Friday, May 30, 2008


A Key Lesson in Business

Pay your staff!

It's pointless having grandiose plans about big stadiums and sponsors queuing up when you don't even put your hands in your pocket for the players.

I don't often come down on the side of the players but this time I do. Pay them and they'll crawl over broken glass for you...and to earn a new contract!


Singapore League Cup Action

Tonight sees League Cup action in Singapore with a couple of games.

Dalian Shide v Albirex Niigata
Woodlands v Young Lions

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Singapore Setback

Singapore prepared for their upcoming WCQ by falling 1-0 at home to Bahrain with a goal in the 82'.

1 Hassan Sunny (GK) (18 Lionel Lewis 46')
3 Baihakki Khaizan 5 Mohamed Noh Rahman 6 Precious Emuejeraye 7 Shi Jiayi (13 Juma'at Jantan 79') 8 Fazrul Nawaz (2 Muhammad Ridhuan 46') 9 Aleksandar Duric (C) 12 Khairul Amri (11 Qiu Li 46') 14 John Wilkinson (17 Shahril Ishak 46') 15 Fahrudin Mustafic 16 Daniel Bennett

Are these friendlies really so necessary before such vital games? The best result a coach can hope for is no injuries while a defeat, such as this, can adversely affect the players moral.


PSMS Consider Three Options

As time runs out for Super Liga qualification, PSMS are considering three stadiums for their home ground.

Such is the paucity of venues in the country their nearest option is also the unlikeliest. City Stadium in Penang is a short hop across the Straits of Melaka in Malaysia but I can't see it happening, interesting option though it may be.

Jaka Baring in Palembang, home of double champions Sriwijaya, is an hour's flight from Medan and probably a better bet.

The other option under consideration is Bung Karno in Jakarta. A two hour flight from Medan this option, I feel, is as likely as Penang to happen.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The Best League in ASEAN

A while back I did a piece about the best league in ASEAN prompted by a TV pundit who made the assumption that the Vietnamese was the best because they paid the higher salaries.

I did a Trevor Brooking and sat on the fence while many indignant Indonesians hummed and haaed.

Now, as a prelude to a revamped Asian Champions League, the AFC has looked at the leagues under its auspices and made it's own judgement.

Their view, purely ASEAN, is as follows.

1 - Indonesia
2 - Singapore
3 - Thailand
4 - Vietnam
5 - Malaysia

Singapre is probably the better run league but for sheer passion nothing beats the Indonesian league which last season saw an average of 11,700 fans attend games. To be fair the SLeague would probably have come out on top had it not suffered a match fixing scandal last season, and had it promotion and relegation.

Malaysia lurches from self inflicted disaster to PR gaffe while Vietnam's woeful showing in the ACL this year has probably, once and for all, put the admittedly spurious argument that thay have the best league, well and truly to bed.


Malaysia Tak Boleh?

Years back there used to be a slogan Malaysia Boleh! Malaysia can! Perhaps but does that apply to the FA there? This story comes from the New Strait Times and is either interesting or scary.

JUST when public sentiment is -- thanks to its firm stand on the Champions Youth Cup (CYC) -- swinging the FA of Malaysia's (FAM) way, the competitions committee is set to spoil it all and prove, once again, that what matters most in local football is the interests of the state affiliates.

The competitions committee, after several brainstorming sessions, has come up with a no-brainer whereby the Malaysian Super League (MSL) door will be shut to clubs next season.

The committee, chaired by Datuk Che Mat Jusoh, will propose that the MSL and Premier League next season have either 14 or 16 teams each but either format will still mean the same -- no clubs in the top tier of Malaysian football.

The excuse cited is that clubs can't sustain themselves but in the same breath, the committee will propose that Police and Armed Forces be in the MSL if the FAM council decides on a 16-team division.

What makes the proposal even more laughable is the fact that Armed Forces finished bottom of the Premier League and should, had FAM not decided on reviewing the format, be playing FAM Cup football next season. The proposal also means that 2007-08 Premier League champions Kuala Muda Naza and runners-up KL Plus FC will not be promoted to the MSL next season.

The injustice of it all, should the FAM council not decide wisely, is that both clubs finished ahead of full affiliates Kelantan (third in the standings), Sabah (fourth), Malacca (ninth) and Kuala Lumpur (12).

At the MSL level, the proposal means 'relegation' for Johor FC and UPB-MyTeam.For Johor FC, it will be a cruel blow as they finished third this season ahead of teams like Selangor, Perak and Pahang, the supposed aristrocats of Malaysian football.

MyTeam, in their first season in the MSL, finished 11th which meant avoiding relegation but the new format means Penang and Sarawak, 12th and 13th respectively, will still see MSL action while the reality-show team will play lower league football.

The committee will propose to the council, which is scheduled to meet after the Malaysia Games, that clubs be given the incentive of playing in the Malaysia Cup but in the first place, what exactly is the reason for a review which clearly is aimed at benefiting only state teams.

If the committee is worried about clubs being unable to sustain, shouldn't it be equally worried about the states for that is where we hear of late payment of wages, EPF and income tax.

Teams like KL have been playing before near-empty stadiums for decades. In fact, most teams are so obviously, fan support cannot be an issue here.

If anything, this smells just like what it is -- a move to allow state teams who are in the Premier League a back door entry into the MSL.

FAM has won over many with its firm stand on the CYC but should the states get away with the proposed changes to the MSL and Premier League, Malaysian football will have once again taken several steps backwards.

They couldn't...could they? I mean the whole thing is so illogical, nonsensical, irrational? Say it ain't so...


Thais winning preparation

With the WCQ coming up the Thais have beaten Nepal 7-0 and Iraq 2-1 in a couple of warm up games.

2 June sees the Thais play Bahrain, who tonight play a friendly against Singapore, while five days later they play the return leg in Bahrain. 14 June sees them host powerhouse Japan.


AFC Cup Quarter Finals

Perak v Safa (Lebanon)
SAFFC v Al Nodha (Oman)
Dempo (India) v Home United
Muharaq (Bahrain) v Kedah

Dates later...


Cellar Dweller Bore Draw

I should write for a tabloid, me!

Balestier Khalsa and Sengkang Punggol have two wins and 17 goals between them from their 15 games in the SLeague. They lie 11th and 12th respectively thus far, three points adrift of 10th placed Dalian Shide.

Last night, when these two sides met at Toa Payoh Stadium perhaps it was no surprise they ground out a 0-0 draw. What was surprising was over 2,200 fans came for the yawn fest! Double the attendance that saw Super Reds pile on the pressure at the top of the table.

It's a funny old game innit?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Find New Stadium or You're Out

Three clubs have been told they must find a new stadium or they won't be allowed to participate in the new Super Liga in Indonesia starting in July.

Persita, Persitara and PSMS have been given warning they need to get serious about a venue because their current homes are inadequate.

Persita Tangerang, who have used Benteng Stadium, have drawn up a list of four alternatives. Lebak Bulus, Bung Karno, both in Jakarta, Jalak Harupat in Soreang and Siliwangi in Bandung.

Persitara Jakarta North are considering Lebak Bulus but I understand there is a reluctance to move there in some quarters. They would also like to use Bung Karno in Senayan.

The whole stadium issue shows clearly the dearth of adequate facilities in the country for hosting major sporting events and the crying need for a string of quality stadiums. Governments assure people they are determined to develop a ground, usually at election time, only for the promise to be forgotten when they find out how much money is in the pot.


Super Reds share top spot

There's no stopping the Super Reds this season.

Last night they beat Young Lions 3-1 at Yishun Stadium to share top spot with traditional powerhouse SAF. Three goals in the first half hour were enough to dampen the Lions and put the Reds siz points clear of 3rd placed Home United after 14 games.

Monday, May 26, 2008


On this day in history

I didn’t miss many away games that season. Trips to Southampton and QPR, that was it. I went every where else. Oh, I missed Newcastle away to. I was at Goodison when we were truly awesome, even the Everton fans applauded us off the pitch. I was at Old Trafford when Adams scored both ends and the donkey thing started. Boro away when Martin Hayes scored right at the death to give us three points.

West Ham away was another great show, we scored 4, as indeed we did at Forest. I’ll never forget walking away from the City Ground as the mist hung round the stadium, the floodlights giving out an eerie, creamy light. The lads on the terraces had been kept behind after the game for a few minutes and as we walked to the car we could the chant of Boring Boring Arsenal. Moments like that make following your team worthwhile. It brought a lump to the throat much like the rock thrown at my friend brought a lump to his head.

Villa away, we had thousands there but then we always did. Villa Park is one of the great stadiums in English football and we would often take 8000 +++ there. There was the usual 3 points at White Hart Lane where the ever optimistic Totts, buoyed by the signings of Gazza and Paul Stewart (who?) were convinced then, as they are now, that greatness was just round the corner. Gazza scored minus a boot but it didn’t matter, we scored 3 and collected 3 points.

The season had started at Plough Lane, Wimbledon where Smudger got a hat trick as we beat the Wombles 5-1. We filled the ground that day and we were filled with optimism that season.

Liverpool away was put back to the end of the season. Our last 2 home games we collected just one point, it was nerve-racking but everything rested on the final game at Anfield. I had a precious ticket, it had stood proudly on my window sill for weeks.

The game was rearranged for Friday 26th May 1989. I told the boss I wanted the day off but he said no go, he was short staffed. I bit my tongue. I considered knocking it on the head there and then but decided to bide my time. I didn’t have another job lined up; I didn’t have enough cash in the bank. I had to wait but he would pay for that.

It was our biggest game in 18 years, I’d been through the crap of the last few years, now we needed a 2-0 victory at the home of the best team in Europe and we, The Arsenal, would be champions. And I couldn’t be there…

After work I went to the pub, bought a vindaloo and a carry out then sat in front of the TV. Half time it was still 0-0. Early in the second half Alan Smith got the faintest of touches to a free kick and we were 1 up. The clock was ticking down. We were seconds from heartbreak, seconds from seeing Liverpool crowned as champions after coming so close. But wait. A long ball was played through. Michael Thomas danced through the Liverpool defence. ‘It’s up for grabs now.’

Immortal words in the annals of football commentary, Thomas scores, he somersaults in front of the Gooners, we won the league, we won the league on Merseyside, we won the league on the Mersey, we won the league on Merseyside!!! You had to be there. I wasn’t and it hurt.

Liverpool were one minute from being hailed English Champions but we’re The Arsenal and we hung on, we believed and we did it. The only way we know how. We did it The Arsenal Way.


Indonesia friendlies

6 June - Malaysia (Surabaya)
11 June - Vietnam (Surabaya)

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Therdsak saves SAF

A last minute winner from Thai import Therdsak gave leaders SAF three points at Sengkang Punggol who must be gutted at losing such a valuable point right at the death.

Tampines beat Balestier 2-0 to keep the pressure on Home United

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Super Reds snatch late point

Two goal behind inside 30' Super Reds showed they are serious title challengers as they came from behind to earn a 2-2 draw at Jalan Besar against Woodlands Wellington.

1. SAFFC 13 10 2 1 38-14 32
2. Super Reds 13 10 2 1 26-12 32
3. Home U 14 9 2 3 40-18 29
4. Tampines 13 7 2 4 26-18 23

Tonight Tampines have the chance to put pressure on Home United when they travel to Toa Payah to play Balestier Khalsa. Victory would see them three points off the 3rd placed Protectors.

Friday, May 23, 2008


Home slip up

Home United spurned the chance to go back to the top of the SLeague last night as they surprisingly 1-0 at Gombak United thanks to a Obatola goal on 35'.

They stay in 3rd place, three points behind leaders SAFFC having played two games more. Interestingly they are only six points ahead of 4th placed Tampines who also have a game in hand.

The night before Sengkang Punggol give their long suffering fans a treat. They not only scored three goals, giving them five for the season after thirtenn games. They also only went and won for the first time this season.

They stay bottom with Balestier on eight points, three behind Dalian.

Tonight sees Super Reds take on Woodlands at Jalan Besar. Victory for the Koreans will see them leap frog SAF back to the top of the SLeague.


Persib promised a new stadium

Perisb Bandung are being promised a new stadium in Gunung Gede but as the Persib blog asks, is this anything more than just political hot air in an election year?

In other Persib news they are playing Sriwijaya in a friendly on 3rd June at their current stadium, Siliwangi.

They have also added Brazilian striker Evaldo Goncalves to their squad for the upcoming season. He arrives next month when he has finished his commitments to Malaysian side MyTeam where he has scored five goals.

He'd better prepare for a culture shock. With no disrespect to the MyTeam fans the Persib fans will make him feel like he is back in Brazil.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Malaysia coming to town?

A Malaysian newspaper is reporting their national team will play a friendly against Indonesia on June 7th in Jakarta.

FIFA has the game being played on the Friday, June 6th!

There is nothing yet on the Malaysian FA website about this fixture while the Indonesian FA, never the quickest when it comes to PR, have a friendly with Tajikistan slated for the 8th.

I have seen elsewhere that upcoming friendlies will be played in other cities, not Jakarta. Malang, Solo and Sleman have been mentioned as possible venues.

So there you have it. Just don't go making any arrangements you hear...


Indonesia v FC Bayern Munchen 1-5

The gulf in class between a young, untried Bayern team and Indonesia's national XI was evident for all to see at Bung Karno Stadium on Wednesday night.

On a bloody awful pitch badly damaged by some national holiday celebrations Bayern passed their way round their hosts and on to a comfortable victory.

In the early sparring the Germans looked comfortable in possession and the Indonesians found them difficult to break down and it was no surprise when Bruno Borges gave them the lead on 20 minutes. Three minutes later it was two when Jan Schlaudraff scored his first of what was to be a fine evening for him.

Indonesia broke with pace and threatened Oliver Kahn in the Bayern goal but their finishing let them down. First half Elie Aiboy, currently enjoying his second spell in Malaysia with Selangor, threatened down the right but too often captain Bambang Pamungkas, ironically sought by the Bavarians several years back, was isolated in the box as the midfield sought in vain to get up in support.

It was no surprise when Schlaudraff scored his second on 32 minutes and the small band of German fans settled back to enjoy a game that was effectively over in the first half hour.

A fourth certain goal was disallowed by the Singapore in perhaps the strangest decision of the night with the ball cannoning off Jendry in the Indonesian goal and Schlaudraff knocking home the rebound. Not sure how it could have been offside.

The second half was a stroll in the park. Oliver Khan was replaced by Michael Rensing. Elie Aiboy tantalised on a couple of occassions but he was visibly fading but Indonesia kept pressing forward and their tenacity was rewarded when Bambang scored on the hour mark. The crowd, as is their want, went crazy and did their bit to roar their team forward but the Germans were content to play keep ball in and around the half way line.

Two late goals by Schlaudraff and Toni Kross made it 5-1.

After the match Indonesian coach Benny Dollo was satisified with his team's performance while Bayern coach Ottmar Hitzfeld praised the preformance of Elie Aiboy. He also referred to the pitch saying it was ok as it had been a friendly but he would not have been happy had the game had any significance.

Indonesia: Jendry (Markus 67); Salampessy, Mahyadi (Fandy 26), Maman, Charis; Ponaryo, Syamsul, Elie Aiboy (Heru 80), Budi Sudarsono (Ian Luis Kabes 45), Firman Utina (Eka Ramdani 68); Bambang

Bayern Munchen: Khan (Rensing 45); Schlottner, Contento, Ottl, Borges; Kroos, Bopp (Pizzaro 89), Van Bommel, Ze Roberto (Taygun Kuru 89); Sosa (Simari 76), Shlaudraff (Rohracker 89)

Referee: Daud Abbas (Singapore)
Attendance: 60,000 or 65,000 or 75,000 (depending on which magazine you read)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Tracking down FC Bayern

The Bayern party, 18 players and 28 officials, arrived yesterday in Jakarta and in the afternoon held a coaching clinic. It was initially to be held at the Police Stadium so off I wobbles to find an empty stadium and a security gent who helpfully suggested we try Bung Karno.

We got stuck in traffic as crowds filled the stadium but not to see Bayern. The 100th anniversary of the nation's awakening. They were asleep before you see.

Obviously it wasn't going to be there so we then headed for the hotel where the team are staying. Front desk suggested we try Kuningan!

Lucky it was a holiday.

We arrived at Kuningan just in time to see the players board the team coach, job done.

Mine wasn't. I had hoped to talk to some of the players for an article on ESPN. My wife had wanted a picture with Oliver Khan.

I collared Andreas, the Bayern Supporters Co-ordinator and he was agreeable to a few beers.

Talk about cushty jobs. Talk about support.

The Chinese leg of Bayern's tour was cancelled and Andreas, along with other supporters who have made the journey east, will be returning west to catch the Bayern second team in action before heading to India for the final friendly!

In my German days I saw quite a bit of Bayern but Andreas has seen quite a bit more. He hasn't missed a game since 1990!

Monday, May 19, 2008


Happy Home

After a slight stutter recently in the SLeague Home United this evening put Dalian Shide to the sword winning 6-0 at Queenstown. Goals from Indra Sahdan 1' Shi Jiayi 30' Kengne Ludovick 50', 69' Valery Hiek 52' and Shahril Ishak 61' destroyed the Chinese newcomers.

Tampines also got three points, beating Gombak United 1-0 at Jurong.


SLeague returns

After a brief hiatus caused by the start of the Singapore Cup the SLeague returns tonight with a couple of games. Tampines could move within three points of Home should they beat Gombak United at their own Tampines Stadium but Home travel to Dalian Shide knowing they need to reinvigorate their season after successive home defeats.


Malaysia Cup draw

Group A

Negeri Sembilan

Group B

Kuala Lumpur

Group C

UPB MyTeam
Johor Pasir Gudang
Armed Forces

The cup kicks off 11 June and the top two teams from each group go through to the quarter finals along with the two best third placed sides. The quarters will be played August 5/6 with the second leg 9/10.

Semis are August 13/17 and the final August 23.

Kedah are the holders from last season while Selangor have won the famous trophy a record 31 times.

Should schedules allow I hope to see a game or two in this tournament.

I don't have the qualifying round schedule yet 'cos the FAM website is down at the moment.


Malaysian FA decide nothing

No surprises but a five hour gob fest to decide on a number of matters relating to the Champions Youth Cup and the future format of the Super League produced nothing except for this wonderful quote.

Last month, the FAM withdrew their support of the CYC after a fall out with Gifted Group who have a contract with the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) to run the event.
The FAM are unhappy that they were not given the task to run the tournament.
As a result, no FAM official turned up for the draw for the CYC tournament, which was held last month.
Khairy said FAM president Sultan Ahmad Shah would only make a decision upon receiving a documented statement from the organisers of the CYC, Gifted Group, over the handling of the technical aspects of the tournament.
“The Gifted Group have met the FAM president recently but no decision has been made, yet.
“We are not happy with the arrangement. How do you organise a football event in Malaysia when the FAM is not involved?” asked Khairy.

Answers on a postcard!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Persitara v Latin America Select 2-1

Ok so it was only a friendly but it's been a while since I'd been to a game and this had the added bonus of a new stadium, Tugu, in north Jakarta.

Useful run out for the home team while for the opponents it was an opportunity to put themselves in the shop window for any coaches still recruiting.

It had been announced recently that Persitara would be using Lebak Bulus for the upcoming season but I understand another venue may be announced soon. Tugu Stadium couldn't host pub league games, Kamal Muara has poor lights.

Watch this space...

On my trips recently to Singapore I was frequently asked about Itimi Dickson who last season spent six months with the Jakarta side. Coach Richard Azreg said he was interested in the player but his demands were excessive.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Average attendances in Indonesia

I'm always intrigued by where readers to this site come from and when I saw someone from The Roar I wanted to know what they were saying!

It seems they're discussing attendances in different leagues and someone asked about Indonesia so i'll do my best to answer them here...

Calculating attendance figures isn't the most exact science here and attendences are given in round numbers by the local media.

Persija sell out every home game with a capacity of 12,500. Bandung get more than 20,000 every home game while Sriwijaya averaged 35,000 in their last double winning season.

Arema Malang get over 30,000 most games while Deltras get about 20,000. Persis also got over 20,000 as did Persijap.

At the lower end of the scale last season Persikota pulled in about 4,000 if they were lucky while teams in Aceh, like PSSB, got about the same as did PSDS.


Kick off confusion

Yeah, confusion eh?
The Indonesian FA website are reporting the friendly between Indonesia and Bayern Munchen next Tuesday will kick off at 6pm.


Two clubs miss the cut

The upcoming Super Liga in Indonesia is temporarily down to 16 clubs after two clubs failed to meet the standards required.

There are five benchmarks clubs must satisfy to prove their professionalism: Infrastructure, Legal, Finances, Sporting and Administration.

With Persmin Minhasa and Persiter Ternate failing to meet the cut all eyes are on who will replace them.

PKT Bontang scored the best of the rest ahead of PSIS Semarang, Persebaya Surabaya, Semen Padang, PSS Sleman and Persis Solo.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Wenger backs Eboue

Taken from

Wenger - Why Eboue's critics are wide of the mark
By Chris Harris
Arsène Wenger has leapt to the defence of
Emmanuel Eboue amid criticism of the Ivorian's performances this season.
The 24-year-old has operated in a new position this term, moving forward from right back to right wing since the arrival of Bacary Sagna. Eboue's failure to find the net has prompted unfavourable comparisons with Cristiano Ronaldo, who eclipsed the 40-goal mark for Manchester United from a midfield role.
However, Wenger believes that Eboue's critics are wide of the mark. Speaking at a Q&A with shareholders last week the Frenchman insisted that, although Eboue's qualities are less eye-catching, they are no less important to his Arsenal side.
"If you look at the number of goals we scored you will see we are near the top of the League," said Wenger. "A team is first of all a balance, that's why I am not a fan of going into any individual case.
"You don't always play a player because he scores goals, you play him because he gives you a balance to the team. We play in a very attacking style and Eboue gives us defensive balance."
The Arsenal manager did make a comparison of his own - between Eboue and one of his illustrious predecessors on the right side of midfield.
"Ray Parlour did not score many goals on the right side of midfield," pointed out Wenger. "You look at the numbers and you will be surprised but for me he was a great player for Arsenal Football Club.
"You can not only go on the goals and assists, you must look at the efficiency of the whole team. That's why Ray Parlour was a great player for us and why Eboue helps us too.
"What counts is how many goals a team scores as a unit and how many chances we create. On that front we can compete with everybody in the League."

With the greatest respect Mr Wenger is missing the point. Certainly I have not questioned Eboue's goal scoring contribution. Rather:

- his passing
- his tackling
- his ball control
- his diving
- his attempts to con

Comparing Eboue with Parlour is like comparing a Lada with an Escort. Laughable.

To score a goal Eboue needs to get into a goal scoring positio. He then needs to try and control the ball if or when it comes near him. This he has failed to do on the rest of the pitch, no one expects him to get it right ever.

Wenger says he gives us defensive balance. The dummies among us might well wonder why then Sagna isn't pushed forward and Eboue drops back? (To the car park would be nice)

The Eboue situation I liken to Eddie McGoldrick years back under George Graham. A player who seems to all and sundry to be out of his depth and offering nothing to the team. If Rosicky is fit can we assume Eboue will keep his place to ensure 'balance'?

Wenger does come out with some old nonsense at times. After having Henry as captain for a few years he would glibly say the team has 11 captains. But then when we cashed in on him he announced Gallas would be captain 'cos he was French, sorry, 'cos he was a defender and defenders make the best captains!


Singapore League Cup Draw

With the preliminary stage of the Cup behind us now Singapore prepares for the League Cup which began last season.

Woodlands Wellington won the first version last season and will fancy their chances against Young Lions

Preliminary round (to be played 30 and 31 May; teams named first host match):

Super Reds vs Sengkang Punggol
Geylang United vs Balestier Khalsa
Dalian Shide Siwu vs Albirex Niigata FC
Woodlands Wellington vs Young Lions

Quarterfinals (to be played over two legs between 3 and 7 June; teams named first host first leg):

Home United vs Gombak United
SAFFC vs Geylang United / Balestier Khalsa
Woodlands Wellington / Young Lions vs Tampines Rovers
Super Reds / Sengkang Punggol vs Dalian Shide Siwu / Albirex Niigata FC

Semifinals (to be played over two legs between 9 and 13 June; teams named first host first leg):

Winners of Quarterfinal 1 vs Winners of Quarterfinal 3
Winners of Quarterfinal 2 vs Winners of Quarterfinal 4

3rd/4th placing match (to be played 16 Jun at Jalan Besar Stadium):

Loser of Semifinal 1 vs Loser of Semifinal 2

Grand final (to be played 16 Jun at Jalan Besar Stadium):
Winner of Semifinal 1 vs Winner of Semifinal 2


First Division

Indonesia's First Division is up and running to little media coverage. Under the new set up this is the 3rd tier on the game and is receiving little in the way of publicity even on the official website.

Not really going to bother with it though there are a few local teams and you never know...if I feel like it I may drag myself along to a game but don't hold your breath.

Local teams include:

Perserang Serang
PSKS Cilegon
PSB Bogor
Pro Duta Bandung
Perspasi Bekasi


East Java League

Well, it's either the Liga Java or the Piala Gubernor Java Timor. Cup or League? Sod it, I'll go with the title. Essentially it's a glorified, extended, pre season tournament split into three groups of four

Whatever they call the thing it kicks off today.


Arema v Persela
Persibo v Mitra Kukar


PON Jatim v Gresik United
Persisam v PSM


Persik v Persema
Persekabpas v PKT Bontang


Arema v Persibo
Persela v Mitra Kukar


Malaysia triumph over Singapore

Both Singapore sides, guaranteed passage to the next round of the AFC Cup, lost for the first time in their respective groups against Malaysian opposition.

SAF lost 2-0 at home to Perak with goals from Sofian and Jafaar while Kedah thumped Home United 4-1. Kengne Ludovick gave Home an early lead but two goals either side of half time had the Malaysian champions in the lead.

A spot kick on 59' by San Martin Arriagada made it three before the obligatory contribution from Marlon Alex James finished off the rout.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


An ASEAN Champions League?

With KTB and Nam Dinh being the whipping boys of the Asian Champions League is the time right for a rethink? Should South East Asian nations qualify for Asia's premier tournament when it seems patently clear they are not good enough?

While Singapore and Malaysian clubs can look forward to going into the hat for the next round of the AFC Cup, the Thais and Vietnamese will be licking their wounds. Against clubs from Australia, Japan, South Korea and China the days of BEC Tero and Thai Farmers Bank reaching the final seem never to be repeated.

Nam Dinh and Bin Duong, Vietnam's finest, have one point between them from their five games. KTB have some points but then they have played Nam Dinh and somehow managed to score nine against them at home.

Chonburi alone are doing ASEAN proud in a group that pits them against Gamba Osaka, Melbourne Victory and Chunnam Dragons.

With the AFC looking to raise the bar for admission to the Champions League it does seem that both Thailand and Vietnam will not be appearing in the near future as the organisers insist on more professional leagues and managements coupled with better infrastructure.

With these new benchmarks perhaps only clubs from Singapore can look forward to continental competition in the future. It is feasible that Indonesia could squeeze in alongside Malaysia but perhaps both are unlikely.

There is no doubt the likes of Persik benefited last season from competing in the Champions League alongside Sydney and Shanghai but can the same be said of SAF and Kedah playing teams from the Maldives and Hong Kong? You could imagine SAF beating Nam Dinh so why are they in a 'lower' competition?

Perhaps ASEAN needs to get involved in pushing football in the region with a united voice? Unlikely I know given the role politics plays in sports and how countries will always put their own interests first. Interests which have produced the likes of KTB and Nam Dinh.

Before the AFC turns round and says sorry guys, you just ain't good enough perhaps ASEAN should grab the bull by the horns and offer a solution that would esure the best teams in the region compete at the highest level while the rest can tackle the minnows.

The Singapore Cup is almost a surrogate ASEAN Cup with four teams from Thailand, Brunei and Cambodia competing alongside the SLeague sides.

Why not have an ASEAN Champions League run along similar lines but featuring the top teams from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand as well as one from Cambodia and Brunei.

Two groups of five, the top two in each group play off and the winners go into the ACL, the runners up in the AFC Cup.

Yes it means more games but hey! Welcome to success!

Easy, innit?

Not really! Countries in this region are very prickly about slights, intended or not, against their national honour and it is fanciful for someone like Vietnam to voluntarily concede their ACL places to an ASEAN 'brother'.

There are other hurdles to be cleared like setting aside time in congested, and overlapping seasons. Also perhaps domestic discontent as 'big' clubs ignore the local scene; but for ASEAN clubs to make a showing each and every year it needs concerted action like this.

It also needs money and that, as they say, is another story!


Rearranged friendlies

I mentioned yesterday a revised schedule for Indonesia and here are the dates.

27 May v Oman
6 June v Malaysia
11 June v Vietnam

No idea about venues yet. I guess much will depend on how embarrased the FA get when there are demonstrations next week against their inertia and inaction in face of potential FIFA sanctions all the while the head of the FA is doing porridge.

Woo woo. Malaysia and Vietnam. That will make a change.

Last January Indonesia drew 1-1 with Vietnam in the ASEAN Championships in Singapore while their last meeting with Malaysia also ended 1-1. This was in a Merdeka Cup game in 2006.

Of course this December sees the ASEAN Championships so they could all meet up again.

Little else you can do when the coffers are dry and people are busy covering their arses....


Intercontinental Cup

Malaysia's inaugral Inter Continental Cup kicks off tomorrow after both Argentina and Ghana dropped out. They have been replaced by Chile and Togo.

The hosts take on Ireland at MBPJ Stadium while in the first game Nigeria play Iraq at the same venue.


Sengkang score shock horror!

Sengkang Punggol came from behind last night against mighty Tampines Rovers to earn a draw after 90' when Zdravko Simic equalised Sutee's 21' opener.

But the shock of scoring their third goal was all too much for them and they fell out of the Singapore Cup in the Preliminary round.

They lost 4-3 on penalties.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Match fixing

Match fixing has been in the news recently as authorities in Malaysia have been investigating a few clubs there. I look at the disgrace that sees players 'throw' matches in this week's ESPN column.


Out with New Zealand and Tajikistan

Indonesia's previously announced friendlies against the Kiwis and Tajikistan have been pulled and been replaced with games against Malaysia and Vietnam.

I read that in today's paper. The FIFA website still has the old fixtures.

Oman are coming next week and play in 26 May


Singapore squad for World Cup Qualifiers

Lionel Lewis (Home United) Hassan Sunny (Tampines Rovers) Jasper Chan (Young Lions)
Baihakki Khaizan (Geylang United) Precious Emuejeraye (Gombak United) Sevki Sha'ban (Gombak United) Juma'at Jantan (Home United) Daniel Bennett (SAFFC) Shaiful Esah (SAFFC)Shariff Abdul Samat (Tampines Rovers) Afiq Yunos (Young Lions) Ismail Yunos (Young Lions)Mohamed Noh Rahman (Geylang United)
Shahril Ishak (Home United) Shi Jiayi (Home United) John Wilkinson (SAFFC) Muhammad Ridhuan Muhamad (Tampines Rovers) Fahrudin Mustafic (Tampines Rovers) Hariss Harun (Young Lions) Isa Halim (Young Lions)
Fazrul Nawaz (Geylang United) Indra Sahdan Daud (Home United) Aleksandar Duric (SAFFC)Khairul Amri (Young Lions)

Monday, May 12, 2008


Last gasp action at Yishun

With Choi Young Min giving the Super Reds an 89th minute lead earlier this evening you would imagine the fans would have been celebrating a last minute triumph in the Singapore Cup against Geylang United.

But Singapore has been specializing in last minute goals this season and this tie was no exception. Rastislav Belicak equalised on 90' and the game went into extra time.

Choi got the winner on 101'.


Bayern ticket prices

The prices for the prestige friendly between Indonesia and Bayern Munchen have been set as follows:


Next Wednesday's game is live on TV here but I have no idea when the kick off is.


Students triumph

For the second consecutive game in the Singapore Cup a Thai side overcame SLeague opponents. This time Bangkok University comfortably brushed aside Albirex Niigata 4-1 at Jurong East stadium.

With Tobacco Monopoly beating Gombak the night before it means both Thai sides have had winning starts but their test will come when they play the big boys in the cup

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Casmir interested in Indonesia again?

Reports locally have Agu Casmir, a naturalised Singaporean, in contract negotiations with Premier Liga side Persebaya Surabaya.

Casmir of course has some history with Indonesia.


Singapore Cup update

Woodlands Wellington v DPMM 1-0
Gombak United v TTM 0-1

Friday, May 09, 2008


Comfortable for SAF

SAF eased through to the next round of the Singapore Cup beating Balestier Khalsa 2-0 at their Warriors Arena. That means they are unbeaten at home for a very long time indeed.

Thursday, May 08, 2008


Thai woes in Champions League

KTB last night lost 8-1 to Japanese side Kashima Antlers in their 5th game of the group stages of this season's Champions League. The Bankers have conceded 24 goals but remarkably are not bottom thanks to their solitary 9-1 defeat of Nam Dinh.

Chonburi were as ever cheered on by a fanatical crowd at the Supachalasi Stadium in Bangkok but fell to two second half goals against Gamba Osaka.

The Thai teams of course were never going to win the trophy but Chonburi at least can hold their head high.

Druryfire asks some questions about the Thais' future in this competition in his Thai Football blog.


Malaysia announce squad

Malaysia have announced their Under 23 squad for the up coming Inter Continental Cup they are hosting.

Goalkeepers: Mohd Nasril Nourdin (Perak), Syed Adney Syed Hussein (UPB-MyTeam), Mohd Farizal Marlias (Shahzan Muda).

Defenders: Norhafiza Zamani Misbah (Pahang), Ahmad Azlan Zainal, S. Subramaniam (Perak), Mohd Nasriq Baharom (Selangor), Chun Keng Hong (Penang), Mohd Aidil Zafuan (Negeri Sembilan), Zairul Fitree Ishak (Kelantan), Mohd Daudso Jamaluddin, Sumardi Hajalan (Johor FC).

Midfielders: Mohd Shukor Adan, Safiq Rahim, Mohd Asraruddin Putra (Selangor), Azi Shahril Azmi (Perak), Mohd Khyril Muhymeen, Badrol Bakhtiar (Kedah), S. Kunalan, Shahurain Abu Samah (Negeri Sembilan), Mohd Bunyamin Umar, Mohd Zamri Chin (UPB-MyTeam).

Strikers: Mohd Safee Sali, Mohd Amirulhadi Zainal (Selangor), Mohd Zaquan Adha (Negeri Sembilan), Norsharul Idlan Talaha (UPB-MyTeam), Mohd Ashaari Shamsuddin (Terangganu).


Home back to winning ways

In last night's Singapore Cup tie Dalian Shide surprisingly took the lead against a recently put of sorts Home United but the Protectors fought back and how.

A five minute hat trick from Indra Sahdan plus a fourth on the hour mark and the obligitory Ludovick contribution saw Home run out 5-1 winners.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


The SLeague experience

I've just had my first column added to the SLeague website. In it I talk about the match experience in Singapore and fried chicken!

Check it out here


More bad news for Arsenal fans

With Flamini gone and Hleb runoured to be on his way it probably couldn't get much worse for Arsene Wenger. Adebayor isn't happy and Cesc is always being linked to Spain. Now comes news that Emmanuel Eboue is happy at the club and wants to stay.

The lot of an Arsenal fan ain't a happy one.


Another English season ends

So we come to the final week of a long old season, a season which for me ended in the North West with defeats at Old Trafford, twice, and Anfield. But, for once, this post isn’t going to be about our shortcomings.

I’m delighted to see Stoke City back in the big time. They used to be regular opponents of the Arsenal and indeed my earliest footballing memories were of Stoke as a big team. Two famous FA Cup semi finals against the Arsenal, beating Chelsea in the League Cup final in 1972 for their first and only honour, beating us 5-0. Banks, Pejic, Greenhoff, John Ritchie, those Potteries legends are still familiar to me even though we’re talking nearly 40 years ago!

They won’t last long in the Premier League so strong is the lure of the dollar there but I hope they give it a good go.

The season they won the cup was also the first season Derby County won the title. The Rams were to win it again three years later and even beat Real Madrid 5-1 in a famous night at the old Baseball Ground with Charlie George getting a hat trick. Derby of course today are no more than bit players and they go down in the record books at the worst ever team in Premier League history.

Still they have proud memories and traditions and a support that has put other clubs to shame. I remember seeing them in the old third division and they were still drawing 12,000 + back then. Now they go down to come back up they hope.

They had their own legends back then, the likes of Kevin Hector, Colin Boulton, Colin Todd, Roy McFarland. Where are their modern counterparts eh? Surely not every talented footballer is at home playing computer games? It can’t be that simple surely?

My first few seasons as a football fan saw Everton, Arsenal, Derby, Liverpool then Leeds become champions. Celtic and Rangers then, as now, dominated Scotland but in England, to me, it was far more exciting. Every year someone different.

Despite living in North London a while it wasn’t till I moved Aldershot way that I started going to games regular. Of course we have just seen the Shots rejoin the league 16years after they folded mid season. I was at their last couple of games and recall meeting, briefly, George Berry who also, if I remember correctly, played for Stoke the last time they played Arsenal in a league game.

I cut my terrace teeth on the East Bank at Aldershot and saw my first terrace violence there. Games against Watford and Crystal Palace got pretty tasty as did Swindon and Northampton in later years. Of course three of those teams went on to play in the Premier League while the Shots went out of business.

The football romantic in me hopes Hull City join Stoke in the Premier League. Hull is one of the largest cities in Europe to have never boasted a top tier football club. A friend of mine was a big Hull fan. He also lived in Berlin during the time of the Berlin wall. He used to go to every Hertha game, home and away, traveling on the only roads in and out of the former DDR. I was impressed by his selfless devotion and have ever looked out for Tigers results since then.

While the rest of the country, nay the world, gears up for this weekend’s title decider I care not whether Chelsea or Manchester United win it. Part of me would like the Blues to win it just to shut their moronic support up. ‘Bring back the special one’ indeed. But really I don’t care.

Other stories this season have given me more delight. Aldershot and Stoke’s resurrection prime examples. The likes of Barnsley, Cardiff, West Brom and Portsmouth reaching the FA Cup semi finals.

As we enter the close season the papers, bereft of copy, will take to making it up. Will Hleb follow Flamini out the Arsenal door? Don’t care either way. This team has been together three years and won nothing, breaking up isn’t hard to do, believe me. Get rid of the losers and bring in some winners.

As we wait for August to come round there is plenty to keep the Asian football fan busy. World Cup Qualifiers, Champions League, AFC Cup for starters. Liga Super in Indonesia, Malaysian Cup, SLeague plus their respective cup competitions. Football goes on but is the Asian football fan really interested? Perhaps they will just wait for European Championships to start.


Nervey days in Malaysia

Ah bless the FAM. They may be quick to invite the likes of Chelsea or Manchester United to come and visit but when it comes to their own league they act with a great deal of tardiness.

With the Super League and Premier League finished there is still no suggestion as to who will get promoted or who will get relegated.

Various suggestions are doing the rounds including a straight two up two down. But one story has it that the Super League will be increased to 14 clubs from the current 13. In this scenario just one club could be relegated, Sarawak who finished bottom.

But the Super may be expanded to 16 clubs in which case as well as KL Plus and Kuala Muda who finished second and first respectively, third placed Kelantan would go up and there would be no relegation.

Penang, who finished second bottom of the Super League aren't worried. Coach Mohamad Bakar says “we received a written statement sometime ago from the FAM stating that only the bottom side go down. Until being told otherwise, I stand by the belief that Penang will remain in the Super League.”

All this probably won't be decided until the FAM have their next gob fest 17th May. Till then nothing to do but twiddle their thumbs.

The obvious question, one would think, is why wasn't this sorted either pre season or at least before the end of the season?

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Young Lions v Phnom Penh Empire

Half time and it's 2-0 to the Singapore side with goals from Isa Halim and Yan Minghao.

And so it stayed despite Isa Halim seeing red at the death.

Tonight sees Dalian take on Home at Queenstown Stadium also in the Singapore Cup


ESPN column

A couple of things struck me over the weekend. One was this interview with Emmanuel Adebayor, the other seeing Kengne Ludovick at the bus stop after the Home United game. Put them together and you get this weeks column.


Up for the cup

Singapore Cup

The SLeague takes a back seat for the time being as attention turns to the four foreign teams that will be trying their hand in the Singapore Cup which kicks off tonight. Jalan Besar is the venue as Young Lions host Phnom Penh Empire from Cambodia. Tomorrow Singaporean based Chinese side Dalian Shide will hope to take advantage of Home United’s recent poor form when they meet at Queenstown Stadium.

On Thursday Sengkang Punggol, who can’t score for love nor money, just two all season and one of them courtesy of an opponents charity, take on Tampines who thumped four past Home last weekend. The next day has the Cup holders take on Balestier Khalsa who are undergoing a mini revival at the moment but will it be enough to overcome the mighy Warriors?

Thai side the romantically named Thai Tobacco Monopoly, give us a T…, try their hand against inconsistent Gombak United while next Sunday fellow Thais Bangkok University mix it with Albirex Niigata.

The last two ties has Super Reds take on Geylang United and Woodlands against the side from Brunei DPMM.

It may be the Singapore Cup by name but with seven sides either foreign based or foreign backed and sponsorship from across the causeway it is almost a mini Asian Cup.



BEC Tero stay top

In the clash of the top two in Thailand BEC Tero beat Chonburi 1-0 in Chonburi to go two points clear of the side from the Eastern Seaboard in front of a bumper crowd of 7,000 ++.

1. BEC Tero
2. Chonburi
3. TOT
4. PEA


Sengkang stalemate

After the weekends goal fest with 11 goals in two games the SLeague came back down to earth with a stalemate between Albirex Niigata were held 0-0 by Sengkang Punggol in a gmae that attracted more fans than the Home v Tampines clash!

Winless Sengkang are bottom of the SLeague with five points, and two goals, from their 12 games while Albirex climb to 9th.

Monday, May 05, 2008


SLeague top scorers

12 - Ludovick (Home United)
11 - Duric (SAF)
9 - Khairul Amri (Young Lions)
8 - Qiu Li (Tampines Rovers)


Negeri Sembilan secure second

In the final round of fixtures in the Super League Negeri Sembilan went to Shah Alam and beat Selangor 3-0 while Johor edged above the Red Giants after they beat Terengganu 2-1 with Walter Silva netting twice.

Champions Kedah lost 1-0 in the North West Derby to Perlis but who cares as they have been crowned Champions in consecutive seasons.

Pahang v Penang 0-0
PDRM V Sarawak 3-2
DPMM v Perak 2-1

1. Kedah 24 18 2 4 55-24 56
2. N.Sembilan 24 14 6 4 48-30 48
3. Johor 24 14 4 6 40-27 46
4. Selangor 24 14 3 7 46-36 45
5. Perak 24 13 2 9 46-34 41

It looks like Penang and Sarawak get relegated but I understand the for,at for next season has yet to be decided.

In the Premier League Kuala Muda beat KL Plus 3-2 to secure the title though if two teams get relegated from the Super League both will be mixing it with the big boys next season.


SLeague weekend

What a great weekend of action in Singapore. Saturday saw Home United fall at home for the second consecutive game, this time Tampines Rovers winning 4-2.

Two goals in a minute from Qiu Li had Tampines buzzing but goals from Indra on 21' and Naruphol on 54' helped Home crawl back into it. Li got his hat trick minutes after Naruphol's equaliser and then right at the death with his first touch sub Imran Sahib caught Lionel Lewis off his line and had Tampines fans going mental.

Last night saw Geylang entertain last season's double winners SAF at Bedok Stadium. A word of warning ... don't use the drink vending machines outside the stadium entrance! Bastards took a dollar of mine and gave me nothing in return...

As for the game, Geylang came into it on the back of three straight wins while SAF had been struggling of late. Murakami gave the visitors the lead on 35' and two quick goals from Alex Duric early in the second half looked to have wrapped up the points for the Warriors.

Two late goals from Luiz Machado Junior 72' and Masrezwan Masturi 77' set up a grand stand finale with SAF keeper Shahril Jantan tipping over on a couple of occasions.

Two great games, end to end stuff and great fn for a neutral like me. Perhaps less exciting for the coaches of Geylang and Home United who were left runing a pointless weekend and you can point the finger at defensive errors if you want to be picky but I don't.

1. Super Reds 12 10 1 1 24-10 31
2. SAF 12 9 2 1 35-13 29
3. Home 12 8 2 2 34-17 26
4. Tampines 12 6 2 4 25-18 20

Thanks to Pohui for introducing me to people and answering my daft questions!

Friday, May 02, 2008


Trinidad and Australia

No, this isn't an article about cricket.

Having had a fair amount of traffic recently about Adrian Trinidad it has just been announced he has signed for Perth Glory in the A League. Makes sense when you consider all the Googles from that WA city.

Perth coach David Mitchell, who played for Swindon and Rangers among others says:

“Adrian has great touch and loves to score goals, in every match I’ve seen he has been very dangerous in the front third, He is also a very clever player who can see things in the game that not a lot of people can and will certainly bring his team mates into the match.”

Trinidad's former Malaysian side KL Plus play tomorrow night in a game that if they win they become Malaysian Premier League champions but the Argentinian was reported injured for the game. Must be all that jet lag and contract signing eh? Enough to wear anyone out.

In the current season he hit 9 goals from 23 games.

Balikpapan to KL to Perth. Not a bad 18 months!


Frank Lampard

Sorry but how many more times must we hear about Frank Lampard's mother dying and how he is awesome for scoring a goal?

It's tragic when your mother passes away, I know, but do we really need all this stuff about Lampard's?


Adrian Trinidad

What's all the fuss lads?

The Argentinian now playing for KL Plus, though he is currently injured and will miss tomorrow's Premier League decider, is getting plenty of Googles at the moment especially from Perth, WA.

He started last season with Persiba where he performed well but he left after the first half of the season.


Persija's grounds for concern

After months of lobbying the Sports Minister for permission to use Bung Karno Stadium next season in the Liga Super Persija have finally been given the green light to use the 88,000 seater stadium.

When the club first applied to use the national stadium the response was a resounding no following crowd disturbances during a Play Off between Persija and Persipura which left one fan dead.

Having received permission to use the stadium instead of the 15,000 capacity Lebak Bulus there are now those within the club who are not so enthusiastic.

With clubs having to get serious about raising revenue from places beyond local government there is no doubt Persija need a new stadium. Their supporters club boast over 30,000 members and every home game is a sell out.

Fans are worried. They recall numerous instances of trouble at the stadium situated right in the heart of Jakarta's business district and are loathe to see any problems in and around the stadium given the absence of any meaningful security.

There is also the small matter of an appaling record at the nation's primary stadium which sees Persija winless in yonks.

I also understand some of the players are not too happy about playing there citing a lack of atmosphere. 30,000 in a stadium built for three times that will look a bit empty and with the pitch being so far from the fans there is a feeling the Jakmania factor could be diminished.

It is every Indonesian's dream to play at Bung Karno. Somehow using it for Liga games cheapens the impact.

All this serves to illustrate the dearth of quality stadia in Jakarta. It is nonsense that a city of god knows how many millions has one giant stadium, one pissy affair and nothing in between.

Plans to renovate Lebak Bulus came to nowt, now why ain't that a surprise, while talks persist of a purpose built stadium in Sunter, North Jakarta.

While the boonies of Indonesia boast impressive new arenas, Sleman, Sorerang, Botang, the major cities go without while bucks can always be found to build a new mall or apartment complex.


The race for the Premier League title

The final round of fixtures in the Malaysian Premier League, their second tier, is tomorrow and it promises to be awesome with two teams challenging for the title meet in Cheras. KL Plus lie second and victory over Kuala Muda will give them the championship. Both teams will feature in the Super League next season.


SLeague this weekend

Tonight sees Woodlands Wellington take on Young Lions at Jalan Besar knowing a victory would put them ahead of Tampines in 4th spot. Meanwhile Young Lions have struggled this season and currently lie 8th with 12 points from their 11 games. Their recent form sees them collecting just one win in their last 6 outings while their opponents have been looking good away with wins in their last two games on the road.

When I first saw the fixtures for SLeague 2008 I had this weekend down as a must visit. Both uniform clubs are in action against two of the more traditional clubs. First up tomorrow sees Home United take on a Tampines Rovers yet to really get their season going. Last Saturday of course Home lost their unbeaten record when they fell 2-1 at home to Balestier Khalsa but they were victious in the AFC Cup and hope to put their blip behind them.

SAF's blip could be causing concern for coach Richard Bok. Their victory away to Kitchee in the AFC Cup midweek was their first win in four games and the Warriors will be hoping to make up some ground on Super Reds. Sunday they travel to Geylang United who are on a roll having won their last three games. But the Eagles, along with Tampines, are way behind the high flying Super Reds, 15 and 14 points respectively, and both sides will be looking for surprise wins to allow them to make up some ground.

I'll be at both games and am really looking forward to them. With the two top scorers in the league as well as Geylang having the second worst defence it should rain goals. Shouldn't it?

1. Super Reds 12 10 1 1 24-10 31
2. SAF 11 8 2 1 32-11 26
3. Home United 11 8 2 1 32-13 26
4. Tampines 11 5 2 4 21-16 17
5. Geylang 11 5 1 5 15-21 16

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Chonburi go clear in Thailand

KTB beat Tobacco Monopoly 4-1 yesterday but they sit 5th five points behind the leaders Chonburi. PEA continued their recent impressive run beating Army 2-0 which sees them in 3rd place as they prepare to compete in the Singapore.

Osotspa lost 1-0 at home to the students of Bangkok University in a mid table clash while Coke Bang Phra drew 1-1 at home to Port, their second draw on the spin.

In a rare fixture not played in Bangkok Chonburi beat Nakhorn Pathom 2-0 with goals from Suka and Baga Jules. BEC Tero stay a point behind the Sharks after beating Bangkok Bank 2-1. The Bankers took the lead on 59' through Wuttisak but two late goals saved BEC. First Theerethep equalised on 81' then with two minutes on the clock Anant gave them the points.

TOT lost ground on the leaders drawing 0-0 with Customs while Samut Songkram beat Chula Sinthana 2-0.

1. Chonburi 10 6 4 0 12-4 22
2. BEC Tero 10 6 3 1 20-8 21
3. PEA 11 7 0 4 12-8 21
4. TOT 9 6 1 2 10-4 19


Good night in the AFC Cup

Home United v South China 4-1
Victory v Kedah 1-1

1. Home United 5 5 0 0 17-6 15
2. Kedah 5 3 1 1 9-7 10

Perak v New Radiant 3-0
Kitchee v SAF 0-2

1. SAF 5 4 1 0 16-2 13
2. Perak 5 3 1 1 11-10 10

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