Sunday, November 29, 2009


Malaysian state secrets revealed!

Thanks to Malaysia Football for this.

Average attendances at Malaysian Premier League games 2009 was 348.
Average attendances at Malaysian Super League games 2009 was 3,377

By my reckoning that puts attendances in Malaysia behind Vietnam (10,000 in 2009, Indonesia (8,300 in 2008/2009) and perhaps on a par with the Thai Premier League and ahead of the SLeague. But you can be sure the Thai attendances will continue to rise. Unless...

But why the downward trend in Malaysia? I really don't know. Obviously the showers that be there have done their research and found out that fans like 8.45 pm kick offs in places poorly served by public transport.

And the cuckoos who run the state FAs are obviously doing a good job because they are still in their sinecures while all around football burns.

Yeap, kicking out the foreigners has had the fans flocking to inaccessible parts of town at god forsaken hours to see dinosaurs under canopies reflect in the glory of the team they are doing so much to help.

There's only one way out but you know lah. Consensus, saving face and all that cobwebby stuff.

the average of 3377 was contributed by kelantan fa's fans..if kelantan didn't do well last season i dont think there would be such figures..hehe
Gomo Kelate Gomo!
what sort of crowds did selangor get last season?

i was in kl earlier in the year and fancied taking in a selangor home game.

but the stadium was difficult to get to by public transport and no guarantee i could even get back to my hotel

and don t suggest get a taxi..i m not a big fan of kl taxis...
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