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ISL attendances

Anyone living in Indonesia.

I didn't get today's Top Skor. If anyone reading this did, could you please post the attendances for the weekend's games as a comment or send by email to the address given in the links column...



ISL Results 29/11

Persiwa v Sriwijaya 3-0 (Eric Weeks, Pieter Romaropen, Eddie Boakay)
Persipura v Persib 1-0 (Alberto Goncalves)
Persisam v PSM 1-0 (Pipat Thongkaya)
PSPS v Persik 1-0 (Cyril Emile Tchana)

Victory for PSPS moved them up to 3rd place in the early ISL while both Papuan sides managed to collect three points. Seriously, is it even worth flying all the way to Wamena when you know you're gonna lose? Better stay home, save the money and lose 3-0 anyway. Persisam moved to 6th after Pipat's winner.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Persija v Persebaya 4-3

They're calling it Indonesia's very own Classico! But Persija go into the game low on confidence, their first choice midfield out and a shaky defence while Persebaya have been scoring goals for fun.

3' - Andi Odang makes it 1-0 Persebaya beating the offside
7' - Odang again beats the defence, yasir again makes a hash of it and Korinus makes it 2-0 before Persija have broken sweat.
13' - spectacular effort from Bambang but Persebaya keeper copes ok
17' - plenty of good possession by Persebaya
22' - Ismed sends a free kick over
26' - Mushafry replaces Ramdhani as Persija coach Benny Dollo opts for three up front
35' - classic Bambang header in 6 yard box just wide
43' - Aliyudin gets in front of a defender but his shot just over
45' - simple tap in by Bambang makes it 1-2 but touch of offside?

Persija v Persebaya 1-2

Persebaya eased up abit towards the end of the half. Is that true though? Can teams decide when they want to attack and when they want to take it easy? Given Persebaya's defence there's more goals in this game. Possibly.

59' - the Aliyudin song echos round Bung Karno as he leaps above the much taller Persebaya defence and makes it 2-2
68' - very different Persebaya now. Korinus has gone off and Danurwindo has pushed Tarkpor up top
69' - Persija's defence sleeps as
Josh Maguire slides in but just wide
72' - Tarkpor dispossess' Herman Abanda in left midfield(!) and his through ball sees Maguire in acres of space and he makes it 3-2 for Persebaya
75' - Mushafry gets down the right, pulls the ball back. Persebaya fail to fail and Bambang bundles home from about 7 and a half inches. 3-3 and Bambang's fourth of the season
78' - Ilham from 6 yards blasts but hits Takashoti in the face
79' - Persija have the ball in the net but Abanda is ruled to have fould Endra in the Persebaya goal
84' - Endra saves from Bambang free kick, debatable, Aliyudin leaps to head his second and give Persija the lead for the first time 4-3
85' - Baihakki gets a yellow


Persija v Persebaya 4-3

Forget Barcelona v Real madrid, Hartlepool United v Darlington or that Argie thing between some kids and some kitchen utensils, this Classico lived up to its billing as two of the biggest names in Indonesian football fought a crunching, nailbiting affair at the Bung Karno.

Persebaya swept in a two goal lead within seven minutes but Bambang right on half time clawed Persija back in the game.

Second half Persija had the measure of the visitors as John Tarkpor was pushed forward.
opening the midfield that had so dominated the first 45'.

Aliyudin made it 2-2 before a horrendous blunder by Herman Abanda out on the left touch line, what the bloody hell was he doing there, saw a grateful Magure run onto Tarkpor's through ball and give the Surabaya side the advantage again.

But it never lasted. In a mirror image of Persebaya's game against Persiwa recently where they came from 4-2 down, Persija made got back in the game and then, with Aliyudin, stole the points. Points they were unlikely to see first half in what had been a poor showing by the home side.

For Persebaya they are, scant consololation it maybe for coach Danurwindo, the great entertainers in the ISL. Their results this season read like a rain delayed tennis tournament with 5-2, 5-4, 2-2, 1-4 and now 3-4.

And regular readers may well have guessed by now...I wasn't at the game!


Rethinking Malaysian football

There comes a time when all beasts must be put out of their misery. Usually when they seek to be effective in their field. That being the case it is time for the Malaysian Football Association to honourably call it a day and set up a professional body run by professional people with bullshit detectors on all the doors to keep the vermin away.

There are 80,000, the number of fans who watched the FA Cup and Malaysia Cup finals, reasons why Malaysian football should be a success. Unfortunately a much smaller number is set in it's ways and proving a millstone round the game.

So set up a new body to run the game professionally and operate a league where franchisees bid for, um, franchises. Yeap, I hate franchises as well but have you seen the walking, talking, barely breathing disaster that Malaysian football is today.

Surely Kuala Lumpur is big enough to support at least two functioning football clubs? And I don't mean KL Plus, sponsored by a road ffs, and KLFA. Who or what does or did My Team, Proton, ATM represent? Why are these people happy enough to watch Manchester United and Liverpool yet not recognise the formula that makes football a success in most other countries? Identity?

So here then is Jakarta Casual's very own revamped Malaysia Super League what I dun cum up with over my lunch innit.

Kuala Lumpur City
Klang Valley
Selangor State
Melaka City
Penang Island
Johore Bahru United
Kelantan State
Kuching City
Kedah State
Kinabulu City

Send the new owners off to a whirlwind trip round south east Asia, at their own expense (no trip, no memebership). To Indonesia to learn about passion. To Singapore to learn about organisation. And to Thailand to learn about marketing.

Oh and have the games kick off at sensible times like 3pm and 7.30pm

Won't happen of course. No one gives a shit.

Oh well, it could be good news for other sides in the region. Given the young talent coming through at the moment perhaps the only way they can fully develop their skills is by going overseas...


Malaysian state secrets revealed!

Thanks to Malaysia Football for this.

Average attendances at Malaysian Premier League games 2009 was 348.
Average attendances at Malaysian Super League games 2009 was 3,377

By my reckoning that puts attendances in Malaysia behind Vietnam (10,000 in 2009, Indonesia (8,300 in 2008/2009) and perhaps on a par with the Thai Premier League and ahead of the SLeague. But you can be sure the Thai attendances will continue to rise. Unless...

But why the downward trend in Malaysia? I really don't know. Obviously the showers that be there have done their research and found out that fans like 8.45 pm kick offs in places poorly served by public transport.

And the cuckoos who run the state FAs are obviously doing a good job because they are still in their sinecures while all around football burns.

Yeap, kicking out the foreigners has had the fans flocking to inaccessible parts of town at god forsaken hours to see dinosaurs under canopies reflect in the glory of the team they are doing so much to help.

There's only one way out but you know lah. Consensus, saving face and all that cobwebby stuff.


IPL Results 26 November

Persipas v Persita 1-0 (Firmansyah)

Deltras v Pro Duta 2-0 (Aman, Mashuda)
Mitra Kukar v Persiba 0-1 (Ezequiel)
Persikab v Persikad 2-0 (Marwansyah 2)
Persis v Persidafon 2-0 (Ferryanto, Ariyanto)

PSIR v PSS 2-0 (Budiono, Efendi)
Persiku v PSIM 1-3 (Khanafi; Bayu, Wawan, Lohy)

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Firing blanks

Persitara v Arema 0-0

The Persija assistant manager told me to stay home tomorrow as the Casual curse extended to 12 games!

Not much to say about this game. Arema may be known as the Crazy Lions but yesterday they played more like the Gentle Pussycats though to be fair they never looked like losing. They just never created that much either.

Noh Alam Shah picked up a booking first half which means he misses the next game against Pelita Jaya while Muhammed Riduan mpressed early on down the right before switching flanks.

Arema offered little of their own up front until former PSMS striker Rachmat Affandi came on second half but even then the Persitara keeper had quite a quiet day at the office.

Indeed the highlight was when the Persitara manager charged into the stand to front some gobby visiting fans then allowed himself to be hauled away.

Noh Alam Shah close up
Match action
Capture the atmosphere on Jakarta Casual TV

Pelita Jaya v Persema 0-0

Saw the second half and Pelita Jaya, playing in front of some fans for a change, should have secured three points from this game. But didn't!


Cambodian SEA Games Squad

Sou Yaty, Samreth Seiha (Ministry of National Defence)

Lay Raksmey, Sok Rithy (Preah Khan Reach)
Pheak Rady (MND)
Tieng Tiny, Touch Pancharong (Phnom Penh Crown)
Chan Dara (Khemara Keila)
Sun Sovannarith (Naga Corp)

Prak Mony Udom, San Narith, Khuon La Boravy (PKR)
Nov Sokseila, Oum Kumpheak, Lorn Sotheara (MND)
Chhun Sothearath (Build Bright United)

Chan Chhaya, Keo Sokngorn (PP Crown)
Kuoch Sokumpheak (Khemara Keila)
Khim Borey (MND)

The team set out Lao on the bus as I type this!

Thanks to Andy for this

Friday, November 27, 2009


Malaysia lose

Malaysia v Maldives 0-1

This game was never mentioned on the Malaysian FA website. Why is that? Why can't these people take the time out to update their site?


ISL Preview

After the break for the Kuwait Asian Cup qualifiers the ISL returns this weekend with some interesting looking games.

First up on Saturday afternoon we have Persitara against Arema. Both sides have 100% records, Persitara pointless at home, Arema two in two wins away.

Despite some high profile signings pre season including Singaporean duo Noh Alam Shah and Muhamed Ridwan Arema have struggled to find the net with just four goals in their opening four games.

Still, Robert Albert's men should have too much for a Persitara side that have struggled to find any fluency this season. Talking Albert, the rumours suggest he is being considered for the soon to be vacant position in charge of the Indonesian national team. A deal with him being appointed Technical Director may be acceptable to Arema as it would mean they could keep the Dutch man in charge of day to day affairs there.

The other game tomorrow sees Pelita Jaya Karawang host Persema. Malang's second side have the best away record so far in the ISL, an honour they share with Arema and Persipura but they will be wary against Fandi Ahmad's men who have struggled so far this season but for whom Edison Fonseca has started the season in fine form. Persema currently sit 6th in the table while Pelita Jaya are second bottom.

Tow big games on Sunday. Persiwa hott Sriwijaya with both sides currently nestled in the bottom half of the table. The Papuans have lost their last two games, to Persebaya 5-4 and Persik 3-0, but at home in Wamena they are a different proposition. Either the cool mountain air effects visitors or...jetlag. Yep, jetlag.

Persipura go head to head with Persib in a game that offers the champions to extend their unbeaten run to 18 games. And these guys don't lose at home often. Except home is now, temporarily at least, Makassar.

That both teams are in the bottom half of the table is more an indication of a skew whiff start to the season rather than signs of the future.

Persib won their last two home games and in Suchao Nuchnum they have a player in form. Persib will also hope to welcome back Christian Gonzales, Hilton Moreira and Eka Ramdani.

Persipura have looked getatable so far this season. Against a weakened Persebaya they really got out of jail while they then proceeded to lose the lead twice against Persik before holding on for a draw.

Persija's embarrassing start to the season both on and off the field looks set to continue against Persebaya on Sunday. Finally, after much dithering, they will use Bung Karno Stadium. But. And it's a huge but. The ISL are making all the arrangements I understand and footing the bill. So even if 40,000 go through the gate Persija won't get a cent.

It will be the Kemayoran Tigers first home game of the season and sitting in the opposition dugout, in his trade mark baseball cap, will be their former coach Danurwindo. He still has players missing but against a Persija side that has returned pointless from Persiba and PSM he will be looking at pressuring a defence that has looked unable to communicate this season.

Persisam were in theheadlines for the wrong reasons earlier in the week when it was disclosed played had not been paid yet and there was talk of a strike. Welcome to Indonesia Pipat! Sunday they play PSM with both teams on eight points but PSM having won last time out.

Persik, who asked so many questions of Persipura midweek travel to Pekanbaru to take on PSPS who find themselves seventh. They also boast the top scorer in the ISL, Herman Dzumafo who has hit six of their eight goals.

Whatever happens Persiba will remain top of the pile for the weekend. But teams like Persik, Persipura, Sriwijaya, Persib and Persija will be looking for maximum points to climb away from the bottom half of the table.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Indonesia Premier League

PSAP v Persiraja 0-0
Persires v PSMS 0-0
Persih v Semen Padang 0-0

PSIS v Gresik United 2-1 (Gustavo Chena, Cristiano Lopes; Ebus)
PPSM v Persidafon 0-0

Persiram v PSBI 3-1 (Titus Bonai, Marthen Tao, Sugiyanto; Etoga)
Perseman v Persipro 2-0 (Krey, Yance)
Mojokerto Putra v Persigo 1-0 (Kuncoro)

There are three regional groupings and games are spread over a few days. These were the first games of the season.


Believe it or not ... tales of the wierd and wonderful world of Malaysian football

If somebody made a soap opera that detailed the events in Malaysian football and showed it overseas audiences would be incredulous. Pah they would say, no one could be really like that. Could they?

The Armed Forces team, ATM, will go on a training camp in Australia (!) in December. They have just signed 12 new players and like most football clubs they can look forward to some team building.

The new players, instead of going out on the town and engaging in laddish banter will instead have to "undergo compulsory training with the Territorial Army Regiment (Askar wataniah) to be regarded as part of the family."

And should the team actually win a trophy the players who are actually military and take time out from defending the nation from dangers like Indonesian maids and Beyonce concerts will earn themselves promotion. Wooo

Remember Kedah? Back in the days when clubs were allowed foreigners they won everything put in front of them. And finally their getting their just desserts with players and officials receiving plots of land around the state as a thank you.

More cash problems for Perak. The city council is demanding money to pay for stadium maintenance to which I have no coment to add.

Except to say that the Mayor of Ipoh also wants a private company to catch stray goats and cows in the town.

Oh yeah and political bickering, um, er...oh you read it if you want to.

This is a good 'un. At the same time as finding out that some refs have gone wthout being paid, though the ref's boss won't name the non payers as 'it is not my intention to shame them' they are now looking for younger refs, undr the age of 30 and possibly using foreign refs in the FA Cup and Malaysia Cup Finals next year.

Yep, they'll be queuing up for that won't they.

And finally Esther. Pahang were recently disqualified from the Malaysian Premier League for not paying all their bills. Well, now they have up and wanna play football again.


Lonely weekend for East Java powerhouses

Arema and Persebaya are two of the biggest teams in the country with a support to match and both have started the season positively.

Ordinarily a trip to Jakarta would see them folowed by several thousand fans but not this weekend.

Saturday sees Arema take on Persitara at the Soemantri Brojonegoro Stadium knowing that officials are limiting their following to a miserly 100. Fact is the stadium is poorly equipped for entrances with home fans having to acess their terrace by walking in front of the away support which has all the makings of a recipe for disaster.

Last time out Persebaya had a few dozen fans, known as Bonek, cheering them on and it is fortunate that both sets of fans weren't up for it though things could have turned ugly when the home fans were not allowed to leave early.

On Sunday we have Persija play Persebaya at the Bung Karno Stadium and the Surabaya team go into the game knowing tha officially they will be allowed no travelling support. Of course fans may make the journey west but they have been advised not to wear club colours and to 'look after themselves'.


Indonesia Super League Top Scorers

6 - Herman Dzumafo (PSPS)
5 - Andi Oddang (Persebaya)
4 - Martin Zada (Persela), Julio Lopez (Persiba), Korinus Fingkreuw (Persebaya), Erick Weeks Lewis, Boakay Eddy Foday(Persiwa), Saktiawan Sinaga (Persik), Cristian Carrasco (PSM)
3 - Noor Hadi (Persijap), Aldo Baretto (Bontang FC), Robby Gaspar (Persema), Edison Fonseca (Pelita Jaya), Bambang Pamungkas (Persija)

Names in bold are Indonesian


Indonesia's Big 4?

Indonesia could have four representatives in next season's Asian club competitions apparently after some clubs have withdrawn.

Persipura as ISL Champions will enter the ACL Group Stage

Sriwijaya as Copa Indonesia winners will enter ACL Knock Out Round. If successful they will join ACL Group Stage. If fail they will enter AFC Cup Group Stage

Persiwa as ISL Runner's up will enter AFC Group Stage

Persib as ISL 3rd placed will enter AFC Cup Knock Out Round. If successful they will join AFC Group Stage. If fail they can concentrate on ISL.

UPDATE - or then again?


PSM v Persija 2-1

PSM v Persija 2-1 (Aditya Putra Dewa, Christian Carrasco; Bambang Pamungkas)

Persija are now fourth bottom of the ISL after their third defeat of the season this time in Makassar in front of no fans.

Sunday they play Persebaya in their first home game of the season. Possibly. One source tells me at Bung Karno, another tells me at Lebak Bulus...


Singapore to host Oman?

I understand Singapore are hoping to arrange a couple of friendlies against Oman at the end of December.

Oman will be on their way to Jakarta to play Indonesia in an Asian Cup qualifier.

Indonesia had hoped to play Singapore as well but with Oman now facing the Lions scheduling may prove tricky.

Singaporean internationals Muhamed Riduan, Noh Alam Shah (both Arema), Mustafic Fahruddin, Baihakkii Kaizan (both Persija) and Precious (Sriwijaya) are scheduled to play in ISL games on 19, 29 and 23 December

Perhaps we'll see Indonesia lining up friendlies against the Army and Pelita Jaya Under 21s then wonder why they never perform at the highest level.


Datsakorn returns to Thailand

Muang Thong United's deep pockets have enticed Thai national team captain, Datsakorn Thonglao, to return home.

He will sign a two year contract after rejecting an offer from his current club Hoang Ang Gia Lai.

Muang Thong United, Thai Premier League champions in 2009, are currently building a squad they feel will allow them to challenge both domestically and in Asian club competition.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Persik v Persipura 2-2

Persik v Persipura 2-2 (Patricio Morales, Wawan; Yustinus Pae, Alberto Goncalves)

I don't think anybody will come away from this game particulalry happy. For both teams it was their fifth game of the season and for both teams it ended up being their fourth draw. And as Liverpool found out last season in England, draws don't win titles.

Jacksen F Tiago may however allow himself a wry smile as he looks back on this game. Of his five games, this was their fourth away from home.

He will be less pleased however at seeing his side twice take the lead only to be pegged back each time in what was great fun to watch,as you would expect from two such attack minded teams.

Persik had Jendri Pitoy in the champions goal marked down as a weak link and took every opportunity to pepper his goal with long range efforts, efforts the former Indonesian international preferred to punch.

And it was because of a Pitoy slip that Persipura had to make do with a single point. A speculative effort by 25 yards by the impressive Khusnul Yuli should have been a comfortable save for Pitoy but he failed to get a good contact and the ball dribbled through him. Wawan followed up off the post and it was honours shared.


Garuda v Lions?

Local reports suggest Indonesia could host Singapore in a friendly some time in December. The match would be a warm up before both teams play Asian Cup qualifiers early January.

The friendly, they met earlier this month in Singapore and the Lions won 3-1, makes sense with both leagues entering a hibernation period of a few weeks and anyway half the Singapore team are in Indonesia anyway.


Oh Persija!

Last season Persija's title bid fizzled out thanks to being forced to play their home games outside of Jakarta. And now, with a strong sense of deja vu, it looks like history repeating itself.

Persija it seems don't have enough to money to hire Bung Karno Stadium so they had hoped to use the much smaller Lebak Bulus for Sunday's game against Persebaya. But now comes news that permission to hold the game in South Jakarta by security officials has been denied.

Meaning Persija's first home game of the season is up in the air.

If they can't even organise a venue for one of the biggest teams in the country it makes you wonder how they can expect to organise a World Cup dunnit?


Foreign clubs due to join SLeague

Chinese Super League Beijing Guaon are just one of a handful of sides who have expressed an interest in joining next season's SLeague. Another CSL side, Chengdu Blades, are also believed to be interested in entering a team in Singapore.

Three Chinese clubs have previously played in the league and the results have been less than flattering. Sinchi FC, Liaoning Guangyuan and Dalian Shide have hardly set the world alight and indeed Liaoning get kicked out for match fixing and Dalian struggled to attract any fans.

There is also interest from a Darwin based team. Previously Perth and Darwin have been represented in Singapore football but not during the SLeague era.

Oh, and some French outfit.

Probably the best bets would be Chengdu Blades and Darwin. The Blades have an association with Sheffield United while former Manchester United and Fulham defender Paul Parker is involved with Darwin (which explains why he is always on TV these days). And we all know the fixation Singapore has with English football...

...dunno how many will have heard of Sheffield United mind!

COMMENT - once saw Parker score an awesome goal for Fulham against Aldershot back in 1986. Straight up, if Maradona had scored it they would still be replaying it now. I think he was also involved in a penalty shoot out, also against Aldershot, that the Shots won 11-10. Remember them Paul, eh? Eh?


Jakarta Casual 2009 Awards


The first ever Jakarta Casual Awards ceremony exclusive on Jakarta Casual TV.

Who will pick up these absolutely prestigious-less awards in categories selected by some geezer with a lap top and way too much free time on his hands.


All decisions will be final and the responsible of the sad git who hosts the bloody ceremony.
Jakarta Casual guarantees no animals will be hurt before, during or after the ceremony.
All nominations and selections were arrived at after an extensive beer fuelled thought process.
Jakrta Casual reserves the right to change his mind or not even turn up for the ceremony.
Sponsorship is available!
Given that I spend most of my time watching Indonesian and Singaporean games don't start whinging if a team or player in Cambodia or Malaysia doesn't get a mention!


Norshahrul heading north east?

Malaysian blog Bola Today is reporting promising under 23 striker Norshahrul Idlan Talaha could be on his way to Kelantan. His last club, My Team, have given up on football it seems.

Other big moves being bandied about include former Sriwijaya target Nizaruddin Yusof heading to KL Plus and Bunyamin Omar moving to Kelantan.


Kuala Muda blame lack of fans


Kuala Muda Naza FC have withdrawn from the Super League next season.
The club secretary, Natahion Ammar Nahason Affan, confirmed yesterday that they had given the FA of Malaysia (FAM) official notification that they would not feature in national competitions.

“We had informed them of our intention to quit last week,” said Natahion yesterday.

It was obvious that the club side’s outing in their debut season in the top flight had not been resourceful due to poor fan turnout. They only managed to draw between 100 and 200 spectators for their home matches at the Darulaman Stadium in Alor Star.

“The only time we can hope to see a better turnout was when we played against a top team like Selangor. Even then, we can draw between 500 and 600 fans,” said Natahion.

Kuala Muda Naza made heads turn in the 2008 season when the team under the charge of former Negri Sembilan coach K. Devan lifted the Premier League title. This year, the team under former international Mohd Nidzam Adzha did well to qualify for the Malaysia Cup quarter-finals.

Kuala Muda are the second team to withdraw from the Super League next season after UPB-MyTeam. In the Premier League, Proton have withdrawn.

The number of teams in the Super League next season is expected to shrink from the initial 14.

Last Sunday, the FAM executive committee issued an ultimatum to six teams with outstanding debts to players and the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) to settle payment before the end of the month or be expelled from competition.

The teams are Penang, Perak, Kelantan (Super League), Pahang, Shahzan Muda and Malacca (Premier League).

COMMENT - we go through this rimorale every bloody year in Malaysia. Kick out the fossilised state FAs, set up franchises and start all over again.


Sriwijaya v Pelita Jaya Karawang 3-1

Sriwijaya v Pelita Jaya Karawang 3-1 (Rachmat Rivai, Arif Suryono, Anoure Obiora Richard; Edison Fonseca)

Another name change for Pelita Jaya, from West Java to Karawang, and still no luck as they travelled to Palembang to take on the Copa Indonesia winners.

Former Persiter and Persitara striker Rivai gave the home side the lead before Fonseca scored his second of the season.

Seven points from four games for Sriwijaya sees them 10th while Pelita Jaya are second bottom with just one point from their five games though four have been played away from home!

Sriwijaya FC: Ferry, Isnan Ali/Slamet Riyadi (81), Charis, Ambrizal, Warabay/Precious (58), Nasuha, Zah Rahan, Ponaryo, Arif Suyono, Gumbs, Rahmat Rivai/Obiora (80)

Pelita Jaya: I Made Wardhana, Supardi, Ahmad Jufriyanto, Eduardo, Ardan Aras, Yusmadi, Basri/Vizcarra (34), Firman Utina, Yuthajak/Johan Ibo (53), Fonseca, I Made Wirahadi

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Thai SEA Games Squad


Kawin Thammasatchanon (MuangThong United)
Ukrit Wongmeema (MuangThong United)


Kiatprawut Saiwaeo (Chonburi FC)
Suttinan Phuk-hom (Chonburi FC)
Jetsadakorn Hemdaeng (Chonburi FC)
Polawat Wangkahart (Bangkok Glass FC)
Piyachart Tamaphan (MuangThong United)
Theeratorn Boonmatan (Provincial Electricity Authority FC)
Sujarit Jantakul (Sriracha FC)


Adul Lahso (Chonburi FC)
Arthit Sunthornpit (Chonburi FC)
Phanuwat Jinta (Chonburi FC)
Kriangkhai Pimrat (Chonburi FC)
Apipu Suntornpanavej (Provincial Electricity Authority FC
Kabfah Boonmatoon (Osotspa Saraburi FC)
Sumanya Purisai (Osotspa Saraburi FC)
Anawin Jujeen (Bangkok Glass FC)


Teerasil Dangda (Muangthong United)
Keerati Keawsombat (Telephone Organization of Thailand FC)
Sompong Soleb (Thai Port FC)


Extra weight on Kosin's shoulders

Kosin Hathairatnakul has a history in Indonesia after his spell with Persib a few years back. Now he is back of course and this time he has a mate with him, fellow Thai international Suchao Nuchnam, to translate for.

As if it ain't guiding Suchao through the intricacies of life in Bandung he has even more burdens to bear.

His new name is sprawled across the back of his goalkeeping shirt and the Indonesians, perhaps thing Sinthaweechai ain't long enough have added an extra 'H' making it Shinthaweechai.

Much easier of course to write it in Thai of course!


Persib v Persitara 2-0

Missed the first 20 minutes or so, and with that Cucu Hidayat's scrappy opener, but couldn't believe how unadventurous Persib Bandung were against a side that precisely nul points from their opening games.

Shorn of Christian Gonzales, Hilton Moreira and Eka Ramdani, coach Jaya Hartono went with Atep joining Budi Sudarsono up front and will be probably feel vindicated when the little winger swept home Budi's cross on 52' to put the game to bed.

Persib controlled the middle of the park and in Suchao Nuchnam, their Thai import, they had the best player on the field.

It is difficult to look elegant in the hurly burly world of Indonesian football but Suchao managed that amid the flying studs and elbows. Suchao's slide rule pass sent Budi wide left and the Indonesian international scampered to the byline before pulling the ball back for a grateful Atep.

Personally I'm looking for big things from Persib this season but the way they laboured at times against Persitara would have been disappointing perhaps for Hartono but then again they got the three points. And next up is a trip to Papua to take on Persipura and Persiwa!

Again little positive from Persitara. Another early goal conceded, Prince Kabir Bello didn't have much impact until the last 10 minutes. They won't enjoy facing Arema on Saturday and given the way they allowed Persib defender Nova Arianto to get them riled you can see Noh Alam Shah looking forward to a physical encounter!


Cutting the umbilical cord

For way too long Indonesian clubs have relied on local government subsidies to run their operations. They have never needed to think about where the next rupiah comes from 'cos they knew the tax payer would stump up.

No more. For the last couple of years the governing body has been encouraging clubs to look elsewhere for their cash and boy has it been a painful process.

But slowly change is being made.

Persebaya reckon to have banked 50,000 USD in gate reciepts from their game against Persipura last weekend from the 23,000 crowd. Keep that up over a 17 game season and you're looking at one third of a club's budget covered by ticket sales and most importantly regular cash flow.

Throw in merchandising, which people seem reluctant to embrace, and refreshments, which people seem reluctant to embrace and we can get to se the massive, untapped potential that exisits in Indonesian football.

Monday, November 23, 2009


ISL in numbers

Persiba v Persija 2-0 (Park Jung Hwan 2) 5,000
Sriwijaya v Persitara 3-2 (Rahmat Rivai, Nasuha, Anoure Obiora; Afshin 2) 14,000
Persib v Pelita Jaya 2-1 (Suchao Nuchnum, Hilton Moreira; Edison Fonseca) 30,000
Persebaya v Persipura 0-1 (Bhio Paulin) 23,435

1 - Persiba 8 4 2 2 13-7 14
2 - Persela 5 4 1 0 5-1 13
3 - Persijap 5 3 2 0 6-1 11
4 - Arema 4 3 1 0 4-1 10
5 - Persebaya 6 3 1 2 15-14 10

Top scorers

6 - Herman Dzumafo (PSPS)
5 - Andi Odang (Persebaya)


Persebaya v Persipura 0-1

Brave Persebaya, hard done by with injuries, made champions Persipura battle for three points in front of a typically passionate Surabaya crowd last night.

It took Bhio Paulie's header and the underside of the crossbar 16 minutes from the end to defeat the home team who went close on a number of times, forcing veteran keeper Jendri Pintoy into a number of desperate saves.

Missing the likes of Claude Parfait Ngon A Djam, Korinus Fingkrew, Ma'aruf and Wijay Persebaya, inspired by John Tarkpor at the heart of the midfield took the game to the champions with a somewhat feather lite strike force of Andi Odang and the diminuitive Andik Virmansyah.

Twice in the first half Tarkpor asked questions of Pitoy from distance and twice Pitoy responded well enough.

Without Boaz Solossa and Ricardo Salempessy Persipura were themselves short of the first choice options leaving Brazilian striker Alberto Goncalves pretty much on his own up top where he allowed his frustrations to boil over on a couple of occassions after challenges from Takashoti Uchiba and Josh Maguire.

Persipura's attacking threat, so potent last season, was limited to Goncalves through the middle though Ian Louis Kabes and Erol Iba provided some support down the flanks and Eduard Ivakdalam was his usual imperious self, strolling round the midfield like some medieval monarch surveying his kingdom.

Persipura's first win of the season maybe but I get the feeling both coaches would have gone away happy. Jacksen F Tiago with the three points and Danurwindo with the fight shown by some of his fringe players who so nearly took it to the champions.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Persik v Persiwa 3-0

Following their 5-4 defeat last week against Persebaya the Papuan side nicknamed the Highlanders made keeper Timothius Mote the scapegoat, dropping him and bringing in Gery Mandigir. But the spikey haired keeper was all at sea for the first 25 minutes and it was down to prro finishing that Persik only led by a goal to nil at half time. But by then Gery had already gone and Mote was back.

The Latin trio of Gonzales, Fernando and Fagundez mayhave gone but in their place have come the Batak triumitive of Saktiawan, Panggabean and Legimin. The Persik tradition of flowing attacking football has continued and at the heart, especially first half, was Khusnal Yuli who was given so much time and space down the Persiwa left he dictated much of the play and was at the heart of everything the White Tigers did.

Former Persijap player Amarildo Souza replaced Harianto and he effortlessy filled the yawning gap left by his Brazilian compatriot Fernando both in appetite for donuts and ease on the ball.

Saktiawan Sinaga was an unused substitute for Indonesia against Kuwait but after this performance perhaps coach Benny Dollo may take another look at the former PSMS striker. He tromented the Persiwa back line almost as much as Yuli, well deserving his hat trick.

What about Persiwa. To be fair they probably don't expect much when they go on the road just like teams going to Wamena expect little and get less. Persiwa finished second in last season's ISL because of their home record where they won all but one of their 17 games.

But their coach will be giving serious to the goalkeeping position. Mote's 30 minute horror show against Persebaya followed by Gery's nerves in the first half here will need to be addressed sharpish as will suicidal defending in and around his penalty area that gave away far too many free kicks


A footballer's life

There is no Rothman's Football Yearbook in Indonesia so keeping track of players is difficult, especially when many transfers go unreported by the national media. Here then is a look at players who have moved from the ISL to the IPL. I'm afraid I'm assuming basic geographical knowledge of the country in most cases.

Stephen Mennoch seems to have been around ages but I forget which clubs! Now though he is doing his stuff with Persipasi. Alex Robinson, formerly of Persela, has made the move to PSSB Bireuen so he'd better get used to lengthy road trips. The town is several hours from the nearest airport and he has a couple of trips to Java to make including Persikabo which is also a couple of hours from an airport.

Semen Padang appointed former Persik, Persib and Persija coach Arcan Iurie and he has attracted former international keeper Achmad Kurniawan. There is also a Marcio Souza listed in their ranks but I'm not sure if that is the same cock sure individual who had three successful years with Persela.

Persita face life in the second tier of Indonesian football with former PSIS player Antiono Teles in their squad and the familiar Ilham Jaya Kusuma who has been a prolific scorer down the years with Persita and Persisam among others.

PSMS look distinctly out of place in the lower league but they have added Maradona to their team. Funny, thought he had been suspended for a couple of months. There is also a Nyeck Nyobe who may be the former Persib player. Or not as the case maybe.

Esiah Benson was part of a combative Persitara midfield last season alongside John Takpor. But while Tarkpor gets to wear the green of Persebaya this season Benson has ended up with Persiraja Banda Aceh after spells with Persita and Arema.

Persih Tembilahan have added a couple of Persija squad players, Maully Lessy and Ade Suhendra as well as bringing in former Persijap striker Ilham hasan who contributed a few vital goals at the tail end of last season for the Central Java side.

Persikota have for PSIS player Ebi Sukore with them. Like Mennoch he has been around ages but I forget which other clubs! Talking Arema, their former non event of a striker last season Udo Fortune now must seek his fortune with Persikab Bandung where the former Sengkang Punggol striker (?) meets up with Abdelaziz Djribil who if I'm not mistaken has also graced the SLeague and Persiraja.

Some familar names at Persidafon Dagonsoro who play in Sentani near Jayapura. Elie Aiboy has moved there from PSMS Medan for a start. The Indonesian international has also played for Selangor in Malaysia, Arema, Persija, Semen Padang and Persipura. Throw in Bruno Casmir, formerly of Persita and Arema, Javier Roca, formerly of Persebaya, Persija, Persitara and Persiba among others and Purwanto from Persebaya and you have a real statement of intent from the Papuans.

Another ambitious club are Pro Duta who have upped sticks from Bandung to Sleman. Coached by former Persikota geezer Kostadin Angelov they have recruited former Persija and Persebaya squad member Francis Wewengkang, the highly rated young Irvin Museng who has had trials with Ajax, Jordie Kartika, forget where he has played before, Tarik Janaby (ex PKT, Arema(?)) and Emalue Serge once of PSIS and Arema.

Relegated PSIS have added big names with former PSMS, Perlis and Deltras midfielder Gustavo Chena joining along with ex Pelita Jaya striker Cristiano Lopes. Talking PSIS one of their old hands, Basile Onambele, has joined Gresik United.

He once trained with Sampdoria in Italy. More recently he has sampled Asian Champions League football with Persik. Now Kurnia Sandy is between the sticks with Mitra Kukar along with former Persitara midfielder reggie Raydityo.

Mojokerto Putra have a familiar face up front in Germain Bationo who has had time with Persitara and PSS while midfield enforcer I Putu Gede, once so effective alongside Esiah Benson at Persita and Arema, is now with Persipro Probolinggo.

Like Persidafon, Persiram Raja Ampat have splashed the cash. They have recruited former Persipura and PSM coach raja Isa and signed promosing young international Rachmat Latif, who came on as sub against Kuwait last week, Julien Mbom Mbom once of PSMS Titus Bonai from Bontang and ex PSIS striker Marthen Tao.

PSBI Blitar have brought in anorther former PSIS chap, Bienvenue Nnengue as well as ex Deltras Dede Hugo which is nice. Two players who have recent experience of relegation.

Exciting times indeed in the Indonesia Premier League which kicks off on Thursday.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Persib Bandung v Pelita Jaya Karawang - The Thai Invasion

Find out how Kosin and Suchao get on in the West Java derby...

Persib v Pelita Jaya 2-1 (Suchao, Hilton Moreira; Fonseco)

Thai international Suchao marked his Persib debut with a goal as his side came from a goal down to earn their first three points of the season


Persiba v Persija 2-0

Persija went into this game minus Bambang Pamungkas and Mustafic Faruddin. They came out of it with first choice keeper Yasri injured and questions about a defence that went missing.

Mustafic wasn't that much of a miss anyway. They just bypassed midfield. I saw Carresco walk on the field. I saw him substituted on 51' but I never saw him in between.

A few surging runs by Ismed Sofyan, red carded midweek for Indonesia against Kuwait, was pretty much the sum of Persija's efforts and Mijo Dadic and his defensive partners won't havemany easier games all season as Persiba made it nine straight wins at home and without conceding a goal to boot.

But while Mijo had it easy at the back down the other end of the field I really dunno what happened. Well, I do. Nothing. There was no communication. Open spaces have never been so well marked.

Korean substitute Park Jung Kwan had already signalled his threat but the warnings weren't heeded. A free header from a free kick on the left was followed by an even freer header from a free kick on the right and the points were Persiba's.

Yes the free kicks were iffy, especially the second but players should know what to expect. For the second Abanda Herman and Baihakki Kaizan allowed Park so much time and space the Korean climbed, built the Empire State Building out of Lego, headed home, sat down to a three course meal, and had ambled back to the half way line before any Persija players had moved.

This was not a typically freeflowing Roekito performance by Persiba and I guess some credit for that must go to Persija but it was still enough to keep to the Kemayoran Tigers under the cosh and thanks to Park's brace they now lead the ISL


An Unofficial ASEAN Champions League

With the Vietnam, Malaysia, Thai and Singapore leagues roughly in sync with each other and due to start their new seasons in the early weeks of 2010 clubs are now preparing training schedules, squads and friendlies.

Why not get the champions from each country to get together in a friendly tournament in December?

Bring together Muang Thong United, Da Nang, SAFFC and Selangor and let them battle it out. No Indonesians 'cos their season is cock eyed with everyone elses!

Get the ASEAN Football Federation to organise it, what do they do apart from run the AFF Cup every two years anyway, and find some sponsors. Like budget airlines, hotels, that sort of crap, vouchers for fast food restaurants.

Give, yep, give the TV rights away to generate interest for the first few years, get some marketing and away you go. Easy innit?!!!


Obadin is a Bull.

There were times in the early days of the 2009 SLeague when it seemed that Gabriel Obadin Aikhena was carrying the Young Lions singlehandedly.

He wasn't of course but the 24 year old defender did impress many with his robust performances for the Young Lions and hopes were high that he would become the next foreigner to step into the national team.

For now however he has signed for Gombak United, where he played before moving to the Young Lions, who last season finished third.


Malaysia keep national team busy

26/11 Malaysia v Maldives
29/11 Malaysia U21 v Maldives


SEA Games Draw

Friday, November 20, 2009


Indonesia under Benny

A look at results in competitive games or 'proper' friendlies under Benny Dollo.


Yemen H 1-0 (Bambang Pamungkas)
Malaysia H 1-1 (Bambang Pamungkas)
Vietnam H 1-0 (Bambang Pamungkas)
Cambodia* H 7-0 (Charis Yulianto, Budi Sudarsono 4, M Ilham, Bambang Pamungkas)
Myanmar* H 4-0 (Arif Suryono 2, Budi Sudarsono, Bambang Pamungkas)
Bangladesh^ A 2-0 (Firman Utina, TA Mushafry)
Myanmar^ A 1-2 (Ismed Sofyan)
Myanmar^ A 1-2 (og)
Myanmar** H 3-0 (Firman Utina, Budi Sudarsono, Bambang Pamungkas)
Cambodia** H 4-0 (Budi Sudarsono 3, Bambang Pamungkas)
Singapore** H 0-2
Thailand** H 0-1
Thailand** A 1-2 (og)


Oman*** A 0-0
Australia*** H 0-0
Singapore A 1-3 (Eka Ramdhani)
Kuwait*** A 1-2 (Bambang Pamungkas)
Kuwait*** H 1-1 (Budi Sudarsono)

This does not include friendlies against club sides or non A internationals.

The friendly in 2009 against Singapore was Indonesia's first game in 10 months! Hardly ideal preparation for Asian Cup qualifiers.

Having the players together in a two or three month training camp which is what the Indonesians have been doing over the last few years is a poor replacement for actually playing against top quality opposition

* - Independence Cup played in Jakarta. Also featured Indonesia U23 and Lybia U23
^ - Grand Royal Challenge played in Myanmar. Also featured South Korean club side Ulsan Hyundai
** - ASEAN Cup
*** - Asian up Qualifiers


More ISL previews

Persebaya v Persipura

Fascinating match up this one seeing former Persebaya legend Jacksen F Tiago bring his Champions Persipura to Surabaya. Tiago of course has won the title with both Persebaya and Persipura.

Persebaya have been giving their fans and coaching staff kittens this season as they have been scoring and conceding with gay abandon. Their last game they came from 4-2 behind to win 5-4 in the last few minutes and now they sit 5th with 10 points from their opening five games.

The Black Pearls have started the season slowly with three points to show from their opening three games and you would expect their strike force to give the Persebaya back line a torrid time on Sunday. But Ernest Jeremiah hasn't been replaced up front so last season's attacking trio of Boaz, Alberto Goncalves and Ernest is much reduced and have just managed four goals so far.

For good measure Persipura haven't won in their last four visits to the city of heroes and with
Andi Odang and Korinus Fingknew already among the goals Danurwindo's team will be confident enough going into the game with Josh Maguire returning depite Claude Ngon A Djam still being injured.

But, oh that defence

Sriwijaya v Persitara

Last season's Copa Indonesia winners should collect their first win of the season against a Persitara side that sits at teh bottom of the table and has looked decidedly out of sorts in their last two home games, both of which were lost 2-1.

Sriwijaya welcome back the likes of Ponaryo Astaman and Arief Suryono while Singaporean defender Precious Emuejeraye could get his first start of the season for his new club. After scoruing the continet but failing to find a strike partner for Keith Kayamba Gumbs, coach Rahmad Darmawan may decide to play former Persitara striker Rahmat Rivai.

Another former Persitara player, Mostapha Aji, is likely to start the game on the bench.

For Persitara not a whole lot to be said. Very disappointing in their opening two home games, much will depend on whether Prince Kabir Bello can recapture his form of last season. But even then there is little from the midfield, a point surely rubbed home last time out when John Tarkpor, in Persebaya colours, dominated the middle of the park recently

One other game sees Persik play Persiwa. This Persik vintage may not be ozzing quality like earlier models but they still have players like Mahyadi Panggabean, Saktiwan Sinaga, Legimin Rihardjo and Patricio Morales. But will that be enough against a strong, pacy Persiwa side?


Thais feature prominently in West Java derby

Persib Bandung's first home game of the season tomorrow night sees them up against Pelita Jaya at the Jalak Harupat Stadium in Soreang.

Persib have lost both their games so far this season and they will welcome Sinthaweechai 'Kosin' Hathairatnakul back on a loan spell while fellow Thai international Suchao Nuchnam will also get his first run out.

Fandi Ahmad's Pelita Jaya hope to have former Thai international Yuthayak Konjan make his debut as well.

If you can't get to the game or catch it on TV then Jakarta Casual will be doing a text commentary subject to internet connection, good TV reception and not being drunk.

I have a feeling that if Persib can build up some momentum, starting tomorrow against Pelita Jaya and then midweek against Persitara they can have a big say in the title race this year.

Their first XI is probably the strongest in the league and they already have dropped six points. hey can't afford to drop many more in the first of the season.


Better stay home, Persija

Persija are probably having breakfast at their hotel in Balikpapan as I type this. They have been better off staying at home and saving some money.

Just take a look at Persiba's recent home record (source - Bola Tabloid)

v Persik 1-0
v Persijap 1-0
v Persita 3-0
v Pelita Jaya 2-0
v PSIS 5-0
v Persib 2-0
v Sriwijaya 4-0
v PSPS 3-0

Rather pisses on my theory that Daniel Roekito's team don't do defence, dunnit?

Persija will also be feeling the effects of having had six players away on international duty including Mustafic Fahruddin and Baihakki Kaizan who only flew back from Bangkok yesterday after Singapore duty only to be whisked straight off to Balikpapan.

Persiba, meanwhile, will have been fully rested and go into the game knowing victory could put them top of the ISL at least temporarily.

A small note of interest. This will be Persiba's 8th game of the 34 game season while Persija's 3rd! And Persija, up against their former team mate Robertinho, have yet to play at home this season.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Asian Cup flops

So we approach the end of another Asian Cup qualifying round and how much closer are South ast Asian nations to qualifying? In 2007 thanks to some political compromise there were four countries in Asia's flagship national team competition; Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. For 2011 in Qatar they may be just one. Singapore or Thailand.

Indonesia are as good as out. Malaysia don't have any points (Malaysia are pointless?!). The Thais can't score, three in four games, Singapore got thumped in Iran, Vietnam slipped up in the last minute against Syria. Not a rosy report card at all, is it?

The region's best effort in the Asian up came in 1968 when Myanmar was known as Burma and they finished second to Iran. South Vietnam (eh?) have twice appeared in the semi finals as have Cambodia (!) and Thailand. Success has been hard to find.

Below is a record of south east Asian nations in the Asian Cup. From 1972 positions refer to final place in group stage. Further detail here

2004 - China

Indonesia 3 1 0 3 3-9 3 finished 3rd
Thailand 3 0 0 3 1-9 0 finished 4th

2000 - Lebanon

Thailand 3 0 2 1 2-4 2 finished 3rd
Indonesia 3 0 1 2 0-7 1 finished 4th

1996 - Japan

Indonesia 3 0 1 2 4- 8 1 finished 4th
Thailand 3 0 0 3 2-13 0 finished 4th

1992 - Japan

Thailand 3 0 2 1 1-5 2

1988 - Qatar No nation qualified

1984 - Singapore

Singapore 4 1 1 2 3- 4 3 finished 4th

1980 - Kuwait

Malaysia 4 1 2 1 5- 5 4 finished 3rd

1976 - Iran

Malaysia 2 0 1 1 1- 3 1 finished 3rd

1972 - Thailand

Thailand 2 0 1 1 3- 4 1 finsihed 3rd after beating Cambodia in 3/4th place play off on penalties
Cambodia 2 1 0 1 5- 4 2 finished 4th after losing to Thailand

1968 - Iran

Burma 4 2 1 1 5- 4 5 finished runners up

1964 - Israel No nation qualified

1960 - South Korea

South Vietnam 3 0 0 3 3-13 0 finished 4th

1956 - Hong Kong

South Vietnam 3 0 1 2 6- 9 1 finished 4th


Unhappy Kuwaitis?

I understand it is normal at the end of AFC games for both teams to line up at the end of the game in the centre circle and shake hands with their opponents and match officials. Last night Kuwait didn't, preferring to slink off down the tunnel.

All in all I don't think the Kuwaitis will look back on their Jakarta trip with a great deal of fondness. They should have won, they had enough chances, especially second half, to win two games and remember this is a side that travelled to Canberra and beat the 'Stralians 1-0.

After Maman Abdurahman clumsily clattered some Kuwaiti the rest of the team piled in and plenty of puffed out chests and finger pointing followed with the possibility also of a couple of sly slaps being dished out.

As the match officials struggled to control the on field fracas right in front of the dug out officials and players in the main stand got peeved and made a big show of rushing down to the touchline before being held back by a couple of lads playing chess.

The antics in the stand drew a response from the Indonesian fans who chucked a few plastic bottles at the wanna be heroes and it was a few minutes before an uneasy calm was restored.

The people in the stand returned to their seats soon to be joined by an army of Kuwaiti fans to act as protection and it seemed to work. Their intimidating presence, and these were pretty big bastards, kept the braying locals at bay and disturbances all but fizzled out in that part of the stand.

Later in the second half Kuwaiti substitutes warming up near one goal were then subjected to a shower of plastic bottles and they waved back in response which was mighty neighbourly of them now wasn't it?

On the field they were also a bit put out by some of the Indonesian challenges but they weren't beyond dishing out a sly dig themselves.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Lions triumph in Bangkok

Indonesia v Kuwait 1-1 (Budi Sudarsono; Ahmad Ajab)

Check out the match report which I posted the day before yesterday.

Thailand v Singapore 0-1 (Duric)

Will this shut the whiners up? For a while at least?

Malaysia v Uzbekistan 1-3 (Baddrol Bahtiar)


Young Khmer eyes the big time

According to Roubroum Chan Rithy, from Phnom Penh Crown, is training with Bangkok Glass with a view to a move to the Thai Premier League next season.


Young Cambodians win BIDC Cup

Cambodia Under 23 v Hoang Anh Gia Lai 3-2 (Chan Chhaya 2, Kuoch Sokumpheak; Le Van Truong, Tran Minh Thien) 30,000


Arema & Persib looking at merchandising

Regular visitors may recall the frustration I have felt about Indonesian clubs lack of marketing savvy.

When Thai Port, a club with average attendances below 5,000, can have a club shop up and running selling a range of apparel seven days a week yet clubs here can't even flog badges there is something wrong somewhere.

But now finally a change of thinking is on the way. There has to be of course as clubs can no longer rely on subsidies from local government.

Persib Bandung, the pride of Sunda, have announced that replica jerseys will probably go on sale in January and will cost between 30 and 50 USD*. Of course Persib's support dwarves Thai Port's by a factor of five or six at the gate.

Another club with a large fan base are Arema and they look to have their shirt available next month for about 9 USD*.

Other clubs with the potential to cash in on replica kits are Persija, Sriwijaya, Persela, in fact every bllody club shuld be doing it.

* - prices come from the websites and my own pissy translation efforts.


Pointless Persitara

Interesting piece in yesterdays Bola tabloid about Persitara. This season has seen them play four. lose four and while the NJ Mania may not be too happy about the way things are their heroes do seem to muddle through in the end.

Just have a look at their opening four games over the last four seasons to see how notorious they are as slow started

v Persela 0-1
v Persijap 0-3
v Persema 1-2
v Persebaya 1-2

v Persija 1-3
v Persela 1-1
v Persiwa 0-2
v Persipura 0-3

v Persema 0-2
v Persik 0-4
v Persija 2-1
v Semen Padang 0-1

v Persekabpas 0-2
v Arema 0-3
v Persikota 0-1
v Persija 1-2

Persitara 16 1 1 14 7-33 4

Things can only get better!

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