Friday, November 27, 2009


Malaysia lose

Malaysia v Maldives 0-1

This game was never mentioned on the Malaysian FA website. Why is that? Why can't these people take the time out to update their site?

You won't believe it's if I say there are player who have been subs made a 'U' turn. It's 'A' match by FIFA but Malaysia played a two sets of player on both half. It's also almost playing at the traning ground of FAM before shift to UiTM (University) stadium which so bumphy.Ha....ha....FAM make jokes.
the great shame is there is some good stuff going on in the game in malaysia.
if what dimos says is true - it just highlights how rock-bottom the level of administration is in Asian Football.

A FIFA "A" match being played behind closed doors and two sets of players. Is that even allowed? Laws of the Game state that 6 is the maximum subs allowed in a friendly match.
@ Biplav: Yep that is allowed.You forgot to read the rest part of the rule which state that if the referee is informed before the match and also if both teams have an agreement over the maximum number of substitutes, then it is a-ok.

@ Me: Maybe you can try I believe they have better update than the one in Wisma FAM...
good to see some malaysian input :)
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