Sunday, March 25, 2007


It's only a matter of time

On Friday the Jakmania website reported the kick off for the game against Malang had been changed to 18.55. Not seeing it on the Indonesian FA site or in the paper I took the Jakmania at their word and planned Saturday round the fixture.

On the way to the pub we contacted a member of the Tanah Abang Supporters Club and he said the kick off was 4pm! Odd as most games kick off at 3.30. We saw a couple of busloads of fans heading to the stadium so we went to have a look see. Our Tanah Abang mate confirmed 4pm. The stadium forecourt was relatively quiet. There was a band but not many fans lingering around.

We went to the ticket office. They said 4pm! We bought our tickets and went to the entrance. The gate man said 3.30! We sat down and waited. The stadium was less than half full though the main terrace that houses the Jakarta supporters did fill up later both terraces behind the goals were mostly empty.

The game kicked off about 3.40!

After the game our Tanah Abang chap texted us. Kick off 7pm he said!

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