Thursday, May 08, 2008


Thai woes in Champions League

KTB last night lost 8-1 to Japanese side Kashima Antlers in their 5th game of the group stages of this season's Champions League. The Bankers have conceded 24 goals but remarkably are not bottom thanks to their solitary 9-1 defeat of Nam Dinh.

Chonburi were as ever cheered on by a fanatical crowd at the Supachalasi Stadium in Bangkok but fell to two second half goals against Gamba Osaka.

The Thai teams of course were never going to win the trophy but Chonburi at least can hold their head high.

Druryfire asks some questions about the Thais' future in this competition in his Thai Football blog.

Going on the record of KTB, is it now time that ASEAN stepped in and created the ASEAN Cup that we are all crying for? Therefore improving performances of the region before moving onto getting whopped in AFC?

An ASEAN Cup with the semi-finalists making the Champions League would be sufficent to have the best from our region represented - we would then have maybe a Thai rep, a Singapore rep and remove the KTB's that are just not upto it on that stage
spot on. i ve been working towards a post about that for a while

if a singapre team reaches the afc cup final this year perhaps a case could be made for them being in the acl and not thailand who are probably living off past glories?

mind you chonburi have looked impressive.
I thinhk winners of AFC Cup get spot in ACL next year. But look at teams from Jordan winning it nearly every year and then don't get a chance at ACL, they must wonder why when they see Thai and Vietnam teams get thumped not just once but every other week.

Gernerally, i think we just need a regional tournement with the best few from that tournement be represented in ACL.

AFC could help organise it with ASEAN. I'm sure AFC would be happy as they could give ASEAN two spots, and then that leaves more spots for sides from japan / Korea which is what they really want. ASEAN sides also have a good tourny competing against each other.

End of the day, it would probably be like our current Singapore Cup but slightly bigger with more representati
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