Monday, March 26, 2007


Weekend results

Group 1

Bandung v Sleman 2-1 20,000
Tangerang v Sriwijaya 0-2 15,000
Pelita Jaya v North Jakarta 1-1 8,000
Padang v Kediri 2-0 5,000
Jakarta v Malang 3-1 6,000
Banda Aceh v Semarang 1-0 10,000
Deli Serdang v Lamongan 1-0 4,500

1. Sriwijaya 23 points
2. Medan 23
3. Bandung 19
4. Jakarta 17

Perhaps feeling put out by their rivals Tangerang City's efforts against Jakarta, Tangerang's fans decided it was their turn to make the headlines by jumping the fence and lobbing rocks at the visiting Siriwijaya support. Victory would have seen their team cement 4th spot. Talking cement, Padang of course are sponsored by a cement producer and they surprisingly beat Kediri with a couple fo goals scored by the wonderfully named Gbeneme Friday. Jakarta leapt to 4th with a comfortable 3 points against Malang in front of just 6,000. 'Cos no one knew what the kick off was eh???

Group 2

Jayapura v Wamena 0-2 25,000
Jepara v Bali 2-0 16,000
Solo v Surabaya 5-0 25,000
Persibom v Botang 2-1
Sidoarjo v Arema Malang 0-0 30,000
Yogyakrta v Pasaruan Division 1-0 12,000

1. Makassar 20 points
2. Jayapura 16
3. Sidoarjo 15
4. Wamena 15
5. Ternate 15

The Papuan Derby ended in a surprise 2-0 victory for the visitors with two second half goals. Jepara may not be one of the bigger names in the League but they pull reasonable crowds. 16,000 saw them beat Bali. Surabaya slipped back into the bottom four after getting tonked by Solo in front of another good crowd. Talking of good crowds the terraces were packed at Sidoarjo for the 0-0 with near rivals Arema which saw a small turnout of Arema fans who missed the referee Purwanto dish out yellows like confetti. He gave out a couple to Sidoarjo and 7 to the visitors.

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