Thursday, September 30, 2010


New season, old problem

Persija's first home game isn't for another couple of weeks or so but guess what? They can't use the Bung Karno Stadium 'cos someone else went and booked it.

The Kemayoran Tigers have been plagued with scheduling problems the last couple of seasons with local authorities plainly unwilling to allow Persija to play games in the capital city if they can help it. The way the club are treated is a slap in the face for Indonesian football and mocks claims about professionalism.

Already this season Persibo and PSPS have been forced to play home games outside their city. They were at least for football reasons, stadiums didn't reach ISL standards, while in Persija's case it's non football reasons that no-one seems able to address.

The club didn't even bother trying to arrange the necessary permits for the Indonesia Cup game against Persik back in July. They seemed resigned to not getting approval and everyone had to move to a far more welcoming Solo.

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