Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Nervey days in Malaysia

Ah bless the FAM. They may be quick to invite the likes of Chelsea or Manchester United to come and visit but when it comes to their own league they act with a great deal of tardiness.

With the Super League and Premier League finished there is still no suggestion as to who will get promoted or who will get relegated.

Various suggestions are doing the rounds including a straight two up two down. But one story has it that the Super League will be increased to 14 clubs from the current 13. In this scenario just one club could be relegated, Sarawak who finished bottom.

But the Super may be expanded to 16 clubs in which case as well as KL Plus and Kuala Muda who finished second and first respectively, third placed Kelantan would go up and there would be no relegation.

Penang, who finished second bottom of the Super League aren't worried. Coach Mohamad Bakar says “we received a written statement sometime ago from the FAM stating that only the bottom side go down. Until being told otherwise, I stand by the belief that Penang will remain in the Super League.”

All this probably won't be decided until the FAM have their next gob fest 17th May. Till then nothing to do but twiddle their thumbs.

The obvious question, one would think, is why wasn't this sorted either pre season or at least before the end of the season?

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