Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Tracking down FC Bayern

The Bayern party, 18 players and 28 officials, arrived yesterday in Jakarta and in the afternoon held a coaching clinic. It was initially to be held at the Police Stadium so off I wobbles to find an empty stadium and a security gent who helpfully suggested we try Bung Karno.

We got stuck in traffic as crowds filled the stadium but not to see Bayern. The 100th anniversary of the nation's awakening. They were asleep before you see.

Obviously it wasn't going to be there so we then headed for the hotel where the team are staying. Front desk suggested we try Kuningan!

Lucky it was a holiday.

We arrived at Kuningan just in time to see the players board the team coach, job done.

Mine wasn't. I had hoped to talk to some of the players for an article on ESPN. My wife had wanted a picture with Oliver Khan.

I collared Andreas, the Bayern Supporters Co-ordinator and he was agreeable to a few beers.

Talk about cushty jobs. Talk about support.

The Chinese leg of Bayern's tour was cancelled and Andreas, along with other supporters who have made the journey east, will be returning west to catch the Bayern second team in action before heading to India for the final friendly!

In my German days I saw quite a bit of Bayern but Andreas has seen quite a bit more. He hasn't missed a game since 1990!

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