Friday, March 30, 2007


Charlie Webster

As you probably gathered by now Star Sports Charlie Webster was in town for the Jakarta game yesterday and she seemed to have a blast. Before the game she was on the terracing doing a report where the Jakmania are at their most vociferous.

After the game she was on the pitch doing interviews when some fans tried to get too close. She was happy enough for them to take pictures but these lads don't get to see many blondes at the game and some were a bit over the top. The police of course in fine Indonesian tradition looked on while, lawyer style, calculating their fee should they be asked.

One Rambo cop decided the way to impress a Sheffield lass was to singlehandedly charge into a mob of skinny 12 year olds and whip them with his whippy thing...oh dear.

Anyway after the crowds had died down we did what 2 English people do when they meet in a strange, or indeed familiar, place. We hit the pub. A nice anonymous bar, Football Crazy was on TV and, to coin a phrase, once in a while Charlie piped up "look, that's me on TV," but the oil and gas types gathered round the bar weren't interested!

For an old bugger like myself working in an environment where people support Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and England, it was refreshing to natter with a Sheffield United fan and we never once discussed 3-5-2 or 4-4-2. Indeed, she never once called the game footy and forever will be in my good books for that omission

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