Monday, March 26, 2007



So there I was at Lebuk Bulus on Saturday. During half time my eyes wandered round the stadium and I was struck by the adverts round the pitch. Or rather lack of them. Prime slots when to the league sponsor, a tobacco manufacturer. Outside the ground they had a couple of booths selling stuff and they also seemed to be sponsoring the live band.

Another advertiser was Nike. This manufacturer are providing the Indonesia shirt for the up coming Asian Cup. The other advertiser was Diadora, the sports company behind the jakarta shirt this season.

On the Sunday I went to a Nike outlet in Plaza Senayan seeing how much the shirt would cost. They had the Arsenal shirt. Barcelona. Manchester United. Even Netherlands. But no sign of the Indonesian shirt. They had life size posters of a player wearing the full kit but the shelves had no stock! So I went to their website...and wondered what's the point! A`slick website full of Flash, and proof indeed websites should never be designed by geeks. And no sign of the Indonesia kit. So please, what is the point? Surely the idea of supplying shirts is to increase your exposure and increase sales? People here know about the brand through their association with the clubs mentioned before. There are plenty of stand alone outlets. Coming soon is the...oh never mind.

I went to a more general sports shop. They had a small selection of Diadora stuff but the only football related stuff was a t shirt for Hannover 96! I Googled Diadora and found their website. Another slick affair high on bells and whistles, low on info. I have sent them an e mail asking where I can buy a Jakarta shirt. Don't hold your breath!

could only find the old one :
the new one is available at the jakmania club shop. not sure how much, i'll check next time
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