Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Manokwari on Sundays...

I do like stories about Manokwari and this one could be fun.

Manokwari prouds itself as the entry point of Christianity into Papua when a couple of Germans landed on a nearby island and started telling the locals about their mission.

150 years on and the local council are looking to forever remember that moment by making Manokwari a Bible City. What does this mean? Dunno really but one thing would be to make Sunday purely a day of rest. The only activities would be spiritual, like recovering from hangover and going to church. Which of course begs the question. Would local team Perseman Manokwari be allowed to play Liga Indonesia games or would they be forced to play Saturdays only? I don't suppose it worries many people but we are in the quiet season at the moment and news is a little short these days...

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