 - hit the post
3 - cut inside and legs taken away
4 - penalty
5 - 2-2

and then Rojas looks at a ball boy cos he isn't given a ball quick enough. God these players can be so immature at times.

Small turnout of Surabaya fans by the way.


Cracking goal

Marcus buries it in the top corner right on half time

2-1 to Bali and one for Dez...



Bali v Surabaya

Halfway through the first half and the visitors are 1 up.

No they're not, Bali just equalised and a well taken goal it was. Turning inside Marcouland took 2 players out the game. As he feinted to shoot the keeper and a defender committed themselves and as they fell he delightfully chipped the ball over their despairing bodies.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007



I think it's fair to say Jakarta got away with it.


Half time

Tangerang City v Jakarta 0-0



are 6-0 up against Pasaruan Division. Still 4-1 at Wamena so not a good day at the office for the pride of East Java over in Papua


Tangerang City v Jakarta

Is being played in a nearly empty stadium! There's some fans there, I can se the banners, but from what I can see there's mor police than fans.

Should fill up soon though, school's out!



Latest score

From Wamena...

...Wamena v Arema Malang 4-1!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Jakarta's away support

This season sees Persija Jakarta enjoying a few 'local' games. As well as North Jakarta, just 25 kilometres away is Tangerang where Tangerang City share the Benteng Stadium. 40 kilometres south Bogor Division are having their first season in the big time for a while. Out on the road to Bandung is Puwarkarta (sp?) where Pelita Jaya are playing this season and of course just down the road is Bandung.

The Jakmania do travel in numbers and therein lies the problem. Against North Jakarta pressure of the crowd forced the surrounding fence to give way and there were fans crowding round the touch line. At Bogor the crowd was given as 20,000 but again there were so many fans down from Jakarta that some were refused admission which led to frustrations and some disorder.

Tomorrow they travel to Tangerang City. Again we can see uncontrolled numbers of Jakarta fans travelling and the potential for crowd disorder is high. Last year of course there was serious trouble at the stadium. Allowing such large numbers to travel, remember the team have started well, is a recipe for disaster and the people who control the game need to consider make Jakarta's away games all ticket.

It would take a change in thinking but we can't go on having large numbers of kids roaming free unsupervised at stadiums. Football needs to attract more private money and companies won't want to be associated with a product that hits the headlines for the wrong reasons. Closing the stadiums is the easy way out and hurts the clubs in the pocket.

Of course there is more to it than just all ticket games. This is after all Indonesia where slipping the right person a few thousand is a way of life but action needs to be taken soon or football will continue to make the headlines for the wrong reasons.


The Borneo Derby

All eyes are on Kalimantan where Balikpapan make the journey to Bontang to play PKT. The game here is full of initals and regular readers may suss that PKT is East Kalimantan. The P refers to Pupuk which is fertiliser so come on you shits!

PKT are one of the few privately owned teams in The Liga Indonesia along with Arema Malang, Sidoarjo Deltras and Sriwijaya Palembang. It's the way to go lads, you shouldn't have local governments wasting 15 billion +++ rupiah of local taxpayers money on football, not when roads, schools and other basic necessaties are in such dire conditions.

Anyway Balikpapan, who expect some 1500 fans to make the journey, short or not I have no idea, are managed by Peter Butler who was a one time West Ham player. There you go! Apparently he commutes from KL to Balikpapan to coach the team who are 15th with 6 goals scored, 6 goals conceded and have 6 points. After 6 games of course!

Now I've set the game up nicely I can't see it because it's on a channel I can't get!


Monday, March 12, 2007


Weekend round up

Group 1

Semarang v Lamongan 2-3 12,000
Sriwijaya v North Jakarta 1-0 30,000
Bandung v Kediri 2-0 21,000
Sleman v Malang 0-0 2,000
Tangerang City v Padang 1-0 3,000
Bogor Division v Jakarta 1-1 20,000

1. Sriwijaya P9 W6 D2 L1 11-4 20 Points
2. Medan P8 W5 D2 L1 8-3 17
3. Jakarta P7 W4 D1 L2 12-7 13
4. Malang P7 W4 D1 L2 8-4 13

Sriwijaya extended their 100% home record with another 1-0 victory against North Jakarta in front of a healthy crowd. However with 2 goals in 4 away games so far you don't need to read the Don Howe Coaching Book for Boys to see where they may struggle. A large crowd at Bogor saw 2 goals in the final 9 minutes, the home team equalising with 4 minutes left in a game marred by crowd trouble. Tangerang City got their first win of the season but stay bottom with 5 points while Malang sneaked into a top 4 spot with a 0-0 at Sleman in front of 2,000 hardy souls.

Group 2

Jayapura v Arema Malang 1-0 35,000
Wamena v Pasaruan Division 2-1 5,000
Ternate v Sidoarjo 1-1 8,000
Minhasa v Yogyakarta 1-0 12,000

1. Makassar P8 W5 D1 L2 6-2 16 Points
2. Sidoarjo P7 W4 D1 L2 13-7 13
3. Jayapura P7 W4 D1 L2 9-7 13
4. Ternate P7 W3 D3 L1 8-5 12

Crowd disturbances in Jayapura where the Papuan giants sneaked home with a goal in the last minute against Arema Malang.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Semarang continue to struggle

They lost 3-2 at home to Lamongan yesterday. Today sees Jakarta make the short journey to Cibinong where they play Bogor Division while champions Kediri visit Bandung hoping for an easier ride than their Champions League axcursion to Japan midweek

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Results this week

Group 1

Sriwijaya v Sleman 1-0 15,000
Jakarta North v Bandung 1-1 6,000
Padang v Bireun 1-0 1,000
Jakarta v Medan 2-0 8,000 (!)

1. Sriwijaya P8 W5 D2 L1 10-4 17 Points
2. Medan P8 W5 D2 L1 8-3 17
3. Kediri P6 W4 D0 L2 12-7 12
4. Jakarta P6 W4 D0 L2 11-6 12
5. Malang P6 W4 D0 L2 8-4 12
6. Tangerang P7 W3 D3 L1 12

Sriwijaya leapfrogged over Medan after their 1-0 victory against Sleman. Useless fact # whatever, 5 out of the 6 goals scored on Wednesday. Jakarta impressed again against Medan with a late 2-0 victory. Semarang play Saturday against Lamongan and they will be hoping for 3 points to shunt them up the table after their miserable start. Jakarta visit Bogor Division and will be hoping to inject some urgency into their away from. Tangerang City host Padang in a depressing looking fixture; eaxh teams last home game attracted crowds of less than 2,000! Still, City scored their first goal of the season in the 1-1 draw at Deli Serdang and now after 6 games Zandonadi is their top scorer with one goal. Along with og.!

Group B

Bali v Wamena 0-0 7,000
Surabaya v Jayapura 2-0 5,000
Sidoarjo v Manokwari 5-0 5,000
Yogyakarta v Makassar 1-0 12,000

1. Makassar P8 W5 D1 L2 6-2 16 Points
2. Sidoarjo P6 W4 D0 L2 12-6 12
3. Ternate P6 W3 D2 L1 7-4 11
4. Bali P8 W3 D2 L3 7-6 11
5. Solo P7 W3 D2 L2 6-6 11

Surabaya welcomed fans back to the stadium and they inflicted a second consecutive defeat on 05 champions Jayapura, rising to 9th in the process. Christopher Wreh received a yellow card along with 3 other Manokwari as they fell 5-0 at Sidoarjo, all the goals being scored by the Deltras foreign contingent. Makassar surprisingly fell at Yogyakarta but stay 4 points clear at the top of the table. Arema Malang remain the only unbeaten club in the League but they didn't play this week because of the Asian Champions League and they slipped to 6th. The highlight this weekend sees Arema Malang visit Jayapura.

Top Scorers:

6 Goals - Aliyudin (Jakarta)
5 Goals - Pronetto (Sidoarjo)


Kediri lose

Not a good night for Indonesian football as Kediri lost 3-0 in Japan to Urawa

Report here

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Jakarta 2 up

With seconds on the clock the giant Abanda buries it from 25 yards.

And still they attack...the future is bright. The future is orange!

This is a very different Jakarta to last season. With Aliyudin, Bambang, Bayou and Rocha they always look like scoring.

Last year with Frank Seator, now Medan and Roger Batoum, now goalless at Tangerang City, you despaired of them hitting the target!


Arema Malang v Kawasaki Frontale

Kawasaki were much the more assured team as they came to East Java and collected their first win of the Asian Champions League 2007.

Their crisp passing frequently tore Arema Malang apart especially in the second half and Arema offered little in return.

With successful coach Benny Dollo moving on and some of the last years' Cup Winning team also elsewhere Arema have looked a bit weak domestically this season and based on this showing there is little to suggest any improvement.


Jakarta take the lead

1-0 against Medan with 7 minutes left

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