Thursday, November 26, 2009


Believe it or not ... tales of the wierd and wonderful world of Malaysian football

If somebody made a soap opera that detailed the events in Malaysian football and showed it overseas audiences would be incredulous. Pah they would say, no one could be really like that. Could they?

The Armed Forces team, ATM, will go on a training camp in Australia (!) in December. They have just signed 12 new players and like most football clubs they can look forward to some team building.

The new players, instead of going out on the town and engaging in laddish banter will instead have to "undergo compulsory training with the Territorial Army Regiment (Askar wataniah) to be regarded as part of the family."

And should the team actually win a trophy the players who are actually military and take time out from defending the nation from dangers like Indonesian maids and Beyonce concerts will earn themselves promotion. Wooo

Remember Kedah? Back in the days when clubs were allowed foreigners they won everything put in front of them. And finally their getting their just desserts with players and officials receiving plots of land around the state as a thank you.

More cash problems for Perak. The city council is demanding money to pay for stadium maintenance to which I have no coment to add.

Except to say that the Mayor of Ipoh also wants a private company to catch stray goats and cows in the town.

Oh yeah and political bickering, um, er...oh you read it if you want to.

This is a good 'un. At the same time as finding out that some refs have gone wthout being paid, though the ref's boss won't name the non payers as 'it is not my intention to shame them' they are now looking for younger refs, undr the age of 30 and possibly using foreign refs in the FA Cup and Malaysia Cup Finals next year.

Yep, they'll be queuing up for that won't they.

And finally Esther. Pahang were recently disqualified from the Malaysian Premier League for not paying all their bills. Well, now they have up and wanna play football again.

I aggred with you that the VIP behind this episode at the armed forces is a former presiden of Perak Football Association (PAFA). He quits in hurry after the former Prime Minister gives a words sports or politics to all in cabinets. PAFA suddenly burden all the debts. Now he came back as a minister. What a shame for malaysia football.
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