Saturday, September 19, 2009


Persisam claim to be on Pipat's track

Things have gone pretty quiet on the Persisam front but now comes news they are negotiating with Thai Port for international striker Pipat Thonkanya.

According to this article Persisam and Thai Port have agreed a price for the 30 year old and are now negotiating a release date.

I'm always wary whenever Persisam say they are interested in Thais. They have a habit of getting their information mixed up. Remember these are the guys who wanted to sign one of the Thai strikers, Teerasil or Teerathep I forget which, and planned to see them in action against Iran in a friendly. Which was never scheduled.

Now they say the TPL ends November. Actually it ends a week after the ISL starts. Minor I know but you wonder where they get their info from.

And there's more. According to this interview with Pipat himself he is only only loan with Thai Port. Which means that Persisam should be dealing with the club which owns his registration which is Rajpracha.

Then again if he was on loan with PEA last season and Thai Port this, how long is his contract with Rajpracha? Find that out and Persisam could play hardball, insisting they wait for his contract to expire then he can move as a free agent.

Whatever the ins and outs and Pipat the fact remains Persisam need options up front. Till now they have Zaenal Arief who last season hardly got a look in at Persib last season.

I'm hoping that we will be able to keep hold of him until the end of the season at least...We need him for our FA Cup challenge!

I'm sure that if he doesn't move now, Thai Port will have to fight plenty of clubs for his signature for his signature when his loan deal runs out.
like i said persisam like to talk abt who they want

i gues much depends on who holds his contract and when it ends

if it ends in december then just wait and pay nothing. he won t play here in november anyway
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