Friday, September 24, 2010


Wanted or not? Beijing Guo'an

Not Wanted

There were many at the start of the SLeague who opposed the presence of yet another Chinese team before a ball was kicked. It was, hopefully, not racism that inspired such negativety but hard, bitter experience.

No Chinese team has made any kind of positive impact on Singapore's premier football league and who was to say Beijng Guoan, whose mother club took part in this season's Asian Champions League, would be any different?

Liaonang Guoyang, I can't be bothered to check the spelling, left under a morass of match fixing, jail sentences and running away like big girlie chickens before any shit could hit the fan. No-one even noticed Dalian Shide were in the league except the punters.

And now Beijing Guoan brawling on the field.

Once is unfortunate. Twice could be unlucky but when you have problems a third time from the same source alarm bells should be ringing.

Why the desperation for a Chinese team anyway? They don't pull punters at the gate. Perhaps they are after another sort of punter?

But oddly enough football ain't about gamblers. There are now no more reasons why Chinese teams should be allowed in the SLeague.


Not every Singaporean, or indeed Australian, is a full time whiner. Not every American thinks Fox News is good and not every English football fan follows a Premier League team.

It follows then that not every Chinese team should be tarred by the same brush as the likes of Dalian, Liaonang and now Beijing

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