Friday, September 18, 2009


Duric to Sriwijaya?

These have been worrying times for Sriwijaya coach Rahmad Darmawan. The new ISL season is just a few weeks away and he has been trying desperately hard to find a striker to line up along side Keith Kayamba Gumbs. The list reads like a who's who of South East Asia. Le Cong Vinh, Teerasil Dangda, Theerathep Winothai, Noh Alam Shah, Old Mother Hubbard, Agu Casmir, Oliver Markor. And now he is interested in SAF striker Aleksander Duric.

The beauty of Sriwijaya is they are always shooting their mouth off about who they would like to sign. All the above names, with the possible exception of the cupboard residing wench, have been openly talked about by the side who have won one league titles and two cups in the last two seasons.

Last season they paired Claude Ngon A Djam and he did a pretty reasonable jom for the side, netting more than 20 times in all competitions (guess who can't find the exact number?!) But Darmawan was happy enough to release his top scorer. As indeed he was the season before in the double year when he allowed Christian Lenglolo to move to then IPL side Persema.

Kayamba is 35 years old now. If Sriwijaya were to bring in Duric their strike force would have a combined age of 74. I know it's quality that counts, not age but the aging process isn't helped in the hurly burly world of Indonesian football. Them defenders take no prisoners and Duric won't be able to count on the time and space he currently is offered by defences in the SLeague.

I can understand as professionals players always want to test themselves. Duric is a big, strong, fit lad but for me any bid from the Palembang side has come two or three years to late, and given the list of others who have (not) gone before him it seems he was never a Plan A. Or B.

For Sriwijaya ordinarily it might have been worth taking a punt on a Malaysian striker. Historically they have never flocked overseas but there are a few names coming through there who would benefit from trying different types of football early in their careers rather than as a last pay off. But I said ordinarily. For now that seems unlikely as certain sections of the media here currently have Malaysia as the great satan.

ISL clubs should try Amri Yahya :) i think malaysian football do not have much credential to show off compared to singapore
how about Norshahrul Idlan Talaha?

he can t stop scoring for the u23s and he did a good jog last season with my team was it?
he scored 10 goals with My Team in MSL and under new national coach, he has scored 3 goals during international friendlies. He apparently the best bet for Malaysia but I dont think Indonesia club is interested in small size striker like him.
hundreds of small strikers already here!
Maybe Indra Putra Mahayuddin...he is an excellent Malaysian forward who I believe is good enough to contribute in the Indonesian league. Unfortunately, Malaysian players are notoriously reluctant to venture overseas because their pay back home is good and their home mentality. Otherwise, whether it is Norshahrul or Amri Yahaya or Indra Putra, they are better options for Sriwijaya than the present Singaporean forwards on offer.

No offence to Duric, I actually do agree with you on this analysis. In fact I am going to be blunt to say this...he might end up with an egg on the goal scoring charts if he moves to Indonesia. As good a challenge as it is, perhaps he is better going into Indonesian football as a player-coach than some kind of star player turned dud.
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