Sunday, September 26, 2010


Pelita Jaya

There aren't that many privately owned football clubs in Indonesia. Pelita Jaya are one of them. Historically one of the biggest names in the country back in the semi professional days today they float from city to city and last season just about avoided relegation to the Premier League.

They are owned by a scion of one of the richest families in the country yet when it comes to promoting their football club practically nothing is done.

Take a look at their official club website! Not updated since 2008! There is a facebook page but as I don't have an account with that particular site I can't access it.

Today they play Persiwa in their first game of the season at Singaperbangsa Stadium, Karawang. And here's a funny thing. The last time I saw Pelita Jaya they lost 6-1 to Arema. The last time I saw Persiwa they lost 6-1 to Persija.

Based upon that little historical quirk I confidently predict a 0-0.

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