Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Indonesia v Kuwait preview

Tomorrow night could see Indonesia's Asian Cup dreams come to an end when they come up against a Kuwait side who came from behind to defeat them 2-1 last Saturday night.

And while Benny Dollo's men had to return on a scheduled flight to Jakarta the Kuwaitis took advantage of their deeper pockets by chartering a private jet that had them heading east hurs after the ref had blown the final whistle.

By contrast Indonesia arrived home some 24 hours later.

Bambang Pamungkas gave the Indonesian's a somewhat surprise lead in Kuwait. It was their first goal in the qualifiers and their first goal in 11 months.

Indonesia sit bottom of the 4 nation group with just two points from their first three games and anything less than a win tomorrow night will be the end of the road.

Having watched Singapore v Thailand at the weekend naturally my thoughts went to Indonesia and how different the nations are.

Singapore are efficient, Thais flamboyant and aggresive when the mood takes them. Indonesia? Lack discipline.

How many Indonesians would get in an ASEAN XI? Beyond Markus Horison, Bambang and Budi Sudarsono I am struggling. Markus would too when you consider Hassan Sunny, Sinthaweechai and the Muang Thong United keeper Kawin.

Is it me or were Bambang's best years in Selangor? Here in Indonesia the answer is always Bambang, irrespective of what the question is.

Then we have the defence. Wanna goal scoring opportunity? Lob the ball into the Indonesian penalty area and attack the bloody thing. Chances are you'll get a free header. Wanna see how kangeroos look when they see oncoming traffic? Watch the defence ball watch said high ball.

There are young players out there who could make a name for themselves. The likes of Mostapha Aji, Syamsul Arief, Ian Kabes, Eka Ramdani. Then the younger generation, the boys from Montevideo. The likes of Alan Martha and Samsul Alam.

Will the young generation get a chance to lead Indonesia to future glory or will they never realise their full potential? Rather like the Budis, Bambangs and Ponaryos of the present.

Is there an Indonesian Teerasil out there somewhere? Or a Harris Harun?

To be honest I'm not looking forward to the game tomorrow night. More of the same with balls hoofed forward to Bambang, no one looking for the second ball. Very little off the ball movement, balls played to feet. No running into space

Hmmm, a disjointed post about what promises to be a disjointed game. I hope I'm proved wrong...

that's exactly what i thought about indonesian it seems that the national Team isn't play the same as the club side when they play in the league i mean persija can play effectively during the league and the likes of persik and persipura manage to play attacking football and won the league but when it comes to national side that kinds of play is vanished i dont know what's wrong can anybody tell me?
I wld say Indonesia size is it strength but also it weakness

When a nation is that big, one need lot of $ (which even for ISL mean much more than it current level) to create a high standard of play everywhere instead of a few clubs based maybe in Java or capital Jakarta

Like J-league or K-league where even the bottom half are good enough for Asia

It shld come one day as Indonesia continue to develop
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