Monday, March 26, 2007


Indonesia v Lebanon

This Olympic Qualifier has been shifted to Jakarta's Lebuk Bulus after the Lebanese whinged that Makassar was to far. I guess the FA will be looking at the attendance with interest after Jakarta's Jakmania announced they would not be supporting Indonesia in either the Qualifiers or Asian Cup. They are peeved at what they percieve to be the injustice of their recent punishment which saw them banned from travelling to the next 5 away games. The fans of Bogor Division and Tangerang City received no punishment and the Jakmania, who called the FA a brothel on Saturday, believe they are being tarnished with a reputation they don't deserve. They handed out a leaflet at the game against Malang detailing their grievances. They called the punishment heartless and said that they do their best trying to support not only their team but also Indonesia. They closed by saying, touchingly, that while they may not be perfect they ar trying to get better.

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