Sunday, March 18, 2007


Lamongan v Bogor Division

Hailing from East Java, Lamongan seem consigned to be forever overlooked when we talk about the big clubs. They're like Middlesboro, always there but part of the furniture. Football looks at East Java and thinks of Surabaya, Arema Malang, Kediri. Lamongan nary gets a mention.

Today was the first chance I'd had to see them as they hosted Rain City's own Bogor. 1-1 it ended with a couple of quality goals scored half way through the second half. The hosts took the lead after Bogor needlessly gave away a free kick on the edge of their box. Up stepped Gustavo and one sweet right foot later and it was top corner.

Minutes later and Bogor were back in it. Lamongan failed to clear a hopeful free kick punted into the box, a swivel and the ball was in the bottom corner.

And so it finished!

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