Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Saudi Arabia

A few weeks back the Saudis were expressing concern about the risks of bird flu in Indonesia. I guess it has been pointed out to them that your average 5 * hotel, even here in Jakarta, doesn't allow guests to keep chickens in their rooms so now the Saudis can concentrate on football. Of course here chicken has a whole different meaning and with this non feathered chicken while bird flu is no risk, perhaps what grunts used to colourfully call a short arm inspection might be the order of the day before kick off!

They have announced a training squad of 33 which will be whittled down later after friendlies in Turkey, Saudi and Singapore against world powerhouses such as Oman and North Korea. The coach, Brazilian Helios Angos, who I've never heard of, has selected these players, none of whom I've heard of either!

Walid Abdullah, Yasser Al Musalim, Assaf Al Garni, Hussain Suleimani, Kamel Al Mousa, Abdullah Shuhail, Ahmed Al Bahri, Ibrahim Sharhili, Ibrahim Hazazi, Walid Abd Rabu, Majed Al Amri, Usama Hawsawi, Usama Al Mowalad, Hamad Al Montashari, Redha Tukar, Taisir Al Jassim, Khaled Aziz, Saheb Al Abdulla, Omar Al Ghamdi, Saud Khariri, Ahmed Darwish, Ahmed Al Mousa, Mutaz Al Mousa, Abdo Autef, Mahmoud Al Shlhoub, Abdulrahman Al Qahtani, Yasser Al Qahtani, Malek Maaz, Saad Al Harthi, Naji Majrashi, Yusuf Al Sallem, Naser Al Shimrani, Saleh Bashir.

Saudi Arabia kick off their Asian Cup campaign against South Korea on 11th July, a game which has me so excited I'm thinking of going to see Woodlands Wellington take on Albirex in the S League!

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