Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Will they, won't they

This whole Manchester United trip to Malaysia is one long yawn but you can't help feeling Malaysia have made a pig's ear of it.

Is it on or not? I've lost track but you do wonder who controls football in Malaysia. Is it the Government or is it the Football Association? Last week the FAM sheepishly cancelled the game but then the PM Badawi turned around and said oh no the game is still on and who cares about the agreement with the AFC (which might have potential investors scratching their wallets). Now the FAM are following the Government's lead blindly.Which begs the question why have FAM at all? Just have the Government run football.

Of course the Man Utd Advertising Roadshow will be popular and a big attraction to the thousands of armchair fans that fill the country. And of course watching an even under strength team from Manchester would be of more interest to many than the Asian Cup but the AFC have a duty to develop Asian football and the Asian Cup is their flagship event. It is also up to them to market the bloody thing. United are gagging to get over here, mention Asia and their marketing men go all gooey, but surely it was not beyond the whit and wisdom of the people involved to schedule it after the Cup? But of course that would mean the disparate Malaysian bodies communicating and ...

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