Thursday, May 24, 2007


Malaysia boleh?!

Is Malaysia fast becoming a laughing stock in Asian football circles?

For a start their national team went on a tour of Australia as part of their preparations for the Asian Cup which they are co hosting. In their first friendly they went down 2-0 to Sydney FC. Their second try out out wasn't much better as they made the trip to the Central Coast and lost 3-0 to the local team in front of 3,000. It's winter time in Austyralia, I wonder why they bothered going there to play a couple of club sides. Hardly ideal preparation you'd imagaine?

With such an embarrassing performance no wonder the authorities are scrambling for some positive headlines to glory in and what better than a visit of Manchester United? The cabinet no less has decided the game will go ahead and basically the AFC and the agreements with them can go to hell!

Fortunately it seems Manchester United are behaving far more sensibly. Their representatives are currently in KL meeting with various AFC and Cabinet officials and hope to decide one way or another today.

What a shambles! At a time when the national team should be preparing for this prestigious tournament they have been shunted off the back pages and out to some footballing outpost while politicians and officials bicker their way through the headlines. Malaysian football is the loser!

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