Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Let's hear it for the professional whiners

A Singapore defeat is always good news for the media there. Reluctant to write about the game generally, once the national team fails to win the World Cup or even win a group stage game all the whiners come crawling out from under their toadstools they call home and sing the usual refrain. Chuffed to pieces they are at being given another opportunity to rant and rave.

It's all so predictable. When Singapore won an international competition they were either world beaters or ignored. Lose to Thailand and it's 2012 come early. Message boards are flooded with dullards signing on to post how shite Singapore football is, how poofy the players are and how much better things were with Fandi Ahmad. Give it time and they'll go on about rejoining the Malaysia Cup.

Far be it for me, a non Singaporean, to point this out. But.

Despite being torn apart at times by the Thais, Singapore still went into the break a goal down. And that from a penalty. With Khairul Amri on they looked much more purposeful. And had they been awarded a penalty while the game was still 1-0 who knows what may have happened. They could even have gone on to win and we would have been spared the tripe these anonymous bores regurgitate every chance they get.

Two further goals were conceded as the Lions poured forward looking for a way back into the game. It's what happens in football, shit even in my Subbuteo League, if you swarm forward you are at the mercy of a swift break.

Cliche I know but there is a fine line between success and failure, hero and zero. Players are human and last I checked humans can and do make mistakes. The pilloring the Singapore team is currently recieving is neither warranted nor deserved but that is default mode for many.

Perhaps, at the Rajamangala in Bangkok tomorrow the players can get out on the field and give their all. Personally I would love to see them win and rub those smirky whiney faces back home in mud.

But if S'pore win, nobody from SPH will write abt it :P

The story of S'pore football
that s about it

if only people actally listened to what steve darby said on 938 live instead of just laughing and saying great entertainment

they just don t get it
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