Wednesday, September 30, 2009


TThai Port admit Indonesian interest in Pipat

You gotta love Google translation...they didn't even bother with translating Persisam Putra from Thai to English! Well, you couldn't, could you?

Most excellent president, club security, "Sing Ehgatea" Port FC begin Thailand Auto news "from you" prosperity from maiden to leave the team to play in the Indo-League. Get a real person contact. But do not let cool. Match with the contract. Prepared by adding charge to a very core. Win a championship team to take the Thai Premier League next season. NASCAR is the next available target drive power to be Top.
The case of news that came out. A club in the League of Indonesia. Cisco teams with the super-bowl seal key to win the "you started" prosperity from maiden launch of the team spearheading Stars. "Sing Ehgatea" the Thai ports. Owner Rank 6 Battle Thai Premier League in 2009 to play for them now.
Siam Sport has asked club president to secure the most prosperous ports Thai FC have recently said. "It is true that a contact from a person who claims to be agents of personal prosperity, a native of the Indo. Phone has come prosperity prosperity is calling for submissions to talk to me.
I tell him that you are agents for personal prosperity, a player in the ports under the. Since when. ทำเอา agents this to go with Ng. If the distance is short. Thai League last season upon closing. The judge's decision and prosperity, but more likely than a buzz ซะ. It will not be true. Because then people do not see that the official contact whatsoever ".
In addition, club president of the Port of Thailand. To say that. "The decision to play to win the prosperity of this season. Constitute a valid decision of the club. Because his is. Performance of fire doors of our team better. And also a player of fire doors to most teams. When his good features. We would keep him to run in next season indeed. The charge will be added to the core of thousands of baht per month with.
Latest way I talk with club president Raj public. Pl.t.m.l. bow and Pridi Prawitr the prosperity that we continue to borrow another 1 season where you have no problems. I can assure that the initial public with the Royal Lending sample course.
The other is at the end each season to see whether the contract with which a player or not. Personal to find that adding troops. Of course that will have many. The accumulated experience has assigned to the golden head coach. This year we set targets that, if installed drive power desktops have. It was considered OK. The next year we all say that I am. We will have a chance to win a championship with the team certainly.

COMMENT - reading this I'm non the wiser beyond the fact that someone claiming to speak on behalf of Persisam, newly promoted to the ISL, has been in contact with some most excellent geezer at the honourable Thai Port yes indeed sir. Thanks to Thai Port Fan for the heads up on this...


Arema announce squad numbers

If it's your thing Arema today announced who will wear what shirt. Noh Alam Shah wears 9, Riduan gets 99 and Indonesia's first choice goalkeeper Markus gets number 1.

Roman Chmelo, who was coming, going or staying at home working on his stamp collection depending on who you were listening to at the time, wears 22. Former Pelita Jaya duo Gerry Setia Adhi Nugraha gets 13 while Djaluddin Main gets a very nice two and five for his back. Don't think he's anything like that Togo tosspot though.

What happened to players just wearing 1-11 eh says this sad old git...


Singapore Select Squad

Hassan Sunny Tampines Rovers
Lionel Lewis Home United
Shaiful Esah SAFFC
Noh Rahman Sengkang Punggol
Precious Emuejeraye Woodlands Wellington
Gabriel Obadin Young Lions
Daniel Bennett SAFFC
Juma'at Jantan Home United
Sevki Sha'ban Gombak United
Tengku Mushadad Home United
Hariss Harun Young Lions
Fazrul Nawaz Gombak United
John Wilkinson SAFFC
Shahril Ishak Home United
Rosman Sulaiman Home United
Itimi Dickson Home United
Park Tae Won SAFFC
Aleksandar Duric SAFFC

Indra Sahdan Sengkang Punggol
Agu Casmir Gombak United

2009 Sultan of Selangor’s Cup
Sunday 4 October 2009
Jalan Besar Stadium, Singapore

Kick off: 6.15pm

Kick off: 7.30pm

Ticket Details
Tickets priced at $8 (grandstand) and $5 (gallery) are currently on sale daily till Friday 2 October at the Jalan Besar South Entrance Ticket Booth from 12pm to 8pm.

Tickets will also be on sale at the respective ticket booths at the home stadiums of Gombak United and Albirex Niigata (S) during their S.League matches this week:

Jurong West Stadium (Gombak United): Wed 30 September, 6.30pm to 8.00pm
Jurong East Stadium (Albirex Niigata): Thurs 1 October, 6.30pm to 8.00pm

Match Day Sales at the North and South Entrances Ticket Booths begin from 4.00pm at Jalan Besar Stadium


Doubts over DPMM future

It's been some old season for DPMM this year. Kicked out of the Malaysian Super League they were accepted into the SLeague where their in your face attitude upset a few feathers, which is no bad thing, leading the table for a while and even winning the League Cup.

Now their future is in doubt in the SLeague after reports from FIFA saying they have to pull out of the SLeague because of some admin hoo ha. Apparently there has been government interference in the Brunei FA.

I'd be surprised if there wasn't. There's only about 87 people in the whole country so we're bound to see some guy in the government sitting down to tea with some cousin in the FA.

Anyway, 'nuff of my crap. Here's the response from the Singapore FA.

SINGAPORE, 30 September 2009: The Football Association of Singapore refers to the article on the FIFA website today about the decision of the FIFA Executive Committee to suspend the Football Association of Brunei Darussalam (BAFA) and the subsequent status of Brunei DPMM FC’s participation in the S.League.

The FAS has been informed officially by FIFA earlier this year of their approval for DPMM FC to compete in the S.League for the entire 2009 season.

Regarding this latest development, FAS has yet to receive any official note from FIFA. We have since written to FIFA on an urgent basis to seek clarification and further instructions.

The FAS will provide further updates once we have received a reply from FIFA.

(MORE) COMMENT - exciting innit? I mean there we were getting all in a tizz 'cos half of the Singapore national team has headed south and just who was gonna replace them when up comes this old baloney. Just finish the bloody season then do what you have to do lah!


Malaysia Cup

Perlis v Pahang 3-2
KL Plus v Melaka 4-1
Terengganu v Johor 2-0
Negeri Sembilan v Sarawak 8-0
Johor v My Team 4-1
Perak v KL 0-1
Selangor v PDRM 3-0
Kuala Muda v Sabah 2-1
ATM v Penang 1-1
Kelantan v Kedah 1-0

Holders Kedah's grasp on the famed Malaysia Cup which they have in consecutive years looks to be fading after they were beaten by Kelantan thanks to Indra Putra Mahayuddin's goal just after half time in Kota Bahru. Sarawak's troubles have been well documented here, they have less money than me, so perhaps 8-0 was no surprise. Selangor also made it two out of two with goals from Amirulhadi Zainal, Safee Sali and Amri Yahyah.


East Java Governor's Cup*

Persik v PSBI Blitar (Kediri) 1-1
Persema v Gresik United (Malang) 1-2
PSBI v Persibo (Kediri) 3-2
Persela v Arema (Lamongan) 4-0
Persib v Deltras (Surabaya) 0-0
Persibo v Persik (Kediri) 1-1
Gresik United v Persipro (Malang) 1-1
Arema v Mojokerto Putra (Lamongan) 1-3
Deltras v Persebaya (Surabaya) 0-0
Persipro v Persema (Malang) 0-2
Mojokerto Putra v Persela (Lamongan) 1-1
Persebaya v Persib (Suarabaya) 1-1

Top scorers
2 - Busari (Persibo), Leonardo Zada Martins (Persela)

Group E
PSBI Blitar, Persela, Persema, Persib

Group F
Gresik Unite, Persebaya, Persik, Mojokerto Putra

* also known as the Liga Jatim or East Java League


Kraton Cup latest

Pro Duta v Persiba Bantul 2-1
Persiba Balikpapan v Persiba Bantul 2-1

Pro Duta and Persiba Balikpapan proceed

PSS v PSIM 0-0

Schedule here


Persitara eye up Aussie

Now it's Persitara who have their eyes on an Australian striker. They are currently looking at Troy Hearfield who is an attacking midfield player cum striker and aged 22.

The North Jakarta club have already said they have added former striker Prince Kabir Bello, Canadian Ladislas Kikunda Bashiri and Paraguayan Ernesto Brunhoso.

As well as Hearfield they are looking at a North Korean striker named Rim Choi Min.

This afternoon they play 2nd Division side Persikasi at Tugu Stadium in a friendly.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


The Thai run in

With four games to play in the Thai Premier League things couldn't be tighter in an epic title race between newly promoted Muang Thong United and Chonburi.

1 - Muang Thong 26 16 7 3 41-18 55
2 - Chonburi 26 16 6 4 44-26 54

Just one point between them and they go head to head at the Thunderdome this weekend. Defeat will n0t mean it's game over for Chonburi but with points on the board and home advantage in the run in it would seem that the advantage is with Muang Thong.

But they haven't won yet. Chonburi, who are likely to be cheered on by something like 3-5,000 fans, aren't heading to the smoke to roll over and die for the presumed champions elect. The Sharks have been there and done that and they will be desperate to remind the Thai footballing public that it is they who have the recent pedigree and it is they who still fly the Thai flag in the AFC Cup.

Chonburi are the TPL's leading scorers, an honour they share with 4th placed BEC Tero while Muang Thong United have the meanest defence by far. And who can forget earlier in the season when Chonburi were turned over 5-2 by a rampant United side breathing fire in the eastern seaboard downpour.

Though the game is not until Sunday tickets will be on sale in advance with some people expecting a crowd approaching 20,000. Indeed concerns were so high about the Thunderdome's ability to host such a high profile fixture that there were suggestions the game be moved to Supachalasai Stadium with it's 35,000 capacity.

For more information about this important game from both camps, in English, check out the Muang Thong United blog and this Chonburi website.

It just so happens I will be in Bangkok this weekend so watch out for some great exclusives before and after the game. If I remember to take the lens cap off or press record or it don't rain! Or I decide I can't be bothered and pop along to see my local team instead!


Room for one more?

With the creation of South Tangerang as a new political entity earlier this year, now comes news that the area will have its very own football team.

Persitangsel is the name. No stadium yet, probably no team yet or coaches or players.

There are of course two other sides in the Tangerang (a suburb of Jakarta in the manner of Watford or Penrith). Persita and Persikota. Both will play in the IPL in the upcoming season if they get round to registering in time.

Persitangsel will have to wait a while. Beneath the ISL and the IPL is Division 1 and Division 2, both of which are due to start over the next week or so.

Why is this of interest? It isn't really except if the team does get off the ground they could well lay claim to being my local side.


Duric arrives Thursday

Sriwijaya are saying that SAF striker Aleksander Duric will arrive in Palembang on Thursday to complete his season long move to the ISL. He will team up with his national team mate Precious Emuejeraye with the team that has won back to back Copa Indonesias.

That brings to six the number of Singaporeans attracted to the upcoming ISL.

Noh Alam Shah (Arema Malang)
M Riduan (Arema Malang)
Mustafic Fahruddin (Persija)
Baihakki Khaizan (Persija)
Precious (Sriwijaya)
Duric (Sriwijaya)


Pipat on his way?

It is being reported today that Pipat Thonkanya has agreed terms with Persisam. It's not saying he has signed or will sign, just that he has agreed terms.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Average attendances

If I recall correctly the average attendance in the Indonesian League back in 2007 was about 11,000. For the season just completed it was always going to be a lot less given that clubs like PSMS, Persitara, Persija and Persija couldn't use their own stadiums for what ever reason.

In addition clubs like Arema, Deltras and PSIS had less than impressive campaigns.

So the average attendance for the debut season of the ISL came in at 8,497.

How does that compare within the region. The V League were recently all self congratulatory with an average of 10,000, give or take. The TPL is probably less than half the ISL while in Malaysia crowd figures are a state secret. Hopefully someone from Singapore can let us know the SLeague average.

The biggest crowd in Indonesia last season was the 40,000 that saw Sriwijaya play Persija in Palembang while the smallest was Persita v Persela at Siliwangi Stadium which attracted about 50 paying spectators including me and my mate!

In fact I think I even bought a spare that day for my collection!

UPDATE - forgot to mention that 31 games in last season's ISL wer played behind closed doors, more than 10% of all fixtures!


6 year old blogger excited by Robbo

While Robson's management skills may be questionable, he is famous as a former England and Manchester United skipper.

This could help promote the Thai Premier League and ignite passion for the national team.
Because of Robson, more people around the world know something about the Thai national side.
When he agreed to coach Thailand on Wednesday, the news was published on popular websites including BBC and ESPN.

This would not have happened had the new coach of Thailand been a Kiatisak or a Surachai.

Robson may not know much about Asian football but he will be assisted by compatriot Steve Darby who has vast knowledge about the game in the region.

One good thing about Robson is he knows a thing or two about Thai politics.

He was scheduled to come to Bangkok to promote Manchester United Bar and Restaurant late last year but the trip was cancelled because Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang airports were seized by the yellow shirts.

He did arrive here in April and returned home just before the red shirts staged fierce rallies in Bangkok and other provinces.

During his visit, he was asked which colour - red or yellow - he preferred. He said jokingly that he could not pick one or the other as he could be in trouble.

Some critics fear that Robson's reported drinking habits could be a problem.

In fact, this could help him get along well with the Thai players many of whom reportedly like drinking. Try Sangsom, Mekhong, Singha or Chang, Robbo.

Meanwhile, FAT president Worawi Makudi has appointed former Chai Nat MP Anucha Nakasai as the national team manager.

This could be a huge boost for the national team. Anucha is known for his generosity and is husband of Commerce Minister Pornthiva whose father's business includes the popular Poseidon massage parlour.

The venue is just a few steps from the Radisson hotel, the national team's base when they are in a training camp.

The players may be able to relax at the massage parlour at a discount or for free!

COMMENT - gobsmacked. I'm guessing it's an attempt at humour and if it is then fair play to the writer. But you can never tell in Thailand...


The latest on Jakarta Casual TV

I talk with the CEO of the Indonesian Professional Footballer's Association, Ayra Abhiseka, about the work the union is doing here to protect its members and then I talk to local TV commentator Ayra Abhiseka about his thoughts on the upcoming ISL season.

Yep, same guy!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Weekend results

Thai Premier League

TTM Samut Sakorn v PEA 1-0
Nakorn Pathom v Chonburi 1-2
Thai Port v Bangkok Glass 1-0
Muang Thong United v Samut Songkram 3-1
Raj Navy v TOT 0-3
Bangkok United v BEC Tero 1-1
Pattaya v Osotsapa 1-1
Sri Racha v Chula United 0-1

Both Muang Thong United and Chonburi may have both collected maximum points at the weekend in their private two horse race for the TPL but the headlines were at PAT Stadium where Thai Port defeated the visiting Glass Rabbit 1-0 thanks to a last minute penalty. The game also featured a pretty impressive 5 red cards including three in the last minute.

Malaysia Cup

Melaka v Perlis 0-2
Pahang v KL Plus 1-1
Sarawak v Terengganu 0-1
Johor v Negeri Sembilan 1-2
KL v Johor FC 0-1
My Team v Perak 0-1
Sabah v Selangor 0-1
PDRM v Kuala Muda 1-0
Kedah v ATM 1-1
Penang v Kelantan 1-2

Hardly a night of net busting activity in the opening salvo of the Malaysia Cup but a couple of shocks. PDRM won their first game of the season having gone through the MSL season winless, a surprise draw for ATM at holders Kedah

International Under 23 Friendly

Cambodia v Singapore 0-6


Sutee the victor

Adding to the Tampines Rovers exodus now comes a report that Sutee Suksomkit has moved to Melbourne Victory on a three month loan deal.

The 29 year old follows Noh Alam Shah, Muhamed Riduan and Mustafic Fahruddin out of the SLeague side who until July were serious title challengers to the leaders of the SLeague.

However a controversial defeat at home to SAF saw Noh Alam Shah red carded and the club owner THS (sorry!) subsequently suspended from the touch line. It seems the reverberations continue.

Sutee of course joins fellow Thai Surat Sukha at the A League side.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Ham hat trick for Home

Home United v Woodlands Wellington 3-1 (Ham Hyeong Kyu 3; Ismadi Mukhtar) 3,208

Friday, September 25, 2009


Thailand FA Cup draw

Bangkok Glass v Osotsapa
TTM Samut Sakorn v Surat Thani
Thai Port v Nakorn Rachasima
BEC Tero v Bangkok United


T Team to play friendlies in Jeddah


As part of their preparation for the Super League next season, the T'Team football team will engage several football teams in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in friendly matches, early next month.

State Sports Council director Rosdi Awang said team players and officials would also perform the umrah (minor Haj) in Makkah for emerging first runner-up in this year's Premier League.

"We will not only perform the umrah, but also take part in several friendly matches with the football team in Jeddah," he told Bernama Thursday.

Rosdi, who is also T'Team assistant manager, said the friendly matches would ensure that the training for the players would continue throughout the visit.

He said several other activities had also been lined up for the players to empower mental and physical strength.

"We hope the visit to the Holy Land will uplift their spirit to emerge as a new Super League champion," he said.

Rosdi said all 25 players, including seven who were seconded to represent other states in the Malaysia Cup, were invited to join the entourage.

The seven are Haris Safwan Kamal, Rosdi Talib and Muhd Fakhrurazi Musa who are playing for KL Plus, Hairuddin Omar (Negeri Sembilan), Azrul Hazran Amiludin Baki, Shafuan Adli Shaari (Perak) and Norhisham Hassan (Kelantan).


Scott O'Donnel Interview

Andy Brouwer is another English expat with a big interest in the local football scene. In his case Cambodia. Here he has a chat with new Cambodian national team coach, again, Scott O'Donnel ahead of their friendly on Sunday against Singapore.

Check out the rest of his blog for pictures of the Cambodian players etc.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Weekend preview

Things have been quiet of late what with Ramadhan and the Eid festival but that's all coming to an end and how.

We'll start off with the SLeague in Singapore. Despite all the doom and gloom merchants who come crawling out of (Sentosa artificial) rocks every time some bad news is percieved to hit the game there things ain't so bad in Lion City.

(Why is it whenever people start whining it's never long before someone comes up with either the Malaysia Cup or Fandi Ahmad?)

SAF are just a handful of points shy of a 4th consecutive title, the race is on for 2nd place and Geylang United have a chance to roll back the years in the Singapore Cup.

But it's the SLeague that dominates this weekend with Woodlands Wellington, that infuriating club from up north, taking on Home United at Jalan Besar.

The Rams have scored just one goal in their last nine games, a run that was preceded by three consecutive victories.

United on the other hand surprisingly slipped to a 2-1 defeat against Young Lions a few days back and that was their first defeat since Super Reds beat them at the end of July. Subsequent wins against DPMM, SAF, Tampines and Albirex Niigata among others had seen them climb the table but now they must recover against Woodlands who have their own hex over the big teams.

Sunday sees the Singaporean Under 23s take on their Cambodian counterparts in Phnom Penh in a friendly that will be screened live on Singaporean TV*.

North of the Causeway the Malaysia Cup kicks off with 20 teams competing for South East Asia's oldest cup competition. The 13 state teams are joined by Kuala Lumpur, the Army (ATM), the Police (PDRM) plus four nominally private teams. Johor, KL Plus, My Team and Kuala Muda.

Kedah have won this for the last two seasons but this year Selangor will be aiming for their own historic quartet of trophies. Kelantan who promised so much last season saw coach Peter Butler quit just last week so have to get to grips with their new coach.

Holders Kedah host ATM while favourites and MSL Champions Selangor travel to Sabah. Kelantan are away to Penang while Perlis head south to Melaka.

In Thailand Bryan Robson has been appointed coach of the Thai national team and has even promised to take in a few games before he takes on Singapore in the crucial Asian Cup qualifier in Novermber.

Saturday sees TPL challengers Chonburi take to the road as they travel to Nakorn Pathom while last year's champions PEA travel to the Gulf of Thailand to take on TTM Samut Sakorn.

Bangkok Glass fancy they have an outside chance but they face a tricky game at PAT Stadium against Thai Port. With five games left and sitting just five points behind the leaders Muang Thong United the Glass Rabbit will consider they are still in with a shout.

Leaders Muang Thong United are just a point clear of second placed Chonburi and on Sunday they host mid table Samut Songkram. When you consider the visitors have managed a pissy 16 goals all season, the lowest in the TPL, MTU gotta fancy their chances.

Indeed looking at the run in you gotta fancy the newly promoted boys who play four of their remaining five games at home. Including one against Chonburi next weekend.

Also in Thailand the FA Cup draw takes place tomorrow and features TPL sides Osotsapa, Bangkok Glass, TTM Samut Sakorn, BEC Tero, Bangkok United, Thai Port as well as Nakorn Ratchasima and Surat Thani.

TTM Samut Sakorn also appear of course in the Singapore Cup semi finals.

Turning to Indonesia. Everyone went home for the holiday so not a thing has happened for about a week.

* Sorry but this is not true...


Robbo confirmed


Former England captain Bryan Robson is looking forward to the challenge when he begins his reign as the national team coach next month.

Robson agreed to coach Thailand after talks with with Football Association of Thailand (FAT) president Worawi Makudi yesterday.

Robson will start his job on Oct 16 under a four-year contract. He will succeed fellow former England midfielder Peter Reid who left Thailand earlier this month after one year to be assistant manager at Premier League side Stoke City.

Robson's financial terms were undisclosed but reports claimed the former Manchester United skipper will get 600,000 a year.

Robson's first assignment will be Thailand's home and away matches against Singapore in the Asian Cup qualifying round in November.

The 52-year-old Robson is expected to build a squad capable of reaching the 2014 World Cup finals.

"He has agreed to become our coach. He is very happy with what we have offered him," Worawi told a press conference.

"It's a four-year deal. The plan is he will coach Thailand for the Asian Cup, the Olympics and hopefully the World Cup too.

"I told him that he had to take Thailand to the 2011 Asian Cup finals in Qatar. He is also tasked with guiding Thailand to the London Olympics in 2012 and ultimately the 2014 World Cup in Brazil."

Robson, who played in three World Cup finals, has managed English clubs Middlesbrough, Bradford City, West Bromwich Albion and Sheffield United.

He quit the Blades in February last year and has since become a global ambassador for Manchester United.

During his 13 years at Old Trafford, "Captain Marvel" won two league titles, four FA Cups and the European Cup Winners' Cup. He was capped 90 times by England.

Robson is Thailand's ninth foreign coach since 1976 and the third ex-England international to take the job after Reid and Peter Withe.

In another press conference, Robson said he had not yet signed a contract but will do so soon.
There is a clause in the contract saying that he must be in the position for at least 18 months and Robson said he was pleased with it.

He said he was looking forward to Thailand's matches against Singapore on Nov 14 and 18.

"That is a very important period early on into my job. That is a very good challenge for me straight away. That is what I am looking forward to," he said.

Thailand are currently third in Group E of the Asian Cup qualifying round with two points from two draws with Jordan and Iran. Singapore are the other side in the group.

Asked what suggestions he received from Reid, he said: "Peter said that (assistant national coach) Steve Darby is very good.

"He knows all the Thai players which is very important for me. He is very well organised. That is why I will stay with Steve."

Robson added: "Peter told me that he enjoyed working here. There are some good players. He said I need to get them organised. If we get them organised, then it will be a good team and have a good chance of reaching the Asian Cup finals."

He said Thai players were skilful and dedicated. "I am looking forward to working with the players and I hope they will enjoy working with me.

"I got a list of players which are mainly their nicknames. Over the next two weeks I will have to study and make sure that I know all the players' names which is very important. When I come back here, I'll try to watch as many Thai league games as I can," he said.


Sathianathan replaces Butler


Former national coach B. Sathianathan has accepted an offer from Kelantan to take charge of their team for the Malaysia Cup competition which kicks off on Saturday.

Sathianathan, who met KFA president Tan Sri Annuar Musa in Kota Baru yesterday, said that details of the contract would be drawn up soon.

“I have basically accepted their offer and my immediate task is to see them through the Malaysia Cup competition,” said Sathianathan, who will take over from Englishman Peter Butler.

The former West Ham star surprisingly quit the team last Thursday to take up an appointment as technical director of Myanmar side Yangon United. He had done a good job to take the Red Warriors to the FA Cup final.

Sathianathan said that time was not on his side to work with assistant coach Hashim Mustapha on the team structure and combination of players before they open their Malaysia Cup campaign in Group E with an away match against Penang at the City Stadium.

“I have followed Kelantan’s progress and I know they have a fana­­­ti­cal crowd backing the team,” he said.

“A couple of the key players – skipper Mohd Badri Radzi and striker Mohd Ramzul – are down with long-term injuries.

“I saw the team play a friendly match yesterday. They were just back from the Hari Raya holidays and the players struggled to find their footing.”

Sathianathan has worked with the FA of Malaysia (FAM) in various positions for more than a decade. He was the assistant to Tunisian Hatem Souissi and Allan Harris in the national and pre-Olympic sides before he was promoted to chief coach in 2007.

Under his charge, the national team made it to two consecutive Merdeka Tournament finals and were the champions in 2007.

But Sathianathan was sacked by FAM on Feb 1 following the national team’s 0-5 mauling by the United Arab Emirates in an Asia Cup qualifying match on Jan 21.


Le Cong Vinh puts Portugal first

Leading striker Le Cong Vinh has not been named in the national team picked for the upcoming HCMC Cup and 2011 Asian Cup qualifying matches.

Speaking on the phone to Thanh Nien from Kunming, China on Tuesday, Calisto said he didn’t include Vinh because the latter was now playing for Portugal’s top-flight league club Leixoes.

Also on Tuesday, Nguyen Trong Giap, deputy manager of the ational team, told Thanh Nien that, “All the 23 players called this time were chosen by coach Henrique Calisto. We (Vietnam Football Federation) don’t have any suggestions.”

The new list announced Monday has most of the players who helped Vietnam win the coveted 2008 ASEAN Football Federation Cup.

Vinh, the Golden Ball winner in 2004, 2006 and 2007, signed a four-month contract with the Liga Sagres club in August; but he has not been in the starting line-up even once yet.

The national team will gather in Ho Chi Minh City on October 1 to prepare for the HCMC Cup to take place from October 20-24.

The players will then move to Hanoi to play Syria in the first leg of the 2011 Asian Cup qualifying round at My Dinh Stadium on November 14 before playing the second leg match in Syria four days later.


Sultan of Selangor Cup Tickets

This eighth edition of the Sultan of Selangor's Cup, that is hosted by Singapore for the third time, will be played at the Jalan Besar Stadium on Sunday, 4th October.

The main match between the Singapore Selection and Selangor Selection will kick off at 7.30pm, while the curtain-raiser match between both Veterans team featuring football legends the likes of Fandi Ahmad and Dollah Kassim will start at 6.15pm.

Upbeat performances by Revalina and Bloco Singapura will entertain the early arrivals from 5.00pm onwards on matchday, with lots of cash and attractive prizes to be won during the half-time game.

Ticketing details
Grandstand (Entry via North or South Entrance) - $8.00 Gallery (Entry via East Entrance) - $5.00
Sales Venues
Jalan Besar Stadium: 24 - 25 Sep (12pm-8pm)
28 Sep - 2 Oct (12pm-8pm)
Hougang Stadium: 28 Sep (6pm-8pm)
Jurong West Stadium: 30 Sep (6.30pm-8pm)
Jurong East Stadium: 01 Oct (6.30pm-8pm)


2 for Duric, 3 for SAF

SAF v Albirex Niigata 2-1 (Aleksander Duric 2; Ryohei Maeda) 1,365

Of course it's not over yet. But going by my rusty maths SAF need just five more points to secure their 4th consecutive SLeague title. Two more goals by Duric give him 26 for the season.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Malaysians play catch up

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 22 (Bernama) --
The Malaysian League may be privatised in 2011 if the problems that plagued contending teams continue to persist next year.
Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) secretary-general Datuk Azzuddin Ahmad cited the problems as financial woes (staff and players' salaries), dropped in the quality of the game and dwindling audience."
The Malaysian League's next season will be the FAM's last battle ground to find our way out of the quagmire."
As a result, we have introduced additional conditions to contending teams," he told Bernama.
Among them, the teams would have to pay a deposit to the FAM and produce proofs of their financial standing that would enable them to compete in the current season and the next one.
Contenders in the Super League have to fork out RM150,000 while that of the Premier League, RM100,000.
Super League contenders must prove that they have RM2.5 million in their accounts while that of the Premier League, RM1.5 million."If all conditions are meet and the teams take serious views of the conditions, the future of soccer in Malaysia is bright," he said.
Asked why the FAM had to wait until 2011 to privatise the league, he said it was due to the Malaysian culture.
"Malaysians like to have a dialogue first and only after enough time is given, they will go to the next stage before an action is taken," he said.
Azzuddin called on state affiliates to use the time left to fill up their coffer and take initiatives to beef up their financial standing.

COMMENT - you mean like the Thais and Indonesians have already done so? That if I have highlight in bold is one big if. The future is bright, if only there was some professional management in place.


Robbo now in Bangkok

Loved this quote from the Bangkok Post

Worawi yesterday appointed Anucha Nakasai as national team manager.

Anucha is a former MP for Chai Nat.

"He has played football mainly in charity events," said Worawi.

Anucha thanked Worawi for giving him an opportunity to work with the national team.

"I'd like to see the Thai national team become one of the top Asian teams," he said.

"We want Thailand to qualify for the World Cup," he said.

"Robson will make the Thai national team well known and hopefully he can make our dreams come true."


Rare win for Young Lions

Young Lions v Home United 2-1 (Khairul Nizam, Afiq Yunos; Itimi Dickson) 1,345

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


World Cup World Tour

Get your hands on the World Cup when it goes on its own mini world tour. The full dates can be found here, pdf doc, but the dates of interest are:

20/01/10 Ho Chi Minh
23/01/10 Bangkok
26/01/10 Jakarta
29/01/10 KL


Kelantan International Friendlies

12/09 v Narathiwat 3-1
14/09 v Pattani 4-0

Monday, September 21, 2009


Chonburi held at home

PEA v Pattaya United 4-1
Raj Navy Rayong v Bangkok Glass 0-1
Chonburi v TTM Samut Sakorn 2-2
TOT v Sri Racha 1-0

A good weekend for Bangkok Glass as their leading title challengers both dropped crucial points. But will it be enough to drive a wedge between Chonburi and Muang Thong United? Their clash on 4 October looks ever more crucial. Give it to Sky Sports and they'll be calling it summat daft like TPL Sunday, or Championship Sunday.


Keraton Cup (Yogyakarta Palace Cup)

Group A - Pro Duta, Perisba Bantul, Persiba Balikpapan
Group B - PSS Sleman, PSIM Yogyakarta, Persipura Jayapura

27/09 - Pro Duta v Persiba Bantul
28/09 - PSS v PSIM
29/09 - Persiba Balikpapan v Loser 27/09
30/09 - Persipura v Loser 28/09
01/10 - Persiba Balikpapan v Winner 27/09
02/10 - Persipura v Winner 28/09
03/10 - Runner Up Group A v Runner Up Group B
04/10 - Winner Group A v Winner Group B

Final will be held 4 October. All games take place at Maguwoharjo Stadium in Sleman


East Java Governor's Cup

Group A Brawijaya Stadium, Kediri
Group B Gajayana Stadium, Malang
Group C Suarajaya Stadium, Lamongan
Group D 10 November Stadium, Surabaya

25/09 Persik v PSBI Blitar (Kediri)
26/09 Persema v Gresik United (Malang)
27/09 PSBI v Persibo (Kediri), Persela v Arema (Lamongan), Persib v Deltras (Surabaya)
28/09 Persibo v Persik (Kediri), Gresik United v Persipro (Malang), Arema v Mojokerto Putra (Lamongan), Deltras v Persebaya (Surabaya)
29/09 Persipro v Persema (Malang), Mojokerto Putra v Persela (Lamongan), Persebaya v Persib (Suarabaya)

Final will be held 4 October

Past winners

2002 - Persik
2003 - Persela
2004/5 - Persik
2005 - Persebaya
2006 - Persik
2007 - Persela
2008 - Persik

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Confirmed - Butler quits Kelantan for Yangon United


PETALING JAYA: Peter Butler has resigned as coach of Kelantan, throwing the team’s preparations for next week’s Malaysia Cup competition into disarray.

Azman Ibrahim, the chairman of the team management committee, said Butler had on Thursday informed the Kelantan FA (Kafa) via fax of his intention to resign with immediate effect as his wife was ill.

“We are shocked and have been caught offguard by his resignation, especially with the Malaysia Cup competition barely a week away,” said Azman from Kota Baru yesterday.

Azman, however, said that Myanmar National League side Yangon United FC’s website ( had reported on Wednesday that Butler had signed a one-year contract as their technical director.

“We have no problems with him and his salaries are paid on time twice a month. He also arranged our tour of London for a friendly against the Manchester City Reserves last month.

“Out of the blue we get a fax stating that he wants out. We are surprised by his action to leave us high and dry although he has a contract with us until November,” said Azman.

Butler, a former West Ham star, played a crucial role in the Red Warriors’ march into the FA Cup final this year.

Kelantan, however, lost to Selangor in a penalty shootout after both teams were tied 1-1 after regulation time.

Former international Hashim Mustapha, who is the assistant coach, is now set to take charge of the team for the Malaysia Cup competition, which kicks off next Saturday.

Kelantan are in Group E with Kedah, Penang and Armed Forces.

Butler had coached the Singapore Armed Forces FC (SAFFC), Sabah and Indonesia’s Persiba Balikpapan before joining Kelantan.

COMMENT - why would anyone leave Kelantan for Yangon?

Butler is the 2nd English coach to walk out on a contract in a week in south east Asia after Peter Reid quit Thailand last week.


TPL weekend

1 - Muang Thong United 24 15 6 3 37-16 51
2 - Chonburi 24 15 5 4 40-23 49
3 - Bangkok Glass 24 12 8 4 35-25 44
4 - Osotsapa 25 12 7 6 31-25 43

Osotsapa last night defeated Bangkok Glass 2-1 thanks to an 89' winner from Sarayut. Today sees Muang Thing United travel to Chula to take on the Pink boys while their main title rivals Chonburi host TTM.


SLeague table & top scorers

1 - SAF 27 20 1 6 69-26 61
2 - Tampines 28 15 8 5 44-26 53
3 - DPMM 27 14 7 6 41-33 49

24 Aleksandar Duric (Singapore Armed Forces FC)
20 Gabriel Obatola (Gombak United FC)
15 Kenji Adachihara (Albirex Niigata FC (S), Kengne Ludovick (Home United FC)
14 Noh Alam Shah (Tampines Rovers FC)
13 Peres De Oliveira (Home United FC)
11 Agu Casmir (Gombak United FC)
10 John Wilkinson (Singapore Armed Forces FC)


Bulls gore Rams

Woodlands Wellington v Gombak United 0-2 (Agu Casmir, Gabriel Obatola) 1,357


Persisam claim to be on Pipat's track

Things have gone pretty quiet on the Persisam front but now comes news they are negotiating with Thai Port for international striker Pipat Thonkanya.

According to this article Persisam and Thai Port have agreed a price for the 30 year old and are now negotiating a release date.

I'm always wary whenever Persisam say they are interested in Thais. They have a habit of getting their information mixed up. Remember these are the guys who wanted to sign one of the Thai strikers, Teerasil or Teerathep I forget which, and planned to see them in action against Iran in a friendly. Which was never scheduled.

Now they say the TPL ends November. Actually it ends a week after the ISL starts. Minor I know but you wonder where they get their info from.

And there's more. According to this interview with Pipat himself he is only only loan with Thai Port. Which means that Persisam should be dealing with the club which owns his registration which is Rajpracha.

Then again if he was on loan with PEA last season and Thai Port this, how long is his contract with Rajpracha? Find that out and Persisam could play hardball, insisting they wait for his contract to expire then he can move as a free agent.

Whatever the ins and outs and Pipat the fact remains Persisam need options up front. Till now they have Zaenal Arief who last season hardly got a look in at Persib last season.


V League backslapping

HA NOI — V-League games last season attracted a record 1.8 million fans, an average of 10,000 fans, said the Viet Nam Football Federation yesterday.

The federation also praised the coaching of Le Huynh Duc of Da Nang and Nguyen Van Sy from Ninh Binh.

Duc, at 37, is the youngest coach in Vietnamese football history. He helped his team win the V-League title after a 17-year wait, while Sy helped Ninh Binh win the First Division title and promotion to the top league.

The Viet Nam Football Federation (VFF) general secretary, Tran Quoc Tuan, said football last season was the most exciting he had seen since sport turned professional nine years ago.

"Players scored a total of 548 goals in 182 matches in the V-League, with an average of three goals per game. There was on average more than 10,000 fans attending each game, an increase of 40 per cent on the previous year," Tuan said.

However, he criticised some clubs for not controlling hooliganism better.

"Organising boards in some stadiums did not control crowd violence well. Fans threw bottles and objects onto the pitch and used abusive language towards referees and opposing teams," he said.

"In some crucial games, players feigned injury to waste time, causing fans to become aggressive. The game between Military Zone 4 and Thanh Hoa at Thanh Hoa stadium, which the military team won 2-1, saw players refuse to play on. These sorts of things put Vietnamese football in a bad light.

In V-League games last season, there were 845 yellow and 52 red cards handed out.
Despite the economic crisis, 14 V-League teams spent a total of VND300 billion (US$17 million) this year on players.

Vietnamese footballers were being paid on average between VND10 million ($571) and VND20 million ($1,100) a month – a record for football.

Top striker Le Cong Vinh signed a transfer deal worth $400,000 to move from Song Lam Nghe An to Ha Noi T&T. He is also one of the highest paid Vietnamese players, earning VND40 million ($2,400) a month.

Hoang Anh Gia Lai inked a three-year contract with American-Vietnamese Lee Nguyen. He earns $10,000 a month.

On Tuesday, the VFF named Duong Van Hien the best referee of the season after he received the most votes from sports reporters.

It is the third year in a row the HCM City-born referee has won the golden whistle award.
Linesman Nguyen Ngoc Ha from Hai Duong was given the Golden Flag award.


For teams considering a walk off

This from Vietnam

The coaching staff of First Division club Quang Ngai directed its players to stop playing during a match against Saigon United amid a dispute with referees.

The Quang Ngai team walked off the field and was later removed from the league and relegated to the Second Division. That means that clubs with wins against the team now lose the points acquired from those victories.

It's unfair for teams to lose points because someone else decides on a look at me moment and takes his players off the field. In the above incident Saigon United lost 6 points and got relegated. Hardly their fault.

But kicking teams out seems fair enough. Rules is rules and if they don't like them they can just blooming well go ahead and start their own league.

Walk offs (or near) in the last 12 months. Team in bold walked off.

AFF Cup - Myanmar v Singapore (walked off, came back)
TPL - Chula United v Pattaya United (walked off, came back)
CI - Sriwijaya v Persipura (walked off, never came back)
SL - Tampines v SAF (just threatened)


Thais close in on Robbo

Former England captain Bryan Robson is set to become Thailand's national team coach, Football Association of Thailand (FAT) president Worawi Makudi said yesterday.

"There is a very high chance that Robson will become the next coach of Thailand," Worawi said.
Robson, 52, would replace Peter Reid, another ex-England international, who parted company with Thailand recently to become Stoke City's assistant coach.

Worawi said he had sent Robson an air ticket and he will arrive in Bangkok on Tuesday to "finalise" details.

"I am sure that Robson would be a good choice. As a former England and Man U player, he is well known here," Worawi said.

"Even Man U manager Sir Alex Ferguson was quoted as saying that Robson is capable of leading Thailand to success."

Asked about Robson's drinking habits, Worawi said: "He is a professional. He knows when it's time to work or drink. He can drink when he is not on duty. Peter Reid is also a heavy drinker and that was not a problem for us."

He said Robson would receive the same amount as Reid. He did not reveal the sum but reports said Reid got 1 million a year as Thailand's coach.

Robson would be asked to begin his job here next month if the deal is struck, Worawi said.
Thailand's next games will be home and away matches against Singapore in the Asian Cup qualifying round in November.

Worawi said Thailand's assistant coach Steve Darby would likely be Robson's right-hand man.
"As far as I know, Robson contacted Darby, who is in England," he said.

Former Thailand international Kiatisak Sanamuang, who is now Chon Buri coach, could be on the coaching staff for the Asian Cup qualifying and the Under-23 side's SEA Games campaign in December, Worawi said.

COMMENT - love it. Rather than ask why they appointed some guy with a penchant for going down they ask about his drinking! If liking a beer was a job requirement I would have sent off my cv. I would also stay longer than Robbo.

How long before he's gone? Seriously, for a change, if I were FAT(!) I would insist the national team coach move to Thailand for the duration of his contract.

Friday, September 18, 2009


4 Nation Under 23 Tournament

National Stadium, Vietiane

02/10: Laos vs Thailand, Vietnam vs Malaysia
04/10: Malaysia vs Thailand , Laos vs Vietnam
06/10: Laos vs Malaysia, Vietnam vs Thailand


Le Cong Vinh Mania

All of Leixoes’ matches, who Vietnamese striker Le Cong Vinh is on loan to, will be broadcast live in Viet Nam.

Despite scoring several goals for the club during friendlies, Vinh has not had a chance to play in the main line-up in the Portuguese league, but he is still named on the official list.

But managers of T&T Ha Noi club, who owned Vinh in Viet Nam, have decided to buy the right to broadcast all of Leixoes‘s matches in Viet Nam.

People will be able to watch the matches on VTC and VCTC chanels every weekend.

COMMENT - any hopes that Singapore TV might do the same now that many of their players had moved to Indonesia were dashed when they announced they had found some reruns of Singapore Stamp Collecting they would rather use*

* actually this is bullshit, I just made it up.


Malaysia, Truly Asia

PETALING JAYA: Negri Sembilan will play against Penang in the final of the Malaysian Chinese Football Association (MCFA) Cup on Sept 27.
In the semi-finals, Negri defeated Johor 2-0 on aggregate while Penang edged Perak 3-2 on aggregate.
Negri coach Christopher Khoo said the team would be banking on four of their experienced hands to go for their third crown, having won back-to-back titles in 2006 and 07.
“The venue of the final has yet to be decided but we expect it to be a 50-50 affair,” said Christopher.
The champions will receive RM6,000 while the runners-up will get RM4,000.

COMMENT - should we have FAs for different races? I know Malaysia also has some kind of league that caters to people from the sub continent but really, is it necessary? Shouldn't sport be for all? By being called an FA does this imply recognition by the Malaysian FA?


Duric to Sriwijaya?

These have been worrying times for Sriwijaya coach Rahmad Darmawan. The new ISL season is just a few weeks away and he has been trying desperately hard to find a striker to line up along side Keith Kayamba Gumbs. The list reads like a who's who of South East Asia. Le Cong Vinh, Teerasil Dangda, Theerathep Winothai, Noh Alam Shah, Old Mother Hubbard, Agu Casmir, Oliver Markor. And now he is interested in SAF striker Aleksander Duric.

The beauty of Sriwijaya is they are always shooting their mouth off about who they would like to sign. All the above names, with the possible exception of the cupboard residing wench, have been openly talked about by the side who have won one league titles and two cups in the last two seasons.

Last season they paired Claude Ngon A Djam and he did a pretty reasonable jom for the side, netting more than 20 times in all competitions (guess who can't find the exact number?!) But Darmawan was happy enough to release his top scorer. As indeed he was the season before in the double year when he allowed Christian Lenglolo to move to then IPL side Persema.

Kayamba is 35 years old now. If Sriwijaya were to bring in Duric their strike force would have a combined age of 74. I know it's quality that counts, not age but the aging process isn't helped in the hurly burly world of Indonesian football. Them defenders take no prisoners and Duric won't be able to count on the time and space he currently is offered by defences in the SLeague.

I can understand as professionals players always want to test themselves. Duric is a big, strong, fit lad but for me any bid from the Palembang side has come two or three years to late, and given the list of others who have (not) gone before him it seems he was never a Plan A. Or B.

For Sriwijaya ordinarily it might have been worth taking a punt on a Malaysian striker. Historically they have never flocked overseas but there are a few names coming through there who would benefit from trying different types of football early in their careers rather than as a last pay off. But I said ordinarily. For now that seems unlikely as certain sections of the media here currently have Malaysia as the great satan.


The Fall of PSMS & Deltras

There's no stablity in Indonesian football and in most clubs a lack of any kind of long term planning. It's not uncommon for two sides, successful in one season, to really struggle the next as management twiddle their thumbs and refuse to address the squad until the last possible moment.

At the end of the 2007 season PSMS finished 3rd in the old style Liga Indonesia Western Division, earning a place in the play offs. They were ultimately defeated by Sriwijaya in the Grand Final.

But what a team they had.

In goal there was Markus Horison who made his international debut during that year. The ever grinning Markus left Medan at the end of that season and joined Arcan Iurie's fantasy football at Persik but financial woes saw the break up of that experiment by the middle of the season and Markus returned to PSMS during the transfer window. He was unable however to prevent them getting relegated.

He was not alone in making the journey to East Java. Joining him were Legimin Raharjo, Mahyadi Panggabean, Usep Munandar and Saktiawan Sinaga. A few good Batak names in that little lot and a group full of international experience.

Julien Mbom Mbom moved to Persema which, as you probably can guess buy now, is in East Java before chasing the sun rise to Persiram (an ambitious IPL club managed by Raja Isa, formerly of Persipura) while Murphy Komunple is now back in Liberia

Boy Jati Asmara also headed east, ironically to Deltras, while James Koko Lomel, after a spell last season with Pelita Jaya is now in the middle east somewhere as is Frank Seator. Elegant playmaker Gustavo Chena also joined the sinking ship Deltras after a short spell in Malaysia with Perlis and is now reported to be trialling with another relegated side, PSIS. And Tommy Pranata has turned up in Arema.

Coach Freddy Muli found out he wasn't wanted and moved, coincidentally enough, to East Java but with Premier League side Persebaya. A storming first half to the season saw the Green Force miles clear at the top of the table but come the mid season break Muli left.

Of course just after the class of 2007 broke up PSMS had to compete in the AFC Cup with a side hastily cobbled together at the last minute and suffering from having seemingly a new coach every month.

Similar misfortune befell Deltras after a promosing season.

Coach Jaya Hartono, rather than being allowed to build on his relative success was allowed to move on to Persib and he took with him Hariono and Brazilian striker Hilton Moreira. Christian Martinez, one of the three amigo Latin imports in that team, stayed for one more season but he has now folowed Jaya et all.

Jose Sebastian took his flowing locks down a division to Persibom, a strange move indeed, while Claudio Pranetto, the 3rd amigo, stayed in the top flight with PSM. Mlky Pelky went on to be a bench warmer with Persija impressing few people with his prowess either there or on the pitch while midielder Sasa Brazenac moved, I think, to Malaysia.

One other high profile from Sidoarjo was Airlangga Sucipto who moved to Persib along wth the rest of the gang.

Football is full of ifs. But fans of Deltras and PSMS, as they contemplate life in the lower leagues, can't help but wonder what would have happened had they been able to keep the Class of 2007 together.


What's new on Jakarta Casual TV?

Yesterday I was watching Persija training ahead of their friendly against Persipasi. While there I snatched an interview with Abanda Herman as well as a more general piece about the next few days in Persija land.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Arema close in on newcomers

I understand Arema Malang are close to signing three new foreigners. They are former Persita striker Ernest Siangkam, former Persija and Cameroonian international Pierre Njanka and Gabonese central midfielder Landry Poulangoye.

According to this link Landry is 33 years old and has played for Gabon 50 times. He has spent much of his career playing in Europe for clubs in France, Portugal, Belgium and Switzerland.


Tampines continue winning ways

Super Reds v Tampines 1-3 (Yu Hyun Koo; Aliff Shaffien, Sutee 2) 689

Noh Alam Shah and Mustafic Fahruddin may have been missing from the Stags' line up but they still had enough to overcome Super Reds. Life goes on eh but the fans stayed away because, well, because...


Singapore Cup semi final draw

Monday 5 October – Albirex Niigata FC (S) VS Geylang United FC (Match 17)
Venue: Jurong East Stadium
Time: 7.45pm

Friday 9 October – Geylang United FC VS Albirex Niigata FC (S) (Match 18)
Venue: Bedok Stadium
Time: 7.30pm ('Live' Telecast Match)

Monday 26 October - TTM Samut Sakhon FC VS Bangkok Glass FC (Match 19)
Venue: Jurong West Stadium
Time: 7.45pm

Thursday 29 October - Bangkok Glass FC VS TTM Samut Sakhon FC (Match 20)
Venue: Jalan Besar Stadium
Time: 7.45pm


No more foreign teams in SLeague?

I came across this article on SBS recently. It relates to an old interview they had with the head of the AFC Mohamed Bin Hammam and I was particularly struck by this comment.

He said, among other things, that the FFA has been given until 2011 to continue its inclusion of a foreign team – the Wellington Phoenix – in its domestic competition, after which, so far as the AFC is concerned, there will be no non-Australian clubs permitted in the A-League.

Does the same apply to the SLeague who currently have three 'foreign' teamsteams; Albirex Niigata (Japanese), Super Reds (Korean) and DPMM (Brunei)?

Would they have to Singapore-ize themselves or would it mean the league would have to look around for three more teams to join?

Food for thought eh?


Singapore to Indonesia Rumours

Hassan Sunny – Persisam
Alex Duric – Sriwijaya (to be fair if I put my boots on they might be interested in me as well!)
Indra – PSM
Daniel Bennett – Persebaya (but his agent(!) is quoted as saying he would prefer Jakarta)
Agu Casmir – Persipura (but his
agent says he has extended his contract with Gombak United)
Shi Jiayi – Persija did enquire about him but there is talk someone else might be interested.

Lionel Lewis - Persija were interested before Benny Dollo took over.
Noh Rahman - Arema
Kenji Adachihara - Persitara (tucked away in the last paragraph of a very small story today)

Sources - various newspapers, websites


Butler to Myanmar?

The gent behind Thai Football News was in touch yesterday asking about former West Ham midfielder Peter Butler. He had heard that the one time SAF, Sabah, Persiba and Kelantan coach had upped sticks and moved to Myanmar.

Wikipedia states he as been appointed Technical Director of Yangon United without citing a source.

We shall see...



Balestier Khalsa v Geylang United 0-1 (Masrezwan Masturi) 923

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Persija friendlies

18/09 - Persipasi v Persija
30/09 - Persija v Persikabo


Muang Thong United

Recently had cause to write to Muang Thong United about a couple of things and they responded promptly and positively to my questions.

Compare that to requests I send to clubs and officials in other countries when replies are often delayed or just not forthcoming.

Have I mentioned before about how the Thais are getting the marketing side of their game together? I vaguely recall something along those lines...


Harimau Muda tour Slovakia


1 Mohd Amer b Saidin, 2 Wan Zaharulnizam b Zakaria, 3 Thamil Arasu Ambumamee, 4 Ahmad Aminuddin b Shaharudin, 5 Kavi Chelvan Vivekandthan, 6 Sasikumar Khisor Kumar, 7 Mohamad Fadhli b Mohd Shas, 8 Mohd Bashahrul b Abu Bakar, 9 Yusaini Hafiz b Chee Saad, 10 Nicholas Wee Shen Ming, 11 Haziq Zikri b Elias, 12 Muhammad Zamir b Selamat, 13 Mohd Affize Faisal b Mamat, 14 Mohd Kkairul Izzuwan b Shaari, 15 Muszaki b Abu Bakar, 16 Muhammad Syamim b Othman, 17 Mohd Irfan b Faizal, 18 Mohd Khairul Izuan b Rosli, 19 Sivanesan A/L Shanmugam, 20 Muhammad Zulhariz, 21 Gary Steven A/L Robat, 22 Mohd Alif Fadhil b Ismail, 23 Mohd Nazrin b Baharudin, 24 Izzaq Faris b Ramlan, 25 Wan Zack Haikal b Wan Nor, 26 Saarivindran A/L Devendran


Sep 3 Harimau Muda 4-0 Slovan Levice U-20 (Thamil Arasu (2), Wan Zack Haikal, Sarvindran)
Sep 8 Harimau Muda 1-2 Honved Budapest U-20 (Wan Zack Haikal)
Sep 9 Harimau Muda 1-2 Spartak Trnava U-20 (Khairul Izuan Rosli)
Sep 15 Harimau Muda 1-0 Banska Bystraca U-20 (Yusaini Hafiz Che Saad)
Sep 16 Harimau Muda 0-1 Slovakia U-19

Shamelessly copied n pasted from Malaysia Football.


Now Persipura sign Aussie?

Aidan Ormond

On-loan Perth Glory striker Matt Mayora is set to sign with Indonesian side Persipura Jayapura, a club which has qualified for the 2010 Asian Champions League.

Mayora, 23, jets out to Jakarta on Wednesday for a medical with the club and has a one-year contract on the table.

He has been released early from his six-week contract at Glory after joining from NSW premier league club Sydney Olympic. Mayora was the 2009 NSW Premier League Golden Boot winner.
Mayora's Manager John Denison of Entourage Football told "Matthew is an exciting talent with a genuine knack for goal scoring.

"I truly believe he will be a huge success with the Persipura club where his strength and speed will be welcomed"

In the Indonesian league, Mayora is set join fellow Aussie Robbie Gaspar who's at Persema and former Glory striker Adrian Trinidad who has been playing at Persiba Balikpapan.

COMMENT - taken from 442 in Australia. Trinidad was released from Persiba while Persebaya have signed Josh Maguire. Given that Jayapura is something like a 5 or 6 hour flight from Jakarta I'm sure he will feel right at home here...all those long flights will do him good.

His nearest game will be the Papuan derby against Persiwa, a town only accessible by plane!



First off I would like to state categorically I hate the acronym EPL and never intend using it again.

For many years Indonesian football has had no problems attracting plenty of fair to middling African and Latin American players to its shores. They arrive, move from club to club for a while then move on, sometimes they even get paid on time.

But the FA's new ruling that clubs can now only field three non Asian foreigners with two Asians means that local clubs have has to get smarter about the game in the region. And it's a steep learning curve when you consider that one club felt that Lionel Lewis was African!

Instead of all these unknown journeymen clubs are now aiming for internationals from Singapore and Thailand as well as little known Aussies.

We have already seen the likes of Noh Alam Shah and Bahaikki join along with Precious, Mustafic Fahruddin and probably Muhammed Riduan. Now comes reports that Thai internationals Kosin and Rangsan will be lining up for Persib once the TPL has finished. Add Aussies Robbie Gaspar, a pioneer, and Josh Maguire and you can be sure interest in Indonesian football is going to explode.

And there's talk of many more being linked.

Atracting the players is one thing. Keeping them is another. Clubs have a responsibility to pay these guys what's due to them when it's due. If they don't, the deluge will soon stop.

They will also need to get smart when dealing with agents. We have already seen confusion when Arema claimed to have signed Baihakki and Mustafic based on some claims from somewhere.

The Thai and Singapore leagues end October/November. It is up to them to match Indonesia by getting out and sourcing quality talent to fill the void left by their own departing stars. Singapore is well placed to attract South Koreans and Japanese...if they could pay the salaries. And Thailand would be attractive to Europeans.

But for now all eyes will be on Indonesia and how these new guys cope. Jakarta Casual and Jakarta Casual TV will be following the game closely here like we have done the last four years. We will be at the games, talking to the players and coaches, and mixing with the fans to provide unrivalled English language coverage of the game. Bringing the Indonesian game to life...

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