Friday, September 24, 2010


Khairul needs some Uncle NAS wisdom

Khairul Nizam is feeling a bit down at the moment after getting suspended for his role in the brawl that interupted the recent SLeague game between Young Lions and Beijing Guoan.

The young striker, who will now miss eight months of football, could do worse than sit down with the perenial bad boy of Singapore football Noh Alam Shah.

At times like this he is going to be inundated with advise from well intentioned people but to be fair not many of them will have been there and done that like NAS has.

Noh Alam Shah, now with Arema in the Indonesia Super League, has had a chequered career pock marked with yellows, reds, suspensions and being called a nutter (strong language in squeaky clean Singapore.)

When people go off the rails they don't need Oprah Winfrey types telling them that the world is a happy clappy place and a big hug will solve their troubles. They need a bit of TLC and shock therapy from people who know the ropes.

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