Tuesday, March 13, 2007


The Borneo Derby

All eyes are on Kalimantan where Balikpapan make the journey to Bontang to play PKT. The game here is full of initals and regular readers may suss that PKT is East Kalimantan. The P refers to Pupuk which is fertiliser so come on you shits!

PKT are one of the few privately owned teams in The Liga Indonesia along with Arema Malang, Sidoarjo Deltras and Sriwijaya Palembang. It's the way to go lads, you shouldn't have local governments wasting 15 billion +++ rupiah of local taxpayers money on football, not when roads, schools and other basic necessaties are in such dire conditions.

Anyway Balikpapan, who expect some 1500 fans to make the journey, short or not I have no idea, are managed by Peter Butler who was a one time West Ham player. There you go! Apparently he commutes from KL to Balikpapan to coach the team who are 15th with 6 goals scored, 6 goals conceded and have 6 points. After 6 games of course!

Now I've set the game up nicely I can't see it because it's on a channel I can't get!


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