Saturday, May 17, 2008


Average attendances in Indonesia

I'm always intrigued by where readers to this site come from and when I saw someone from The Roar I wanted to know what they were saying!

It seems they're discussing attendances in different leagues and someone asked about Indonesia so i'll do my best to answer them here...

Calculating attendance figures isn't the most exact science here and attendences are given in round numbers by the local media.

Persija sell out every home game with a capacity of 12,500. Bandung get more than 20,000 every home game while Sriwijaya averaged 35,000 in their last double winning season.

Arema Malang get over 30,000 most games while Deltras get about 20,000. Persis also got over 20,000 as did Persijap.

At the lower end of the scale last season Persikota pulled in about 4,000 if they were lucky while teams in Aceh, like PSSB, got about the same as did PSDS.

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