Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Rearranged friendlies

I mentioned yesterday a revised schedule for Indonesia and here are the dates.

27 May v Oman
6 June v Malaysia
11 June v Vietnam

No idea about venues yet. I guess much will depend on how embarrased the FA get when there are demonstrations next week against their inertia and inaction in face of potential FIFA sanctions all the while the head of the FA is doing porridge.

Woo woo. Malaysia and Vietnam. That will make a change.

Last January Indonesia drew 1-1 with Vietnam in the ASEAN Championships in Singapore while their last meeting with Malaysia also ended 1-1. This was in a Merdeka Cup game in 2006.

Of course this December sees the ASEAN Championships so they could all meet up again.

Little else you can do when the coffers are dry and people are busy covering their arses....

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