Thursday, May 31, 2007


Hong Kong

Kicks off 7pm. Ticket prices are 10,000, 30,000 and 50,000 rupiah.

The last time the two teams met was in November 1999 in a Asian Cup Qualifier in Jakarta and Indonesia won 3-1

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Persitara North Jakarta v Persita Tangerang

I was looking forward to actually reporting on a game for a change but things ain't that simple, not in the wild and wacky world that is Indonesian football.

Apparently there was a meeting last night. At this meeting it was decided that this fixture would be played behind closed doors! Don't ask me why...perhaps there were incidents at the first leg. Anyway, the powers that be decreed and that was it. Or so they thought.

Today come kick off and a reasonable midweek crowd filled the Kamal Muara Stadium blissfully unaware they shouldn't actually be there. Perhaps the ban was imposed because this week is exam time at schools across the country. It's academic why the ban was imposed, they told no one about it! What's the bloody point of issuing such an order the night before the game? How the hell did they expect the message to get out? Semaphore??? Personally ring every fan? Post it on non existant club websites?

So on TV we had the unedifying picture of fans, who should have at least basic telepathy 101 so they can know about these things, sporting their club colours, singing their songs in a place they shouldn't be. We had players sitting on their bums on the grass - what would Arsene say about that eh? Get stretching lads! We had officials looking official and scratching their heads. It all looked pathetic to the nth degree and not a good advertisment for the game here.

Of course the paying fan will readily accept the explanation as to why the game was called off. The disappointed paying fan would wait politely for their angkot home. 6,000 disgruntled football fans milling the streets in Cengkareng. I'm sure glad I don't have to go to the airport today. I'm going in two weeks time. We're off to Germany, perhaps look at a few cuckoo clocks. Perhaps I should buy a few and bring them back here. To Cloud Cuckoo Land...


Hardline - The Jakmania

A few weeks back I mentioned the release of a movie about The Jakmania. It's actually a trilogy and will be screened from June 15th at TMI in Jakarta. Members of The Jakmania get discount.

English people with long memories may recall early documentaries about hooliganism in the 80's and this pretty much follows the same format. Working class kids with nothing to do, attach themsleves to their local team and unite against those who they perceive oppose them.

Every home game you see lads wearing t shirts bearing this slogan:

Gue cinta Jakarta


Gue anak Jakarta

Roughly I love Jakarta because I am a Jakarta lad/child.

But pockets of wealth in the city exclude them. If you see them at shopping malls they're probably the security guards or cleaners or ojek riders. A decent education is denied them because their parents lack the money to keep them through school. Even if they have the money to go to the best schools, the best malls, the best cafes, their dark skin is enough for 'sophisticated' folk to reach unconciously for their wallets or handbags.

I'm no sociologist but when people have very little, then they have little to lose. People with a stake in society don't, ususally, go a hooking and a whacking at the weekends. People with mortgages don't throw bricks.

These are the guys who provide the colour and passion that makes football here such a vivid spectacle. The downside is the frustrations of day to day living in narrow, dirty kampungs with no hope of escape also gets released at the football.

This movie comes from If you would like more information about it feel free to contact me and I'll pass it on to the guys who made it


Indonesia v Hong Kong

The Hong Kong team arrive today in Jakarta in preparation for Friday's international. Their squad is:

Goal keeper : Tse Taik Him, L Jan; Fan Chun Yip;

Defenders: Ambassa Guy Gerard, Li Hang Wui, Lee Wai Lun, Luk Koon Fong, Lo Kwan Ye, Cheng Su Wei, Cordeiro Cristiano Preigohadt, Chan Wai Ho;

Midfielders: Lo Kwan Yee, Law Chun Bong, Lo Chi Kwan, Leung Chung Fong, Man Pei Tak, Poon Man Tik, Szeto Man Chun, Au Yeung Yu Chung;

Forwards: Chu Siu Kei, Cheng Siu Wui, Sham Kwok Keung, Chan Siu Ki, Chan Mai Fai.

Defender Ambassa once upon a time was from Cameroon but has been plying his trade in Hong Kong the last few years and now is a natutalised Hong Konger. What that means when the PRC take over HK fully in 40 years I have no idea and is of no interest to me or this site. What is interesting is he spent some time with Persija Jakarta back in 2005.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


2nd Round Copa Indonesia

Persija Jakarta host PSIS Semarang Saturday 9th June, kick off 3.30.

The game will be shown live on ANTV


Action from Persija!


Copa Indonesia Update

Persipura Jayapura v Persido Donggala 7-0
Persis Solo v Persikabo Bogor 1-1 (Solo win 5-4 on penalties)
PSBS Bangkinang v PSDS Deli Serdang 0-1
PSM Makassar v Persin 3-0
Persigi Bali v Sidoarjo Deltras 1-2
Persiwa Wamena v Persita 1-0 (Wamena win on away goal)
Persela Lamongan v Persekabpas Pasuruan 1-0
PSMS Medan v Persibut Bungo 2-0
Gresik United v PPSM Magelang 1-0


Menteng Stadium, Jakarta

Before my time, Persija Jakarta played more in Central Jakarta at the Menteng Stadium. Indeed they were better known as Persija Jakarta Pusat. The stadium has now been demolished to be replaced by a public park and car park.

There is of course a dearth of stadiums in Jakarta, Indonesia wide to be fair. Bung Karno holds 100,000 and is too big for run of the mill league games. Lebuk Bulus is too small with a capacity of probably 12-15,000. Last season the capitals second club, Persitara Jakarta North played in Cilegon because their own Tugu Stadium was too small. This season they play in Cengkareng which is not in Jakarta at all but neighbouring Tangerang!


Saudi Arabia

A few weeks back the Saudis were expressing concern about the risks of bird flu in Indonesia. I guess it has been pointed out to them that your average 5 * hotel, even here in Jakarta, doesn't allow guests to keep chickens in their rooms so now the Saudis can concentrate on football. Of course here chicken has a whole different meaning and with this non feathered chicken while bird flu is no risk, perhaps what grunts used to colourfully call a short arm inspection might be the order of the day before kick off!

They have announced a training squad of 33 which will be whittled down later after friendlies in Turkey, Saudi and Singapore against world powerhouses such as Oman and North Korea. The coach, Brazilian Helios Angos, who I've never heard of, has selected these players, none of whom I've heard of either!

Walid Abdullah, Yasser Al Musalim, Assaf Al Garni, Hussain Suleimani, Kamel Al Mousa, Abdullah Shuhail, Ahmed Al Bahri, Ibrahim Sharhili, Ibrahim Hazazi, Walid Abd Rabu, Majed Al Amri, Usama Hawsawi, Usama Al Mowalad, Hamad Al Montashari, Redha Tukar, Taisir Al Jassim, Khaled Aziz, Saheb Al Abdulla, Omar Al Ghamdi, Saud Khariri, Ahmed Darwish, Ahmed Al Mousa, Mutaz Al Mousa, Abdo Autef, Mahmoud Al Shlhoub, Abdulrahman Al Qahtani, Yasser Al Qahtani, Malek Maaz, Saad Al Harthi, Naji Majrashi, Yusuf Al Sallem, Naser Al Shimrani, Saleh Bashir.

Saudi Arabia kick off their Asian Cup campaign against South Korea on 11th July, a game which has me so excited I'm thinking of going to see Woodlands Wellington take on Albirex in the S League!


Mixed Internationals

So while I continue to rant and rave about the lunacy that has the Indonesian full national team playing Singapore U 23 as preparation for the Asian Cup it's worth pointing out that just last year Indonesia sent their full team to play a friendly in Singapore against their U 23's.

Indonesia won 2-1 but I still stick to my guns. It's bloody daft!

Monday, May 28, 2007


Uzbekistan friendly?

A local sports magazine is saying Indonesia have added a friendly against Uzbekistan at Bung Karno, Jakarta on 6th June.


Arsenal in the Champions Youth Cup

Arsenal will be based in Alor Setar in the state of Kedah, a place famous for producing Malaysian Prime Ministers and have been drawn with Ajax, AC Milan and Flamengo.

8/8 v Ajax

10/8 - Flamengo

12/8 - AC Milan

Now it just so happens I will be in Malaysia for the last two games and I have never been to Alor Setar beyond the bus station.


The Champions Youth Cup

In some good news for beleaguered football fans in Malaysia FIFA have finally sanctioned this Youth tournament and it will go ahead August 5th till 19th across the country.

The featured Under 19 teams are AC Milan, Ajax Amsterdam, Arsenal, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Porto, Inter Milan, Juventus, Manchester United, Paris St Germain and PSV Eindhoven plus invited teams from Boca Juniors, Flamengo, Chelsea, Qatar and hosts Malaysia.

Games will be played at Alor Star, Kuching, Melaka and other places. There is a website but there isn't much on there at the moment!

It would have been great to see an Indonesian team entered but alas and alack 'tis not to be. I guess Persija Jakarta don't have the pull of Flamengo!

The draw can be found here


Well, that's that then


- In accordance with article 76 of the FIFA Statutes ('International matches and competitions'), the Football Association of Malaysia was instructed to cancel a friendly match against Manchester United that had been due to take place in Kuala Lumpur during the period of the AFC Asian Cup.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


26th May, 1989

Where to begin?

It had been a season of great promise, heartache, tragedy and it was fitting that it should end in high drama at Anfield, home of Liverpool FC, the dominant force in English football at the time. It was a season I could write a book about, even 18 years after the event and 18 years is an appropriate number. Before this night our last Championship had been 18 years earlier when we had won the Double. But the parallels are uncanny. Our final game of the season, away at our fiercest rivals. In 1971 it had been Tottenham. Ray Kennedy in the last minute. In 1989 it had been Mickey Thomas at Anfield. Both reared at The Arsenal. Both moved on to Liverpool shortly after. Both times we won the league in the last minute.

We'd started at Plough Lane, Wimbledon. How things have changed! Eleven Englishmen took too the field while we took over the ramshackle non league stadium. Wimbledon had just beaten Liverpool in the FA Cup Final, we were about to beat them to the title and on the August day we were buzzing. 5-1, Alan Smith scored a hat trick and we were on our way! Villa at Highbury brought us back to earth, we lost 3-2. A week later we were at the Lane where the Totts had made their season high profile pre season signings, Gazza and Paul Stewart, and were bigging themselves up but we knew it was all just hot air. It always was from up the Seven Sisters Road. Gazza lost a shoe but still scored but we won 3-2 and Villa was forgotten.

A week later the normally midl mannered Paul Davis took a whack at Southampton's Glenn Cockerill, a short sighted Glenn Hoddle, and broke his jaw. We couldn't win at home, 2-2 and Davo lost his chance of an England call up. Next up was a defeat at Hillsborough and after five games we had just one win. Hardly the form of Champions but things would change. We tore West Ham apart at Upton Park, 4-1, with Thomas and Rocastle sharing the goals from midfield with Smith and I got nicked(!).

The first weekend in November we travelled up the M1 to Nottingham. In those days Forest away was a regular event on the diary and nearly always a good day out. As ever we sat with the rest of our travelling support, in excess of 4,000 making a right old noise, totally unlike the Tarquins today. We won, 4-1 again, this time Adams and Bould getting among the goals. After the game the Gooners on the terraces were kept behind while we in the seats sneaked out. As we walked to the car through a misty Trent Bridge the remaining Arsenal fans' voice broke through the fog. 'Boring boring Arsenal.' It sounded wonderful and still sends a chill down my spine but then it was a busy season for my backbone.

We were on a roll. New Years' Eve saw us take our customary 000's to Villa Park and return with three goals and three points. We beat the Totts 2-0, went to the old Den and won 2-1, celebrating after the game amid a light shower of rocks and bottles. We slipped the escort and made our own way back to the station on those dark South London streets and I swaer we didn't speak again till we got north of the river! We tore Everton aprt at Goodison, one of our best performances of the season that even had the locals purring with delight.

A run of three games at home threatened to derail our campaign. Cloughie's Forest turned us over 3-1 and the one thing I remember was my stick insect like younger brother, occasional Forest fan, jumping up when Forest scored and banging his head on one of the fences that divided the Clock End in those days. Along come old bill and says do that again and I'll nick you! What, asks my incredulous brother, for hitting a fence? It was the only laugh of the day.

April took us to Old Trafford where George Graham tried something new. He brought Steve Bould in alongside Adams and O'Leary hoping Dixon and Winterburn could bomb on more. Adams scored twice, once for each time and the donkey legend was born.

Two weeks later I decided to take the day off from the game and go on the piss round London. On the train on the way back we got talking to a Forest fan who had been to the semi final at Hillsborough. To be fair, he didn't say much. Why should he? He'd just been to football and seen dozens die. It shouldn't be like that. Through our drunken state there for the grace of god...Luton, Oxford, Southampton...pokey terraces hemmed in by high fences.

For a couple of weeks football took the back seat. When it resumed we tonked Norwich 5-0 in a masterclass at Highbury and we could think of Championships again. Our game at Anfield was rescheduled till the end of May but we could use the same tickats and of course I had a ticket. Boro away and possibly our lowest away support of the seaon, perhaps 4,000, saw whoops a daisy Martin Haysey score his first of the season but how vital was it?

Perhaps it was academic. Next we lost at home to Derby. Then we drew at home to Wimbledon. All we had to do was go to Anfield and win by two clear goals. Something no one had done since Shankley used to go for morning jogs on the Mersy apparently.

The game was on a bastard Friday and my guvnor at the time wouldn't give me the day off. Some tosser was having a wedding the next day and we were short staffed. Forget it. I could have just gone and sacrificed my job but I wasn't ready to lok for a new one. I wanted out but on my terms. So the ticket, that precious piece of paper that had been sitting on my bedside cabinet for weeks was given to a mate. I could have flogged it on e bay if we had the net then but maybe it was a different time and we were less greedy. Or maybe a mate is a mate and you don't screw your mates.

I got pissed. I watched the game. I watched Alan Smith get the slightest of touches and we were 1 up. I sang with The Arsenal fans 200 miles up the M6, I groaned, I cheered. I kicked every ball as if I'd been there. As I had for most of the season. We break forward. It's up for grabs now! I still get the goose bumps 18 years on. Mickey Thomas did a quasi somersault. In my surbaban hell hole so did I. I rang may mates but of course there was no one home. They were at the match. There was just me at home looking for a party but my budgie wasn't interested. Round The Arsenal the party went on long into the night and there were still people hanging round the stadium when the players coach and the travel club returned from the long journey. 18 years of shit, of mid table oblivion, of Pat Howard, John Hawley and Steve Walford. Losing at York, at home to Walsall. Mickey Thomas wiped the slate clean in those few seconds and at last we could sing 'we are The Arsenal and we are the best' and the world would know it to be true.

After celebrating on my own for a while, and very sobering it was too, I went to bed. I hung my Arsenal flag in the bedroom window and tried to sleep. I couldn't, not much anyway. Next morning a neighbour from opposite came across. 'Please mister, can you get rid of the flag from your window?' I went to the wedding and the boss apologised but it was as fake as his tan. If I couldn't see my team when I wanted why stick around? I would leave and soon.

It was a different time then and I don't just mean 4 quid a ticket and tight shorts. That season we used 17 players and only one, Niall Quinn, was foreign! Nine had come through the youth ranks at The Arsenal.

What happened to:

John Lukic - born in Goalkeeper City, Chesterfield, Lukic started at Leeds where his understudy had been a lad named David Seaman. Lukic replaced the legendary Pat Jennings before being replaced by...Seaman in 1990. He returned to Leeds before returning to Arsenal again in 1996. Now does some coaching.

Lee Dixon - started his career at Burnely, he also played for Bury and Chester before moving to Stoke where The Arsenal signed him in '88. Are there no such gems today in the lower leagues? Now active in business and punditry.

Nigel Winterburn - another player who served his time in the lower leagues. Also does some punditry

Michael Thomas - one of several South London boys in that team Thomas now plays for a Liverpool Legends team which seems daft. Moved to Liverpool in '91.

Tony Adams - stayed at Arsenal donkey's years! Now assistant manager at Portsmouth but would love to manage Arsenal one day. So would I!

David O'Leary - 20 years at Arsenal! Went on to manage Leeds and Villa without any great success. Everyone involved at The Arsenal was happy for him as the title repaid his loyalty. He'd broken into the team at the same time as Brady and Stapleton but O'Leary had stayed.

Steve Bould - left in '99, now back on the coaching set up at The Arsenal

David Rocastle - left in '92, moved round a few clubs but never settled down after leaving The Arsenal. South London lad, he tragically died in 2001 but is still revered at The Arsenal...his name is regularly chanted at games home and away. RIP Rocky

Paul Davis - left in '95 after 18 years at the club. has kind of disappeared off the radar after a short spell as Gazza's assistant at Kettering.

Alan Smith - scored over 100 goals for the club, now moved on to journalism

Paul Merson - how do you replace this legend? With Dennis Bergkamp. The Merse was a true legend at the Arsenal, a scorer of great goals and possibly never better than in 91-92. Awesome player. A player fans could identify with, something you rarely see these days, Merse managed Walsall for a while. Now does some punditry

Brian Marwood - the whiniest voice on TV, Marwood had a couple of years at The Arsenal after years of oblivion in the lower leagues and gained a reputation as a whinger after he quit. Read his book! Scored many vital goals in the title winning season

Perry Groves - ginger haired winger low on talent, high on enthusiasm. Good, honest lad who released an autobiography last year that has outsold such media hyped prima donnas as Lampard, Ferdinand and Cashley Cole. The fans know the score...When not counting his royalties he works for a company owned by ex Manchester City and England strike Francis Lee

Martin Hayes - a bit part player, he disappeared after leaving The Arsenal. Now manager of Bishop's Stortford, a non league club with a long connection with The Arsenal. John Radford was involved there for many years.

Kevin Richardson - a real journeyman pro whose career took him round the houses after leaving Highbury, now coaching Sunderland's reserves.

Niall Quinn - moved onto Manchester City and Sunderland and now is now Chairman of Sunderland. A breath of fresh air in football, he has made his wedge but gives a lot back including charity work. Famous for this quote - "These are my people, you cannot treat them like that" to a member of Easyjet's staff at Cardiff airport after celebrating fans were made to leave the plane.

Gus Ceaser - made just a couple of appearances including replacing Adams at the Goodison Road massacre mentioned earlier. Think he maybe in Hong Kong now!

Friday, May 25, 2007


Erol Iba staying put?

I understand Persik Kediri's highly rated international Iba won't be moving to Sydney after the club baulked at his wages.

Rumour has it though other Australian clubs as well as teams in North East Asia having been sniffing round him after his strong performances in the ACL.


Agu Casmir (Gombak United & Singapore)

Agu Casmir is an interesting story. Born Nigerian, he took up Singapore nationality in 2004 and subsequently played for the national team. Last January it was reported he had signed for Persija Jakarta and collected a $20,000 signing on fee but he never turned up for training. Rumours placed him in Russia but a later story had him in Canada where he'd had enough of football and had only 'signed' for Persija too show he was worth big money! He finally returned to Singapore probably after deciding working for a living was too hard for him and he was suspended from the National Team for 12 months and fined $20,000 for acting like a pillock. So we have this guy who has done a runner, reneged on a contract and pocketed a signing on fee, he comes back and carries on playing as if nothing has happened and people wonder about footballers, wallets and egos! In the real world he'd be on the garbage heap...


Ticket sales v Hong Kong & Singapore

The Jakarta Post today, not on line, reports tickets will be available on the gate for Indonesia's forthcoming friendlies. Prices range from 10,000 rupiah ($1.10) to 50,000 rupiah ($5.50). If I understand this correctly 27,500 tickets will be available v Hong Kong.

These will be Indonesia's first home friendlies since god knows when but I'm guessing the crowds will be on the low side. Indonesia are notorious for their profligacy in front of goal while Singapore, apart from their cricket score against Laos in the recent ASEAN Football Championship (11-0) are hardly net bulgers either as their recent record shows.

OK, now I'm confused! The Singapore FA website is saying the game at Bung Karno is an Under 23 international friendly and their squad is detailed here. The Indonesian U-23 play their pointless final Olympic Qualifier on 6th June in Vietnam, what the hell are they doing arranging a friendly for when it's the big boys who need the practise?

Singapore U-23 Squad

Goalkeepers: Hassan Sunny (Geylang United), Jasper Chan (Young Lions)
Defenders: Sevki Sha’ban (Gombak United), Shahril Alias (Home United), Shaiful Esah, Hafiz Osman (both SAFFC), Shariff Samat (Tampines Rovers), Baihakki Khaizan, Ismail Yunos (both Young Lions)
Midfielders: Syed Thaha (Geylang United), Shahril Ishak (Home United), Ridhuan Muhamad (Tampines Rovers), Erwan Gunawan, Hariss Harun, Isa Halim, Ridhwan Jamaludin, Tengku Mushadad (all Young Lions)
Forwards: Agu Casmir (Gombak United), Goh Swee Swee (Home United), Fazrul Nawaz, Khairul Amri (both Young Lions)

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Indonesia v Manchester United and Ajax Amsterdam!!!

Well, not this year!

Apparently back in 1975, the year United got promoted from the old Division Two, they celebrated by coming to Indonesia to play in a triangular tournament Dutch giants Ajax Amsterdam.

On 1st June, a day after my wife was born in the same city, at Bung Karno a full strength United team drew 0-0 with the hosts. How full strength? At the time Tommy Docherty was putting together an exciting young team full of flair and they lined up like this:

Alex Stepney, Alex Forsyth, Arthur Albiston, Gerry Daly, Jimmy Nicholl, Jim McCalliog, Trevor Anderson, Sammy McIlroy, Stuart Pearson, David McCreery,. Tony Young was sub.

Ajax beat United 3-2 a couple of days later and then beat the hosts 4-1 to comfortably win the trophy.

This info comes from this website...


Copa Indonesia - some background

This season's Copa seems haphazard in it's organization so I thought I'd do some research and thanks to Atsushi Fujioka and Novan Herfiyana over at I learnt heaps.

Although the Copa started in 1985 this years version is only the 10th to have been organised. Indeed after a gap of several years it only started up again back in 2005 since when Arema Malang have held on to it in a vice like grip. I won't bother detailing all the name changes either but below follows is a list of winners and runners ups...

1985 Arseto Solo v Mercu Buana Medan 3-0
1986 Makassar Utama v NIAC Mitra Surabaya
1987 Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Palembang v Pelita Jaya Jakarta 2-0
1988 Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Palembang v Pelita Jaya Jakarta
1989 Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Bekasi v Pelita Jaya Jakarta 2-1
1992 Semen Padang v Arema Malang 1-0
1994 Gelora Dewata Denpaser
2005 Arema Malang v Persija Jakarta 4-3
2006 Arema Malang v Persipura Jayapura 2-0

A couple of trends emerge or perhaps illustrate the transient nature of football here. Pelita Jaya of course today play in Purwakarta but just a couple of years back were based in Cilegon! Where next one wonders? Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian moved from Palembang to Bekasi and back again! I have no idea about the '94 final, who the opponents were etc. I guess there was no match day programme available! And with appeareances in three of the last four finals you could say Arema have all the makings of a true Cup side!


Indonesia, Hong Kong and a nice pinkish coloured shirt

No team has been announced yet, but players have been in a training camp for a couple of weeks, nor have tickets details been made public but the Indonesian FA do have a very nice little banner detailing the forthcoming visit of Hong Kong, crowd pullers that they are! I did look on the Hong Kong FA site and found they had this squad in a training camp for the East Asian Football Championship Competition
Some of the players, see Bambang (l) and Satria (m), helped launch the new kit the other day and I'm hoping that is just a bad picture but the colour looks awful! It also looks like the other one they wors in the recent ASEAN Football Championships. I wonder if it will be available at any Nike outlet??!


Malaysia boleh?!

Is Malaysia fast becoming a laughing stock in Asian football circles?

For a start their national team went on a tour of Australia as part of their preparations for the Asian Cup which they are co hosting. In their first friendly they went down 2-0 to Sydney FC. Their second try out out wasn't much better as they made the trip to the Central Coast and lost 3-0 to the local team in front of 3,000. It's winter time in Austyralia, I wonder why they bothered going there to play a couple of club sides. Hardly ideal preparation you'd imagaine?

With such an embarrassing performance no wonder the authorities are scrambling for some positive headlines to glory in and what better than a visit of Manchester United? The cabinet no less has decided the game will go ahead and basically the AFC and the agreements with them can go to hell!

Fortunately it seems Manchester United are behaving far more sensibly. Their representatives are currently in KL meeting with various AFC and Cabinet officials and hope to decide one way or another today.

What a shambles! At a time when the national team should be preparing for this prestigious tournament they have been shunted off the back pages and out to some footballing outpost while politicians and officials bicker their way through the headlines. Malaysian football is the loser!


Sorry night for Indonesian football

The final round of fixtures in the group stage of the Asian Champions League illustrated the potential of Indonesia as well as just how far it has to go before it can become a serious player on a wider stage. 12 years ago the Thai Farmer’s Bank won the trophy in consecutive years but the game has changed heaps since then and it is unlikely any club will challenge the might of Arab and North East Asian countries without a severe influx of cold, hard cash.

Arema Malang played well enough at times at home to Korean side Chunnam Dragons. They had the chances, especially first half, to give their visitors a game. They didn’t take them. They lost.

The stand out fixture was between two of Asia’s potential glamour clubs. Urawa Diamonds required just a point at home to Sydney to secure qualification to the final 8 while the Australian debutants needed all three points to go through. The 0-0 draw wasn’t a classic. Far from it. But watching the game as a neutral, something I rarely do with English football these days a number of things struck me. Things that Indonesian football would do well to note.

First was the stadium. It was an impressive looking arena, expensive too! Fully covered. I contrasted that with Arema Malang’s place with 3 open terraces and a covered stand. Then there were the fans. Now obviously I can only go so far in comparing Japan and Indonesia. Both are archipelagos, both have large populations. And both have a fanatical football base. The well heeled Japanese fan, like his less well heeled Indonesian counterpart, sported club colours with pride. I imagine though that while the Urawa fan purchased direct from the club, here fans buy from street vendors with the result the club is missing out on a potentially huge revenue stream.

Then there was the game itself. It was a tight, disciplined affair with especially Urawa determined and dogged at the back. They had a game plan and they stuck to it. The result was king, nothing else mattered. Washington put in a lot of hard work, tracking back to help when needed, often ploughing a lone furrow up top. It was a performance that should be made essential viewing for any Indonesian coach.

We already know Indonesia has a long way to go. Next season sees local government money dry up. The Liga and Copa are both kept afloat with bucket loads of tobacco cash and that will one day dry up. Next weekend we have friendlies in preparation for the Asian Cup yet I have seen and heard nothing about ticket sales locally.

The Indonesian government has enough distractions. It is time for them to step aside and let the private sector take over football. It is the commercially minded who have the wherewithal to build successful brands. The atmosphere at the Urawa was no less impressive than a similarly sized Indonesian crowd and if only teams like Persik and Arema can compete on an equal footing with the best in Asia then I’m sure interest in the game domestically would increase.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Manokwari on Sundays...

I do like stories about Manokwari and this one could be fun.

Manokwari prouds itself as the entry point of Christianity into Papua when a couple of Germans landed on a nearby island and started telling the locals about their mission.

150 years on and the local council are looking to forever remember that moment by making Manokwari a Bible City. What does this mean? Dunno really but one thing would be to make Sunday purely a day of rest. The only activities would be spiritual, like recovering from hangover and going to church. Which of course begs the question. Would local team Perseman Manokwari be allowed to play Liga Indonesia games or would they be forced to play Saturdays only? I don't suppose it worries many people but we are in the quiet season at the moment and news is a little short these days...


Emmanuel de Porras

More rumours the Argentinian forward is keen on a move back to Indonesia.

Monday, May 21, 2007


Copa Indonesia

Semen Padang won through 6-3 on aggregate against PSKPS Padang Sidempuan which is a relief. Buggered if I'm gonna write all that out for the rest of the season! Give me a P...

PSSB Bireuen beat Persih Tembilihan 6-1 on aggregate. Here's some useless info for you. Persih went to Singapore pre season, an overseas tour by an Indonesian club! They played Tampines Rovers and Baleister in Feb 07.

Sriwijaya squeezed past city rivals PS Palembang 5-4 while PSS Sleman just got by against Persikad Depok District 4-3 after being held 2-2.

Perserang Serang held Pelita Jaya 1-1 but Pelita go through thanks to their 1-0 victory in the first leg.

Arema Malang, the holders and bidding for a hat trick of cup successes, beat Persiba Bantul 2-1.

Balikpapan scored three without reply at home to Persipare Pare Pare to go through 4-0 on aggregate while Persiter Ternate have a slight 1-0 lead to take to Persiwa Wamena.

Tomorrow sees Persebaya Surabaya host Persema Malang while Wednesday has Persita Tangerang play Persitara North Jakarta


Adrian Trinidad (Persiba Balikpapan)

One name that has featured prominently on the goalscoring charts during the first half of the season is Adrian Trinidad.

This 24 year old Argentinian is in his first season with the Borneo club but is no stranger to Indonesian football.

His career started in Argentina with Flandria with whom he had two spells. Sandwiched between these was a two year stint at the better known Independiente.

In 2005 he found himself at Persepura Jayapura but he missed out on their success of that season by moving to Persema Malang.

Unusually for a foreigner plying his trade here, Adrian is still to reach his peak. Could he get a call up for the Argentine national side?


Indonesian Football Online

I've been meaning to add something like this for a while. A post that tries to bring together much of what there is about the game here.

We'll start from the top. What little direction there is comes from the Indonesian FA, locally called
PSSI. They have a dual language website though not regularly updated. And the Indonesian stories aren't always translated into English. The Liga Indonesia is run by Baden Liga Indonesia and their website is erratic and unreliable. For the Copa Indoneisa, check out the sponsors web site. Being run by a private company it's the best of the bunch.

Few clubs have their own sites. What there are tend to be unofficial fan sites. Of course Persija Jakarta have
Jakmania. I may have mentioned that once ot twice! One team with a large cyber footprint is Persib Bandung. Where to begin? (Everything is in Indonesian I'm afraid!)

Plus there's more! There's a fan shop
here and another fan's site here and here! Add this to the tabloids and magazine I mentioned before and it appears Persib Bandung are streets ahead of other clubs here in keeping fans connected with the club. They even have video highlights here.

Possibly the best footballing team in the country are Persik Kediri, a provincial town miles from nowhere. They may have many trophies but just the one fan site that I've come across.

Also from East Java, Arema Malang's fans are as fanatical as they come in Indonesia. Being a privately run club they actually have their own official website. Thier Aremania can be found here. There's also an Arema blog and another one . The other Malang team, the far less glamorous Persema Malang have their own site as well.

Sedate Semarang are one of the better run local government clubs. They have an official website here. Their Panser Biru Supporter's Club have their own web presence.

Back in East Java Persebaya Surabaya's fans may have a notorious reputation but some have them have put together a decent enough fansite called, appropriately enough, Bonek... as well as the obligatory blog.

More local Persita Tangerang's main Supporter's Club are Viola Xtrim. City neighbours Persikota Tangerang City have this slow to open site. In fact it didn't open for me. Just a green background...

Undoubtedly the biggest club in Sulawesi is PSM Makassar and the best I could find for them was here.

PSS Sleman not only have a nice new stadium that will host an International in the run up to the Asian Cup, their fans' site is pretty nifty too! Another one here.

Up in East Borneo, or Kalimantan as is now, PKT Bontang, another privately run club, have their own site. Near neighbours Persiba Balikpapan offer up this blog as well as this little gem.

PSIM Yogyakarta may have been embarrassed recently in the Copa Indonesia but their fans have put together a nice enough site.

Up on Sumatra, Sriwijaya FC, based in Palembang, have this official website. Their colourful fans can be found here. There's some Medan stuff out there as well. Kampak FC is one.

Original spice island Persiter Ternate have one as well. Did you know their goalkeeping coach is known as Hans Stroyer! Go on, guess his nickname... be continued ...

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Copa Indonesia giantkilling

First Division Persikasi Bekasi knocked out PSIM Yogyakarta after penalties. Both legs had finished 2-1 to the home side but the team from near Jakarta triumphed.

PSBL Langsa beat Persikota Tangerang City 3-1 in the second leg after the first leg finished 0-0. Actually that's not really a sensation given City's abject form this season.

Banda Aceh fell to Silgi 4-3 on aggregate, losing the second leg 3-1 away.


FA Cup Final, Champions League ... Asian Cup?

English football no doubt is feeling bloody chuffed with itself at the moment. Three teams reached the Champions League semis, Manchester United with the 3 musketeers, Ronaldo, Rooney and Ryan Giggs, have swept all before them domestically and even become popular again, at the expensive of Chelsea's deep pockets. Ousted politicians have been sniffing round habitual Snow Whites Manchester City, perhaps Thaksin's millions will mean City can finally go to the ball. The coffers are bursting at the seams and papers daily are linking anybody with everybody though I note no club has yet been linked with the spectacularly unsuccessful Frank Seator. Hell, even a nonsense tour of Malaysia has got their PM all hot and bothered and sod the consequences with their own game.

Yep, domestic English football with its Russian money, Spanish managers and French artists is the envy of the world and the world only has eyes for the Big 4. Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and newbies Chelsea.

This week I picked up my copy of Bola, the local sports tabloid. This special edition was wrapped in a colour poster featuring this weekend's Cup Final protaganists. The pages are filled with info about the New Wembley. And the old Wembley. And WAGS ffs!

Tucked away on an 8 page insert, almost as an afterthought, is the local football. We're in the middle of the 1st round of the Copa Indonesia, the Asian Cup, majestically spread across 4 countries, kicks off in 7 weeks but the world, at least as decided by sports editors, are more interested in the antics of Messers Cole and Rooney's other halfs.

The Asian Cup is I take it the showpiece of Asian football. A shop window for talents to show off their skills to scouts from where the money is. And indeed it has made headlines recently. But beyond that petty squabble there seems precious little being done to promote this gala event. I live in Jakarta and I promise you when I talk football with people and we move beyond the usual moronic Big 4 stuff not many are aware Jakarta is hosting some of the games. The few that do have no idea where to buy tickets; sorry but e-commerce hasn't caught on here yet. And Nike, who are providing Indonesia's playing kit have closed their flagship outlet in Plaza Senayen for renovation!

A few months back we were treated to the Champions League trophy doing a whistle stop tour of Asia. What if anything did the AFC learn from this? Many people like European football? People know zilch about Asian football? The Asian Champions League trophy would go on a similar tour? The Asian Cup likewise? They would be paraded round the moneyed malls of Asia to help promote these prestigious events to a football mad affluent class? Err, no, actually nothing seems to have been done beyond bleating that Manchester United threatened to steal their thunder and headlines.

Football can't sit back and say no one helps us when they are doing little to help themselves. Given a choice between watching Uzbekistan against Iran or Manchester United what are most people gooing to choose? The AFC needs to get out there and market this tournament in a professional manner, appealling to a new breed of supporter. Millions will watch it on TV but having row upon row of empty seats in cavernous stadiums will leave only negative impressions on fans, and potential fans here.


First Division Update

The 4 group leaders are:

PSPS Pekanbaru
Persibat Batang
Persid Jember
Persisam Samarinda

Wanderson de Silva is the top scorer so far with 6 for second place PSAP Sigli who beat Banda Aceh in the Copa Indonesia recently.

This weekend sees PSB Bogor host Persikab Bandung in the Puncak Derby. I'm saying nothing. In the last week I should have gone to see Tangerang City play PSBL Langsa, 0-0, and Indonesia U 23 v Oman U 23, 2-1, but saw nothing. Nothing at all!


Mursyid Effendi (Persabaya Surabaya)

For anywhere in the world staying with your local club for 15 years is a rare thing. Especially in Indonesia where players seem to spend more time packing their bags than kicking a ball around. Which makes Effendi a bit special. He was born in Surabaya, a true boyo arek, in 1972. He joined his boyhood club in 1992 and he has been there ever since.

His trophy cabinet is a bit on the light side, just a couple of Championships and First Division gongs from an eventful career. Three of them have come in the last 4 years as Surabaya have experienced a yoyo time between the 2 divisions.

Wonder if he got a testimonial?


PSIR Rembang v Persija Jakarta

2-0 up from the first leg, Jakarta traveled to first division Rembang looking to secure passage through to the next round of the cup.

Man mountain Abanda scored to make the game safe and send the 250 travelling Jakmania home happy. Long drive that and some bloody awful roads along the way!

Next round Persija play someone else!

Update: Persija will play PSIS Semarang but don't know where, don't know when

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Persikab Bandung District v PSIS Semarang

Odd, this First Round Second Leg game.

There's next to no fans there but that's not what caught my eye. No, the pitch. It looks billiard smooth. A verdant carpet fully bladed. Not only that, bear in mind it's 5 pm in's not raining!

Whoops!!! Bandung...

Add them together of course and it means there isn't a whole to report!

0-0 after 75 minutes.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Will they, won't they

This whole Manchester United trip to Malaysia is one long yawn but you can't help feeling Malaysia have made a pig's ear of it.

Is it on or not? I've lost track but you do wonder who controls football in Malaysia. Is it the Government or is it the Football Association? Last week the FAM sheepishly cancelled the game but then the PM Badawi turned around and said oh no the game is still on and who cares about the agreement with the AFC (which might have potential investors scratching their wallets). Now the FAM are following the Government's lead blindly.Which begs the question why have FAM at all? Just have the Government run football.

Of course the Man Utd Advertising Roadshow will be popular and a big attraction to the thousands of armchair fans that fill the country. And of course watching an even under strength team from Manchester would be of more interest to many than the Asian Cup but the AFC have a duty to develop Asian football and the Asian Cup is their flagship event. It is also up to them to market the bloody thing. United are gagging to get over here, mention Asia and their marketing men go all gooey, but surely it was not beyond the whit and wisdom of the people involved to schedule it after the Cup? But of course that would mean the disparate Malaysian bodies communicating and ...


Persija Jakarta have the upper hand

Monday night saw Jakarta beat First Division PSIR Rembang 2-0. Goals from Tayo, who could be on his way out according to strong rumours, and Agus gave the Kemayoran Tigers an advantage ahead of the second leg on Thursday.

Rembang is a town on the North Coast of Java just beyond Semarang. The Jakmania are running transport to the game that leaves at 3pm tomorrow. 30,000 IDR / 70,000 IDR members/non members.

Not that I'm going!

Tomorrow sees Indonesia U 23 host Oman U 23 in the Olympic Qualifiers and if ever there was a pointless game it is this one. Indonesia have a massive zero points from 4 games and have no chance of qualifiying. The crowd will be pants but I have the next day off and I fancy a few beers...

Monday, May 14, 2007


Perseman Manokwari v Persabaya Surabaya

Surabaya continued their dreadful away run crashing 4-1 at Manokwari for who Christopher Wreh scored twice.


First round scores so far

These games are 1st leg

Padang v Padang Sidempuan 5-0
Sigli v Banda Aceh 3-0
Semerang v Bandung District 1-0
Tangerang City v PSBL Langsa 0-0
Yogyakarta v Bekasi 2-1
Sleman v Depok District 2-1
Pelita Jaya v Serang 1-0
PSB Bogor v Jepara 0-0
Permalra Tual v Persma Manado 4-0
Persipare Pare Pare v Balikpapan 0-1
Persibom v Mitra Kukar 2-0


It's more than a game of football

I played football on Friday. Well, perhaps play is a bit too much. I puffed and wheezed myself through 60 minutes on a full size pitch giving myself a roving role as far from the ball as I could get without giving the impression I was shirking. One brief surge saw me work the keeper, either side and it would have been a goal but my pace isn't what it was when I was 13.

I was the only foreigner among two teams full of Indonesians. One lad had an Arema Malang shirt on, the rest sported Man Utd, England, AC Milan shirts. Same old same old. Before the game as I was slipping on my Reebok trainers one kid asked me why I wasn't wearing Nike? After all, Nike were Arsenal and I supported Arsenal. Did it mean I also liked Bolton? Did it heck as like, chuck! I turned off my mobile. Aah, our sharp eyed hanger on jumped in quick. Samsung! Does that mean you also like Chelsea?

These are not isolated observations. Many's the time I've been questioned about the brands I have and people are genuinely surprised when I tell them no, I ain't flying to the UK with Emirates! But for the marketing men behind today's English football they must be clinking their perenially full champagne glasses in glee. Product identification among 15-30 years old in my area of Jakarta is strong as is the potential for product loyalty.

Which of course segues nicely with Manchester United's proposed marketing jaunt round Asia. While they and Nike will be looking at increased shirt sales, is there a new one on the horizon?, their latest shirt sponsor, some insurance group, will be using the trip to piggy back their way into the nascent Asian market.


Indonesian Cup 1st Round

These games are being played home and away and started yesterday! Both legs should be finished by the end of the month.

Zone I
PSMS Medan vs Persibut Bungo
Semen Padang vs PSKPS Padang Sidempuan
Persita Tangerang vs North Jakarta
PSBS Bangkinang/PSPS Pakanbaru vs PSDS Deli Serdang
PSAP Sigli vs Persiraja Banda Aceh
Persikota Tangerang vs PSBL Langsa
PSSB Bireuen vs Persih Tembilahan
Sriwijaya FC vs PS Palembang

Zone II
Persija Jakarta vs PSIR Rembang
PSIS Semarang vs Persikab Bandung District
Persikabo Bogor District vs Persis Solo
PSIM Jogyakarta vs Persipasi Bekasi
PSS Sleman vs Persikad Depok District
Pelita Jaya vs Perserang Serang
PSB Bogor vs Persijap Jepara
Persib Bandung vs Persik Kendal

Zone III
Persik Kediri vs Persibo Bojonegoro
Gresik United vs PPSM Magelang
Persebaya Surabaya vs Persema Malang
Deltras Sidoarjo vs Persegi Bali FC
PKT Bontang vs Persewangi Banyuwangi
Persipon Pontianak vs Perst Tabanan
Persela Lamongan vs Persekabpas Pasuruan
Arema Malang vs Persiba Bantul

Zone IV
PSM Makassar vs Persin Sinjai
Persiter Ternate vs Persiwa Wamena
Persibom Bolman vs PS Mitra Kukar
Permalra Tual vs Persma Manado
Persipare Pare-Pare vs Persiba Balikpapan
Gaspa Palopo vs Perseman Manokwari
Persmin Minahasa vs Persidafon Dafonsoro
Persipura Jayapura vs Persido Donggala.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


This weekend

OK I'm slowly making sense of this weekend's cup games. There's a couple of games on the morrow local to me.

PSB Bogor host Perserang Serang. As the crow flies I live mid way between these two towns but the Jakarta road network wasn't decided by crows. More's the pity I say.

More likely is Persikota Tangerang City v PSBL Langsa.

Of course with Persik Kediri playing Arema Malang and the game being shown live on TV it's a no brainer but the game is live on a channel I don't get.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Indonesian Cup

The following clubs qualified from the group stage and go through to the first round.

PSBL Langsa
Bandung District
PPSM Sakiti Magelang
Gresik United
Tabanan Bali
Persibo Bojonegoro
Persidafon Jayapura
Mitra Kukar
Pare Pare

Now you know! I on the other hand have no idea who is playing who beyond :

Persib Bandung v Persik Kendal
Persija Jakarta v PSIR Rembang
Persita Tangerang v Persitara Jakarta North
Persikabo Bogor District v Persis Solo
Persebaya Surabaya v Persema Malang
Persekabpas Pasuruan District v Persela Lamongan
Persiter Ternate v Persiwa Wamena

And Sunday ses the curtain raiser, the Charity Shield if you like, between Arema malang and Persik Kediri at Sidoarjo Delta Stadium

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Persik Kediri v Urawa Reds 3-3

Persik don't do defence!

With striking options that include Gonzalez and Sardosono being prompted by the midfield guile of Fagundez and Danilo the White Tigers just aren't equipped for holding a lead. They will always seek to extend it. With Erol Iba bombing down the wing you always fancy Kediri to score.

Today they did themselves proud against the highly fancied Japanese in a ding dong affair in Solo that leaves both teams with a point they would rather not have.

The vistors took the lead. Kediri equalised. Kediri took the league. Urawa equalised. Urawa took the lead. Kediri equalised. Both teams will feel they lost two points, both teams will be relieved they didn't lose. And people watching the game will wonder what all the fuss is about Manchester United cancelling their Malaysian game. This game pissed all over the recent Champions League semi final between Liverpool and Chelsea and while purists (whoever or whatever they maybe) fret over defensive errors it was end to end stuff played in front of a vocal crowd on a bumpy pitch and it was great fun.


Sudarsono with 83 minutes on the clock.

Budi Sudarsono comes on as Kediri defend a corner. They don't defend it and Urawa are 3-2 up

Since Urawa equalised it's been all one way traffic as the Japanese, inspired by Ponte, look to take 3 points home.

Persik are struggling to get in the game


Nice goal from Ponte on the turn



Half time

Are we in for a giant killing?

2-1 Persik and they're looking good value. But 45 minutes is a long time in football Brian

Kediri take the lead!!!

Gonzalez with a cracking shot across the keeper



Persik Kediri v Urawa Reds

Eventful early on!

Urawa took an early lead then Gonzalez had what looked a sure fire penalty turned down, getting a yellow for diving I guess.

Then Kediri get a soft penalty and are back in the game. Gonzalez making it 1-1.

Moments later Shinji Ono had a goal disallowed.


Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Malaysia drop Manchester United

Under pressure from the AFC and FIFA Malaysia have cancelled their friendly against Manchester United in July. Despite having signed an agreement pledging not to schedule other games during the Asian Cup the Malaysian government went and organisied the United game as a highlight of Visit Malaysia Year and the 50th anniversary of independance. Of course for United their aim was not to help commerate these events. They had their eye on some beaches and selling more shirts; adding Malaysia to Japan, Korea and China was a no brainer.

Monday, May 07, 2007


Manchester United, Valencia and the Asian Cup

Manchester United have lined up an Asian tour that includes a date in Kuala Lumpur on 27th July. Malaysia of course are one of the hosts of the Asian Cup and the 4 hosts, the others are Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand had agreed not to engage in any other footballing activities for a period of 10 days before, during and 3 days after the tournament.

Valencia too may have upset the AFC with their 3 day trip to Jakarta that has seen a match pencilled in for the day after the Final at the same stadium. Obviously both visits fall foul of the agreement.

I'm English but to me surely the aim of the AFC is too promote Asian football. But what of the local FA's? Visits from Manchester United would be a boost to the pockets of the Malaysian FA but surely they should be devoting their energies into promoting the showpiece Asian Cup? It is surely in the long term interests of the game here to have youngsters getting interested in Malaysia's forward line (dunno who they are!!) rather than seeing apathetic overpaid primadonnas strutting their stuff for the cameras but barely breaking into a sweat on the pitch.

Things are slightly different here in Indonesia. Fans here have been so starved of any kind of top level football that some people have expressed a desire in seeing the Asian Cup. Valencia is just the icing on the cake. But even so the focus should be on the local stuff and having Valencia's players being photographed at Plaza Indonesia just isn't doing Bambang & Co any favours.

You could argue the market should be allowed to decide who they wanted to see but as I said earlier the local FA's have their own brief and that is to develop local football. Double booking European clubs during this showpiece gathering suggests that maybe their hearts aren't really in their jobs.


A round up

This week sees Persik Kediri hosting Urawa Reds in the ACL. Well, when I say hosting it's being played in Solo. Victory could see them go top depending on how Sydney fare against Shanghai. It would be great to see the White Tigers go through but their negative goal difference and feeble record on the road counts against them.

Arema meanwhile go to Kawasaki Frontale but lying 6 points off the Japanese side they have no chance of going through. Well, they have a mathematical chance but really I have more chance of being seduced by Britney Spears on a gondola in Venice.

The Indonesian Cup kicks off Wednesday. A bit of a local derby I guess sees Krakatau Steel play Serang while Bandung District go to Kuningan. Persida Sidoarjo from the southern Surabaya 'burbs welcome Gresik United from the northern 'burbs. Also in East Java Jember make the short trip to coastal Banyuwangi.

One final league game sees Surabaya travel to Manokwari on Thursday. A bottom 4 clash, a point for Surabaya would see them climb out of the relegation zone but till now they have nothing from their road trips and to be fair Manokwari have a reasonable home record.

Division 2 is up and running but I lack Stephen Hawkins understanding of advanced mega maths. There are 4 groups and each group has 2 divisions. Most have 7 or 8 teams but really I can't be arsed with it. Anyway from what I can make it's all over by mid July.

In Division 1 judging by the names of the goal scorers there are plenty of foreigners plying their trade in outpost towns I'd have difficulty finding on a decent map.

6 Goals - da Silva (Sigli)
5 Goals - Peri Sah Kolle (Serang)
4 Goals - Alamsyah (Samiandra), Carlos (Palembang), de Carvalho (Batang)


Group 1

Group 2
Depok District

Group 3

Group 4
Mitra Kukar

Saturday, May 05, 2007


Sydney chase Erol Iba

Following their recent games with Persik Kediri Sydney have been strongly linked with the Indonesian left sided defender.

Goal reports negotiations are under way while the Sydney Morning Herald reports a problem over the fee.

Iba is contracted to Kediri till 2008 but the club have said they would not stand in his way if he was interested in the move.

Friday, May 04, 2007


Indonesian Cup Qualifying Round

This sees clubs from the Second and First Division fight it out to join the big boys. Games take place next week on 9th May. I have no idea whether any games will be televised

Zone I:
PSSA Asahan (II) vs PSKPS Padang Sidimpuan (I)
PSBS Bangkinang (II) vs PSPS Pekanbaru (I)
Persires Rengat (II) vs Persih Tembilahan (I)
Persibut Bungo (II) vs PSBL Bandar Lampung (I)
PSAP Sigli (I) vs PSP Padang (I)
PSBL Langsa (I) vs PSLS Lhokseumawe (I)
PS Penajam Medan Jaya (I) vs PS Palembang (I)

Zone II:
PSKS Krakatau Steel (II) vs Perserang Serang (I)
Pesik Kuningan (II) vs Persikab Bandung District (I)
Persik Kendal (II) vs Persibat Batang (I)
PSISra Sragen (II) vs PSIR Rembang (I)
Persipasi Bekasi City (I) vs PS Pro Duta Bandung (I)
Persikad Depok (I) vs Persiku Kudus (I)
PSB Bogor (I) vs Persipur Purwodadi (I)

Zone III:
PPSM Sakti Magelang (II) vs Persebi Boyolali (I)
Persida Sidoarjo (II) vs Gresik United (I)
Persewangi Banyuwangi (II) vs Persid Jember (I)
Perst Tabanan (II) vs Persipro Probolinggo (I)
Persedikab Kediri District (I) vs Persibo Bojonegoro (I)
Persipon Pontianak (I) vs PSMP Mojokerto Putra (I)
Persiba Bantul (I) vs Persepar Palangkaraya (I)

Zone IV:
Persido Donggala (II) vs Persigo Gorontalo (I)
PS Gaspa Palopo (II) vs Persisam Putra Samarinda (I)
Persin Sinjai (II) vs Persipal Palu (I)
Persitoli Tolikara (II) vs Persidafon Dafonsoro (I)
Mitra Kukar (I) vs Persekaba Yahukimo (I)
Persemalra Tual (I) vs Persim Maros (I)
Persipare Pare-Pare (I) vs Persidago Gorontalo (I)

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Mojokerto v Palangkaraya

This first division game made the news today when players attacked the ref.

These two teams play in Group 3 and currently lie 8th and 9th respectively. If they showed as much desire attacking the ball as they do the ref perhaps they might score a few more goals.

Never did hear the score!

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