Friday, March 23, 2007


Match of the Day + other stuff

Tomorrow, in my book at least, sees Tangerang host Siriwijaya. Victory for the Viola would see them rise to 4th spot providing other results go there way. It also sees 2 of Indonesia's top coaches pit their wits against each other. Benny Dolo, architect of much of Arema Malang's recent success, moved to Tangerang in the close season and he faces Rahmad Dharmawan who guided Jayapura to the Championship in 2005

Jakarta's match with Malang has been rearranged to 18.55 so it can be shown locally on TV. It will also be a good workout for the flodlights at Lebuk Bulus because next Wednesday the venue will host the Olympic Qualifier against Lebanon. The Lebanese weren't keen on the add on flight to Makassar and whinged about it but to be honest all they needed to do was get a decent travel agent. Still, Makassar's loss is Jakarta's gain and who knows; the merah putih might even score a goal...

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