Monday, September 27, 2010


Indonesian Football is back - and nothing has changed

There's little old me, sitting at home thinking to myself, great the football is back, what game can I go to? Actually there was only one option, Pelita Jaya against Persiwa at the Singaperbangsa Stadium in Karawang.

Karawang ain't that far, perhaps 90 minutes along the motorway so off we goes. The town itself ain't famous for much. Industrial estates, cemetries, that's about it.

Got there about 2.30, an hour before kick off. Or so I thought.

The souvenir stalls were already up outside the stadium and this being West Java most of the stuff they were selling was Persib gear with some token Pelita Jaya stuff.

Not many people around but I put that down to crap opposition and crap home team. I was only expecting perhaps 2 or 3,000 so wasn't to put out by the lack of crowds milling around.

I ambled off to buy a ticket and hands over my hard earned cash. Then the hammer struck. The ticket said kick off was 19.00. I was aghast.

'Jam 7?' I bawled incredulously.

'Ya pak,' the seller replied. ' Persipura on Thursday is 3.30 but today is jam 7.' Doncha love the way he slipped effortlessly between English and Indonesian?

Ferkin' 7 pm? Game over 9. Drive back to Jakarta, edit images, reformat and edit video at pub, I wouldn't get home before early doors Monday morning...sod that for a game of tick tack toe. You think I'm gonna hang around a town famous for dead people for four hours, you gotta be kidding me.

How pray tell am I supposed to find out the kick off times? Are they a state secret? Inquiring minds want, nay, need to know.

So, how was your weekend?

Hi! Me, sorry to hear that about your local game. I was very surprised with 2 things this week.

first has to be an AFL grand final which was a draw, and guess what they did they decided to have another grand final next weekend.

second is the amount of goal scored in TPL last weekend 26 goals all together that should keep lot of fans happy and entertained.
the afl was a ot of fun. bloody stoopid game but great fun as a neutral to watch and nailbiting stuff

and what has happened to osostpa? 13 goals in 2 games!!!
guess they finally got the combination right. Thanks to new players they bought on mid-season break.

You're right about AFL, and most sport are fun to watch in grand final anyway apart from carling, and lawn bowl I think.
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