Thursday, September 30, 2010


Psst! Wanna see a game mister?

If you wanna take in a game in the English Premier League then finding info is a piece of piss. This link shows you whose playing, where and when.

Likewise finding a game to go to in Singapore is as challenging as clicking here. Kick off times are on the home page and club pages give brief stadium details but you need never get lost there - the whole country isn't much larger than a postage stamp.

Even the much maligned Malaysia has details of upcoming Malaysia Cup fixtures on a less than easy to read home page and a much less detailed website than their English or Singaporean counterparts.

If you can read Thai the Thai League Online gives you all you need to know about Thai leagues and cups with upcoming fixtures and venues with kick off times.

Hell if you're feeling like a cunning linguist then all the Bundesliga details can be found on the Kicker site. Is there a better football magazine than Kicker?

You know where all this is leading don't you? Yeap, my own bloody doorstep! If you want all the latest juice on the Indonesia Super League, approaching its second week this weekend then check out the official website.

Google for info and you find the official site first, the Wiki second, FIFA third, then some gambling website followed by my own drivel.

I tried checking with the media people, not once but twice, but they never bothered replying.

Then again, why bother? ISL gets double the ratings the EPL gets, games average 11,000 at the gate. The game is doing pretty well. Why worry about minor niggles like informing potential fans who is playing where and when, when nothing is broke?

Yeah. I think this country not too concerned about IT. I'm an Indonesian IT worker are also disappointed. Maybe I will take care of it in free of cost when it is possible :)
nice offer Eddy!

to be fair to them each person there has a designated job title but they still have other responsibilities beyond that
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