Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Cutting the umbilical cord

For way too long Indonesian clubs have relied on local government subsidies to run their operations. They have never needed to think about where the next rupiah comes from 'cos they knew the tax payer would stump up.

No more. For the last couple of years the governing body has been encouraging clubs to look elsewhere for their cash and boy has it been a painful process.

But slowly change is being made.

Persebaya reckon to have banked 50,000 USD in gate reciepts from their game against Persipura last weekend from the 23,000 crowd. Keep that up over a 17 game season and you're looking at one third of a club's budget covered by ticket sales and most importantly regular cash flow.

Throw in merchandising, which people seem reluctant to embrace, and refreshments, which people seem reluctant to embrace and we can get to se the massive, untapped potential that exisits in Indonesian football.

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