Thursday, September 30, 2010


New season, old problem

Persija's first home game isn't for another couple of weeks or so but guess what? They can't use the Bung Karno Stadium 'cos someone else went and booked it.

The Kemayoran Tigers have been plagued with scheduling problems the last couple of seasons with local authorities plainly unwilling to allow Persija to play games in the capital city if they can help it. The way the club are treated is a slap in the face for Indonesian football and mocks claims about professionalism.

Already this season Persibo and PSPS have been forced to play home games outside their city. They were at least for football reasons, stadiums didn't reach ISL standards, while in Persija's case it's non football reasons that no-one seems able to address.

The club didn't even bother trying to arrange the necessary permits for the Indonesia Cup game against Persik back in July. They seemed resigned to not getting approval and everyone had to move to a far more welcoming Solo.


Psst! Wanna see a game mister?

If you wanna take in a game in the English Premier League then finding info is a piece of piss. This link shows you whose playing, where and when.

Likewise finding a game to go to in Singapore is as challenging as clicking here. Kick off times are on the home page and club pages give brief stadium details but you need never get lost there - the whole country isn't much larger than a postage stamp.

Even the much maligned Malaysia has details of upcoming Malaysia Cup fixtures on a less than easy to read home page and a much less detailed website than their English or Singaporean counterparts.

If you can read Thai the Thai League Online gives you all you need to know about Thai leagues and cups with upcoming fixtures and venues with kick off times.

Hell if you're feeling like a cunning linguist then all the Bundesliga details can be found on the Kicker site. Is there a better football magazine than Kicker?

You know where all this is leading don't you? Yeap, my own bloody doorstep! If you want all the latest juice on the Indonesia Super League, approaching its second week this weekend then check out the official website.

Google for info and you find the official site first, the Wiki second, FIFA third, then some gambling website followed by my own drivel.

I tried checking with the media people, not once but twice, but they never bothered replying.

Then again, why bother? ISL gets double the ratings the EPL gets, games average 11,000 at the gate. The game is doing pretty well. Why worry about minor niggles like informing potential fans who is playing where and when, when nothing is broke?


Aussie Rules and the world game

Did you watch the AFL Grand Final last weekend?

I did and it was a great spectacle. The game itself verges on ridiculous at times but is total theatre. Perhaps FIFA could learn a thing or two from aerial ping-pong played in one country on earth? That is the theme of this week's Jakarta Globe article.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Results 29/09

Indonesia Super League

Deltras v Sriwijaya 3-1 (Feri, Marcio Souza, Danilo Fernando; Keith Kayamba Gumbs)

Back to earth for the Silverware bagging Sriwijaya after they were left chasing newly promoted Deltras all afternoon. The home team took the lead when someone scored and Kayamba missed a golden opportunity to level the scores when he missed a pen.

Sriwijaya's big failing last season was as the back and given that former Semen Padang and Persela striker Marcio Souza got in between three defenders you have to say not a whole lot has changed. Danilo, looking much leaner than last season's pie muncher extraordinaire, scored a third from 20 odd yards to make it safe.

Kayamba got lucky a second time from the spot and Sriwijaya had the chances, chiefly Arif Suyono, but failed to convert. Oh, and there were a couple of last minute red cards, one each, to keep the journos busy.

Persisam v Arema 2-1 (Julio Lopes, Choi; Pierre Njanka)

Not the ideal start for the champions and things don't get any easier with an away game at Bontang at the weekend.

Persibo v PSM 0-1

100% start for Robert Alberts men after winning two games on the road. One nil to PSM!
Bontang v Persema 2-1
Persijap v Persiba 1-1


Indonesia v Uruguay

Next Friday sees Indonesia take on Uruguay in the biggest friendly on these shores for many a year. Alfred Riedl's first game in charge sees the Mreah-Putih take on a team that just a few months ago was competing in the World Cup with big name stars like Luis Suarez, Diego Forlan and Enzo Francescolli. Oh wait, he quit yonks agon.

But will anyone turn up? Cheapest tickets are being quoted at 75,ooo rupiah, about 8.20 USD while top whack is anything from 1.5 to 2 million rupiah which works out at 165 - 220 USD!

And this for a friendly...


Results 28/09

Eximbank Cup

Singapore v Iran 1-1 (Eugene Luo;)

Indonesia Super League

Persela v Persib 1-1 (Hendro Siswanto; Christian Gonzales)

Singapore Cup

Etoile v Kitchee 2-0 (Julien Deletraz, Karim Boudjema)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Persela v Persib 1-1

Fascinating match up this one with a host of intriguing sub plots all over the field.

Persib came into the game as one of the favourites for the ISL while Persela are never an easy proposition at their Surajaya Stadium and it was the home team that took the lead when Hendro Siswanto, newly signed from Persiba, was not closed down outside the penalty area and his 25 yard drive was beyond Markus Horison’s despairing dive.

It was an indication of Persela’s pressure that Persib’s Hariono was perhaps the best player on the field. It’s a shame the tough tackling midfield player desn’t come from Borneo; with his windswept hair falling down his face he is every image of the archetypal Wildman of Borneo.

Cristian Gonzales, who else, equalized second half when he powered home a perfect cross from the iconic Eka Ramdani down the right. Long serving Brazilian defender allowed the ball to sail over his head while Huda’s challenge was half hearted at best.

Soon after Baihakki Khaizan, enjoying his football again after a spell in the Persija fringes, went close with a header as Persib surged forward looking for an opening day three points.

Pablo Frances, a new signing from Persijap, was replaced by Rahmat Affandi as the Bandung team went for broke with new coach Jovo Cuckovic stranded in the main stand forced to pass on instructions to his assistant Robby Darwis through the fence! What was all that about?


Persija's Crazy Schedule

Following their 2-2 draw away to PSPS in their first game of the new season at the weekend Persija can now take a well earned rest. Until 16 October in fact! That's three weeks between their first and second games of the season.

There then follows a period of six games in two and a half weeks before a two month break for the AFF Cup.

Coach Rahmad Darmawan has his excuses all ready. 'We haven't played for a long time' will be followed by 'we have too many games' to be rounded off by 'we haven't played for a long time.'


It's that time of the year again

PETALING JAYA: Football Association of Malaysia's (FAM) Local Competitions Committee will have an open brainstorming sessions on Sept 29 and 30 at Grand Bluewave Hotel, Shah Alam to improve the M-League.

The committee, headed by Datuk Hamidin Mohd Amin, will then submit their findings to the executive committee on Oct 4.

It will also be decided if foreign players should be allowed back into the league.

“This is a critical moment for us," said Hamidin after the committee had their first meeting at Wisma FAM yesterday.

“We have to know if foreign players will improve the league, increase gate collections and most importantly, how it will affect the development of local players.

“If we decide to allow them back, it will only happen in 2012."

Though he didn't have the figures, Hamidin added most teams suffered at the gates, the exception being Kelantan

.COMMENT - this happens every bloody year and every bloody year not a whole lot changes. If you have a hot air balloon it might be worth hanging round Shah Alam...


Results 27/09


Beijing Guoan v Gombak United 1-1 (Tang Xin; Chang Jo Yoon)

Singapore Cup

Tampines Rovers v Balestier Khalsa 3-0 (Aleksander Duric 2, Shahdan Sulaiman)

Monday, September 27, 2010


Singapore Cup 2010

After a four month hiatus the Singapore Cup returns today with Tampines Rovers playing Balestier Khalsa. Teams in bold are Singaporean!

Last years runners up, Bangkok Glass, are involved in the tie of the round against South Melbourne. In the last round the Thai side absolutely tore apart SAFFC defeating them 5-3 at the once impregnable fortress (one for any literary/history buffs!) Choa Chu Kang Stadium.

27/09 Tampines Rovers v Balestier Khalsa
28/09 Etoile v Kitchee
30/09 Balestier Khalsa v Tampines Rovers
01/10 Kitchee v Etoile
05/10 South Melbourne v Bangkok Glass
08/10 Bangkok Glass v South Melbourne
09/10 Young Lions v Albirex Niigata
15/10 Albirex Niigata v Young Lions

All time record

SAFFC 6 finals 4 wins two runners up
Home United 5 4 1
Tampines 4 3 1
Geylang United 4 1 3
Tanjung Pagar 1 1 0
Woodlands 2 0 2
Jurong 2 0 2
Chonburi 1 0 1
Bangkok Glass 1 0 1

Here's hoping for a Singapore team winning it this year...


Playing the blame game

You gotta love football. The game is so simple yet excites such animosity and passion both on the field and off it.

The game is played for 90 minutes between two teams who at least start the game with 11 men on each side. At the highest level these players are paid small fortunes, way beyond anything most people who work for a living can earn in a lifetime, and in turn they are coached by people with many qualifications.

But come the end of the game if their team hasn't won then it's never, or rarely, a player's or coach's fault. Oh no, for all the dosh they earn they will rarely hold their hands up and say 'it were down to me.'

They'll point the finger at the referee and linesmen quite happily.

Indonesia of course is a little different. Yes, they will blame the match officials, the fans special chant for the referee is 'Wasit, goblok' (do they have similar in Thailand? Gamma garn pen kwi perchance?), the pitch, the usual suspects.

The Persiwa coach, Suharno, whined that after losing 4-0 to Pelita Jaya on the opening game of the season he only had 13 players to choose from! His foreigners hadn't yet arrived and he didn't know where another player was. Plus he'd had a couple of lads training with the national team and they weren't used to the tactics.

What kind of professional football club is so ill prepared that it can't even fill the sub's bench? And missing all the foreigners? That's just careless.

And then we have the Indonesia Under 16s at the recent AFF Cup which they hosted and they finished bottom of the four team competition with a mighty impressive one goal and three points from their four games. Their solitary win came in injury time against Timor Leste but they couldn't improve on that in their final game when the Timorese (Tim Tim Tim for any Indonesian readers!) beat them 2-0!

Rumours abound of unpaid salaries, while no friendlies were arranged ahead of the event unless you include a game against a junior Persis Solo team. The fans did their bit, 10,000 turning out for the last, forlorn game but they were let down by those whose responsibility it is to make sure they are fully prepared for events like this.

A big hi, and bye, to Steve Bruce!


Second rate SLeague plays second fiddle to players overseas dreams

The SLeague, so they keep telling us, is one of the best 10 leagues in Asia. Not anymore it ain't.

With just a handful of games remaining in the most exciting SLeague title race in recent years two of the leading lights have been allowed to leave.

Home United's Shahril Ishak and Tampines Rovers Khairul Amri have been head-hunted by Indonesian teams and it seems the clubs are happy for them to head south.

Four points separate the top three and only three games remain. Ishak is the second top scorer in the league, second only to Etoile's Frederic Mendy. Amri has just nine goals this season and while no-one doubts his talent he'll probably get concussed by some baggage falling out of an overhead compartment on some budget flight and will be out of action until the end of the Mayan calender.

I'm a big fan of Singapore football. I've seen some great games there and there's some good players. I have no objection to players moving. But can you imagine Muang Thong United allowing Teerasil Dangda or Datsakorn Thonglao to leave before the Thai Premier League has been won?


Humiliation for Indonesia

Hosts Indonesia finished bottom of the 4 nation AFF Under 16s which they hosted in Solo in front of bumper crowds. In yesterdays final game they were beaten 2-0 by Timor Leste in front of 10,000.

Timor Leste has a population smaller than Bogor!


Indonesian Football is back - and nothing has changed

There's little old me, sitting at home thinking to myself, great the football is back, what game can I go to? Actually there was only one option, Pelita Jaya against Persiwa at the Singaperbangsa Stadium in Karawang.

Karawang ain't that far, perhaps 90 minutes along the motorway so off we goes. The town itself ain't famous for much. Industrial estates, cemetries, that's about it.

Got there about 2.30, an hour before kick off. Or so I thought.

The souvenir stalls were already up outside the stadium and this being West Java most of the stuff they were selling was Persib gear with some token Pelita Jaya stuff.

Not many people around but I put that down to crap opposition and crap home team. I was only expecting perhaps 2 or 3,000 so wasn't to put out by the lack of crowds milling around.

I ambled off to buy a ticket and hands over my hard earned cash. Then the hammer struck. The ticket said kick off was 19.00. I was aghast.

'Jam 7?' I bawled incredulously.

'Ya pak,' the seller replied. ' Persipura on Thursday is 3.30 but today is jam 7.' Doncha love the way he slipped effortlessly between English and Indonesian?

Ferkin' 7 pm? Game over 9. Drive back to Jakarta, edit images, reformat and edit video at pub, I wouldn't get home before early doors Monday morning...sod that for a game of tick tack toe. You think I'm gonna hang around a town famous for dead people for four hours, you gotta be kidding me.

How pray tell am I supposed to find out the kick off times? Are they a state secret? Inquiring minds want, nay, need to know.

So, how was your weekend?


Results 26/9

Indonesia Super League

Semen Padang v Persipura 1-1 (Edward Wilson Junior; Boaz Solossa) 7,000
Persijap v PSM 0-1 (Andi Odang) 14,000
Persibo v Persiba 1-1 (Samsul Arif; Sultan Samma) 2,682
Pelita Jaya v Persiwa 4-0 (4,252
PSPS v Persija 2-2 (;Ismed Sofyan, Bambang Pamungkas) 3,320

The Indonesia Super League started on Sunday less with a bang and more with a whimper with just five games. Indeed the opening day had a rather disjointed, stilted feel to it; much like an Indonesian season in fact.

Sriwijaya entered the Lion’s Den on Saturday, better known as the Kanjuruhan Stadium, and came away with their seventh trophy in three years as they defeated champions Arema to retain the Community Shield. After the game new Arema coach Miroslav Janu apologized to the Arema support. A nice gesture and one I would appreciate Arsene Wenger replicating after Arsenal’s shocking defeat on Saturday.

The West Sumatran city hosted a couple of games on Sunday with local heroes, and newly promoted, Semen Padang hosting last season’s runners up Persipura. Liberian striker Edward Wilson Junior, so prolific over the last couple of seasons in the second tier Premier League, showed he can score among the big boys, giving the home team a seventh minute lead. Boas Solossa celebrated receiving the captain’s armband and being recalled to the national team with an equalizer after 20 minutes and that finished the scoring.

The second game featured PSPS Pekanbaru and Persija. PSPS had been forced to play their home games away from their own Rumbai Stadium while renovations were carried out and given their formidable home form this was an ideal opportunity for Persija to get a good result.

Persija were two goals up within 20 minutes with goals from veterans Ismed Sofyan and bambang Pamungkas. However April pulled one back before half time and last season’s top scorer. Dzumafo, made it 2-2 on 52’. PSPS midfielder Alamsyah was red carded with 10 minutes to go.

Third place Persiba have a new look about with former Persijap coach Junaedi at the helm. They were however made to battle hard by newly promoted Persibo in a game played at the Brawijaya Stadium in Kediri. Samsul Arif, back with Persibo after a year with Persela, gave the home team the lead before Sultan Samma equalized some 10 minutes later.

The biggest crowd of the day, 14,000, saw Persijap take on PSM in Jepara with both sides boasting new foreign coaches. It was Robert Alberts who enjoyed the day more, watching new signing Andi Odang score the only goal of the game right on half time.

The scarcity of goals elsewhere means that Pelita Jaya are the early leaders after they thumped Persiwa 4-0 in Karawang in an evening game. Egi Mardiansyah, Tomoyuki Sakai, Jajang Mulyana and Andesi Setyo fired the Young Guns to the top of the nascent table with a busy week ahead.

On Tuesday Persib will want to foget about the off field drama last week by getting off to a good start at the Surajaya Stadium, always a tricky venue, against Persela. Champions Arema play Persisam on Wednesday while Bontang host Persema and Deltras take on Sriwijaya.

And while some teams are busy playing their first games of the season Persijap host Persiba in their second and Persibo play PSM.

Thai Premier League

Bangkok United v Thai Port 1-1 (Wuttipong Kerkul; Sarayoot Chaikamdee)
Bangkok Glass v Buriram PEA 0-3
Police United v TTM Phichit 4-1
Pattaya United v Muang Thong United 2-2

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Pelita Jaya

There aren't that many privately owned football clubs in Indonesia. Pelita Jaya are one of them. Historically one of the biggest names in the country back in the semi professional days today they float from city to city and last season just about avoided relegation to the Premier League.

They are owned by a scion of one of the richest families in the country yet when it comes to promoting their football club practically nothing is done.

Take a look at their official club website! Not updated since 2008! There is a facebook page but as I don't have an account with that particular site I can't access it.

Today they play Persiwa in their first game of the season at Singaperbangsa Stadium, Karawang. And here's a funny thing. The last time I saw Pelita Jaya they lost 6-1 to Arema. The last time I saw Persiwa they lost 6-1 to Persija.

Based upon that little historical quirk I confidently predict a 0-0.


Results 25/9

Indonesia Super League

Arema v Sriwijaya 1-3 (Pierre Njanka; Budi Sudarsono, Keith Kayamba, Claudiano)

Seven trophies in three years for Sriwijaya as they humbled Arema in front of their own fans last night in the Indonesia Super League opener.

Thai Premier League

Samut Songkram v BEC Tero 1-0
Osotspa v Sisaket 6-3
TOT v Army 0-0
Chonburi v Raj Navy Rayong 1-1

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Division One, Indonesia

It's not just the Indonesia Super League that kicks off this weekend. Division One also gets under away with an opening ceremony at Wilis Stadium in Madiun. Rather like the ISL I can find no fixture list on-line.

GROUP 1: 1.Aceh Utara FC, 2. Persidi Idi, 3. Persas Sabang, 4. PSAB Aceh Besar, 5. Medina Medan Jaya

GROUP II : 1.PS Siak, 2. PSPP Padang Panjang, 2. PSP Padang, 3. PS Bangka, 5. Persibabar Bangka Barat, 6. Persires Rengat

GROUP III : 1.PSGL Gayoh Luwes, 2. PSBL Langsa, 3. PSSA Asahan. 4. Persebsi Sibolga, 5. Persiju Sijunjung.

GROUP IV : 1.Persip Pekalongan, 2.Persikasi Bekasi, 3. Persika Karawang, 4. Persip Pati, 5. Persitema Temanggung, 6. PSBL Lampung

GROUP V : 1. PSBK Blitar, 2. PS Jakarta Timur, 3. Persikad Depok, 4. PSB Bogor, 5. Pesik Kuningan

GROUP VI : 1.Persid Jember, 2. Persida Sidoarjo, 3. Persibat Batang, 4. Persik Kendal, 5. Persebi Boyolali

GRUP VII : 1 Madiun Putra FC, 2. Persipur Purwodadi, 3. Persekaba Blora, 4. Persipon Pontianak, 5. Persekam Pamekasan

GROUP VIII 1.KSB Sumbawa Barat, 2. Persiko Kota Batu, 3. Persipas Paser, 4. Persekabpas Pasuruan, 5. Persebi Bima

GROUP IX : 1.Persewangi Banyuwangi, 2. Persista Sintang, 3. Persedikab Kabupaten Kediri, 4.Persis Solo, 5. Perrsewon Wondama

GROUP X : 1.Persbul Buol, 2. PSKT Tomohon, 3. Persipal Palu, 4. Persikos Kota Sorong

GROUP XI : 1.Persin Sinjai, 2. Yahukimo FC, 3. Persikota Tikep

GROUP XII : 1.PSBS Biak, 2.Persitoli Tolikara, 3. Persigubin Gunung Bintang, 4. Persias Asmat

Friday, September 24, 2010


Khairul needs some Uncle NAS wisdom

Khairul Nizam is feeling a bit down at the moment after getting suspended for his role in the brawl that interupted the recent SLeague game between Young Lions and Beijing Guoan.

The young striker, who will now miss eight months of football, could do worse than sit down with the perenial bad boy of Singapore football Noh Alam Shah.

At times like this he is going to be inundated with advise from well intentioned people but to be fair not many of them will have been there and done that like NAS has.

Noh Alam Shah, now with Arema in the Indonesia Super League, has had a chequered career pock marked with yellows, reds, suspensions and being called a nutter (strong language in squeaky clean Singapore.)

When people go off the rails they don't need Oprah Winfrey types telling them that the world is a happy clappy place and a big hug will solve their troubles. They need a bit of TLC and shock therapy from people who know the ropes.


Wanted or not? Beijing Guo'an

Not Wanted

There were many at the start of the SLeague who opposed the presence of yet another Chinese team before a ball was kicked. It was, hopefully, not racism that inspired such negativety but hard, bitter experience.

No Chinese team has made any kind of positive impact on Singapore's premier football league and who was to say Beijng Guoan, whose mother club took part in this season's Asian Champions League, would be any different?

Liaonang Guoyang, I can't be bothered to check the spelling, left under a morass of match fixing, jail sentences and running away like big girlie chickens before any shit could hit the fan. No-one even noticed Dalian Shide were in the league except the punters.

And now Beijing Guoan brawling on the field.

Once is unfortunate. Twice could be unlucky but when you have problems a third time from the same source alarm bells should be ringing.

Why the desperation for a Chinese team anyway? They don't pull punters at the gate. Perhaps they are after another sort of punter?

But oddly enough football ain't about gamblers. There are now no more reasons why Chinese teams should be allowed in the SLeague.


Not every Singaporean, or indeed Australian, is a full time whiner. Not every American thinks Fox News is good and not every English football fan follows a Premier League team.

It follows then that not every Chinese team should be tarred by the same brush as the likes of Dalian, Liaonang and now Beijing


Indonesia Season Kicks Off Tomorrow

Finally the 2010/2011 Indonesia Super League season kicks off with the season opener between Arema and Sriwijaya at the Kanjuruhan Stadium in Malang. Home advantage for champions Arema should be enough against Cup winners Sriwijaya who are loking for an unprecendated seventh domestic title in a little over three seasons.

Despite the game between the Champions and Cup Winners going under the grand, and not so origiginal, title of Comunity Shield, it is a regular League game with points, and prizes, up for grabs. Officials are hoping for a full house 35,000 in East Java for the game that kicks off tomorrow night at 8.30.

More run of the mill ISL games start on Sunday with Persijap, installed as relegation favourites for many after the departure of coach Junaidi, take on PSM. The South Sulawesi team are sweating on International Transfer Certificates (Clearances) being processed in time for their foreign contingent, including former Gombak United midfielder Goran Subara, to take to the field.

Newly promoted Persibo Bojonegoro take on Persiba Balikpapan in their first ever game in the big time. Unfortunately their own stadium doesn't meet ISL standards, whatever they maybe, so they must start their debut season at Persik Kediri's Brawijaya Stadium.

Big things are expected from Persiba this time round, especially from Persiba, after their unheralded 3rd place finish last season. They have recruited last season's top scorer, Aldo Baretto, from Bontang and hope to add Singaporean striker Khairul Amri over the next few days.

Sunday's Games

Semen Padang v Persipura
Pelita Jaya v Persiwa
PSPS v Persija

Tuesday's Game

Persela v Persib


Singapore squad for Eximbank Cup

SINGAPORE, 24 September 2010: The Singapore Asian Games team will be travelling to Ho Chi Minh City on 26 September for the Eximbank Cup in Vietnam. With the Asian Games fast approaching, Singapore will face a stern test as they play the Olympic teams of Iran, Malaysia, and host Vietnam in preparation for the Guangzhou bound games in China this November.

From the 20 players named by National coach Radojko Avramovic, Balestier Khalsa midfielder Syafiq Zainal, NFA U-18 striker Al-Qaasimy Abdul Rahman and SAFFC forward Erwan Gurnawan are all poised to make their debut as they travel with the Singapore Asian Games Team for the first time. Erwan will be most remembered for scoring the winner for SAFFC against Chinese Henan Jianye, giving Singapore our first ever victory in the prestigious AFC Asian Champions League in April.

“We have brought in some new players to the team and this tournament will give them the ideal opportunity to gain some valuable international exposure while giving us the chance to test these players against some very good opponents. Furthermore, with for some of the new players called up, this trip is a good platform for the team to take shape cohesively as a unit.”

Singapore will kick start their campaign against Asian powerhouses Iran on Tuesday, 28 September before playing host Vietnam on Thursday, 30 September. They will end the tournament against neighbours Malaysia on Saturday, 02 October before returning back to Singapore the next day.

Match Details

Iran v Singapore

Date: 28 September 2010 (Tuesday)

Time: 4.00pm (local time)

Venue: Thong Nhat Stadium

Vietnam v Singapore

Date: 30 September 2010 (Thursday)

Time: 6.30pm (local time)

Venue: Thong Nhat Stadium

Singapore v Malaysia

Date: 2 October 2010 (Saturday)

Time: 4.00pm (local time)

Venue: Thong Nhat Stadium


Aussie keeper fails to make the grade

Former Mt Gravatt, Brisbane Roar and Wellington Phoenix keeper Griffin McMaster has been trialling with newly promoted Indonesia Super League side Deltras but it is unlikely the 27 year old would be offered a contract after failing to impress.

Another Aussie, centre back Antun Kovacic has also been with the team from Sidoarjo nicknamed the Lobster and he too looks to have failed to secure a deal. He last played for Ulsan Hyundai Horangi in South Korea.

Former Sheffield United and Central Coast Mariners winger Nicky Travis has also failed in his attempts to link up with the Deltras while Aussie Steve Heskest loks like he might be taken on.

All that negativity...I wonder why I bother sometimes!


Jovo who?

After several fun days of speculation as to who would replace outgoing Persib coach Darko Janockovic the news of his replacement came as a bit of an anti climax.

From the highly unlikey, Benny Dollo having just signed a contract with Mitra Kukar, to the exotic, Thailand assistant coach Steve Darby via the old standby in times of need Bambang Nurdiansyah hardly a day went by without a new name being linked with the high profile.

And what do Persib do? Go and offer the job to Jovo Cuckovic the assistant coach!


And now it's Khairul

Tampines Rovers striker Khairul Amri is flying to Balikpapan to undergo a medical with a view to signing for Persiba.

If the deal goes through he will be the third player from the SLeague to make the move to Indonesia in the last few weeks following Goran Subara to PSM and Shahril Ishak to Persib.

Last season saw the exodus begin and while Noh Alam Shah and M Riduan have stayed with Arema the others have not been so stable.

Baihakki Khaizan left Persija for Persib, Precious Emuejeraye moved from Sriwijaya to Persija while Mustafic Fachruddin has yet to find a club after being released by Persija.


Who runs Persija?

This is a story that has been running for a while but I haven't bothered touching it because I'm not always sure of my translation skills! This piece comes from the Jakarta Globe and covers the problem pretty well.

Two groups have come forward claiming management control over Persija Jakarta, the latest in a series of internal disputes that has plagued the capital club.

One faction, led by Tony Tobias, claims to have been officially recognized by the Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) and Persija officials as the group handling the team.

“I was officially appointed Persija chairman on Sept. 1. I’ve already reported to PSSI, the Jakarta governor’s office and other Persija members,” said Tony, who has named Effendi Anas as manager and Benny Erwin as assistant manager.

Before his appointment, Effendi served with the Jakarta government’s public order office. Benny is one of the club owners affiliated with Persija.

Another group, led by Hadi Basalamah, is said to have the support of Persija and gained management control over the club through a congress that was held last month.

Under the Hadi faction, Haryanto Badjoeri was designated team manager and Ferry Indrasjaried his assistant.

Before the dispute, Haryanto and Ferry were recognized as the legitimate holders of their respective positions.

“I don’t mind stepping down from my position. I have been with the team for three years and we haven’t won a title,” Ferry said. “But they should be gentlemen.”

Ahead of the 2009-10 season officials vowed that Persija would win a title.

Instead, the Kemayoran Tigers endured a string of problems both on and off the field.

A rift in the club management, which had some officials fighting for control of the team throughout the season, scuttled Persija’s plans.

Before the start of the 2009-10 season, entrepreneur Edy Joenardi, who had agreed to invest Rp 30 billion ($3.3 million) in the club, was on the verge of taking over Persija, but later allegedly backed out because of the infighting.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


A Persib Teaser

Just read some comments attributed to the manager of Persib where he suggests there are five coaches in the frame for the Persib position to replace Darko Janockovic. Three are foreign, two are local.

He is keeping mum on the identity of the coaches but he does infer that one has coached in both Singapore and Thailand.

Bit of a giveaway to regular readers of this blog innit?


Alternative League Plans Continue

Despite being spurned by the 18 teams in the Indonesia Super League, the people behind the Premier League remain undaunted. They have announced the League will start on 17 October but they are reluctant to reveal how many teams have signed up so far.

Persitara have been vocal in their desire to join as have PSMS, Persiraja and Persebaya. In other words teams in the Indonesian Premier League have been keen to put themselves forward to the new, umm, Premier League.

Why? Well, the new league is promising to provide them with seed money. In the ISL they have to find their own funding.

Now I am not totally au fait with FIFA regulations but my understanding is that domestic competitions must be sanctioned by the local FA. In Indonesia this is the PSSI and they currently authorise an Indonesia Super League and an Indonesia Premier League as well as the Indonesia Cup.

The ISL starts this weekend. The IPL is due to start towards the end of October. Now the alternate Premier League is saying they will start mid October.

I wonder how this is being viewed by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC)? They are keen to professionalise football in the region and they, like FIFA, have a visceral, if selective, loathing of political interference in football.

How will it end? Probably some muddled compromise will be put together leaving everybody nearly happy and true professionalism a few steps further away.


Persisam adopt English style ticket prices

Persisam Samarinda Putra who just about avoided relegation from the Indonesia Super League last season have announced their ticket prices for the upcoming season. And they have taken the English route of grading games and pricing tickets accordingly.

Tickets for regular games are priced 30,000 rupiah on the terraces and 75,000 rupiah for VIP but no mention of what denotes a regular game.

Higher profile games will cost 40,000/100,000. Guess these would include Arema, Bontang and Persiba but no mention.

For members of the Pusamania Supporters Club they are entitled to buy cheap tickets at 20,000/30,000 rupiah


The wires are humming

Even though there has been no official announcement over the fate of Persib coach Darko Janackovic the media in Indonesia are speculating over who is successor could be.

Simamaung is reporting a decision will be made later today.

Two names mentioned so far are Bambang Nurdiansyah and Fandi Ahmad. Bambang, known as Banur, has previously coached teams like Arema and PSIS and while he is a familiar face on the Indonesian circuit haiong been a prolific goalscorer in his playing days, he has yet to make an name for himself as a coach.

Fandi more recently had been coaching Pelita Jaya and remains under contract to them until November. He has also reportedly received job offers from Groningen in the Netherlands as well as Malaysian teams but till now has been keeping mum on his future.

There are other names in the hat as well as agents have been casting far and wide for coaches who would be interested in the position. And who wouldn't be? They are a massive club with massive support in a football mad city.

A surprise name mentioned is Peter Withe. The former Indonesian and Thailand coach has yet to try his hand with a local club side.

One familiar face to Persib fans who is currently out of work is former Persib, Persik and Semen Padang coach Arcan Iurie.

Two more names added to the gossip are Benny Dollo, now with Mitra Kukar, and Danurwindo.

With the exception of Iurie the names mentioned in this story come from a number of media outlets...


Results 22/09

AFF Cup Under 16s

Indonesia v Vietnam 0-1


Gombak United v Etoile 0-1 (Matthias Verschave)

Thai League Cup

Nakorn Pathom v Raj Navy Rayong 2-3
Bangkok Glass v Chonburi 1-0
Nong Khai v Army 1-1
Buriram PEA v TTM Phichit 2-0
Khon Kaen v RBAC 1-1 (2-3 on agg)
Osotsapa v Police United 7-3 (8-4 on agg)
Sisaket v Nakorn Phanom 8-3 (10-5 on agg)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Are KL PLUS Hung(a)ry enough?

SUBANG: All is not well in the KL Plus team. It could even cause them to fold by year's end. There are rumblings that the players can't get along with new Hungarian coach, Janos Krescka.

The corridors of Persada Plus — the highway concessionaire's headquarters in Subang — is abuzz that the management is tired of waiting for results from the team.

KL Plus debuted in domestic soccer by playing in the KL Division 2 in 2000.

Despite having the services of several household names like former international Nizaruddin Yusof (pic), Ramesh Lai Ban Huat and Sanjos Sundawat, the team have failed to shine — managing only 10th spot in the 14-team Super League this season.

The management's unhappiness with the team was first reported by Mailsport on May 31. However, manager Husni Mohd Yusof rubbished suggestions of "discomfort" between the players and coach.

But, still, he would neither confirm or deny that the management could pull the plug on the team by the end of the year.

“The players are still getting used to Krescka's methods. He is doing things different from his predecessors. That was why he was hired...for something different... something that will bring results," said Husni.

“His tactics worked against Negri Sembilan (in the Malaysia Cup, drew 1-1). At the end of the day it boils down to results.”

KL Plus have enjoyed the limelight in the local sports pages and blogs over the past 10 years. This despite the economic downturn and controversies on and off the pitch.

If they close shop, it would mark another black day for clubs plying their trade in the national league.

Earlier, MyTeam, MBPJ and Public Bank had also withdrawn.

COMMENT - Kuala Muda are another private team that withdrew from top flight Malaysian football. Considering how half the populations worships Manchester United it never ceases to amaze me why no-one there tries to copy their business model.

Let's be honest. What football fan is going to support a team that is named after a bloody road?


Shahril bids farewell with goal


Muang Thong United v Al Kharamah 2-0 (Datsakorn Thonglao, Siaka Dagno) Muang Thong win 2-1 on agg
Al Qadsia v Thai Port 3-0 Thai Port lose 3-0 on agg


Tampines Rovers v Home United 0-3 (Joo Woo Keun, Shahril Ishak, Sufian Anwar)

Shahril packs his tooth brush and heads to Bandung today leaving his team top of the SLeague with three games to go. His next game should be for Persib next week away to Persela but who will he be coached by?

Home United FC30188454302462
Etoile FC29187446182861
Tampines Rovers FC30186659273260

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