Friday, September 18, 2009


Le Cong Vinh Mania

All of Leixoes’ matches, who Vietnamese striker Le Cong Vinh is on loan to, will be broadcast live in Viet Nam.

Despite scoring several goals for the club during friendlies, Vinh has not had a chance to play in the main line-up in the Portuguese league, but he is still named on the official list.

But managers of T&T Ha Noi club, who owned Vinh in Viet Nam, have decided to buy the right to broadcast all of Leixoes‘s matches in Viet Nam.

People will be able to watch the matches on VTC and VCTC chanels every weekend.

COMMENT - any hopes that Singapore TV might do the same now that many of their players had moved to Indonesia were dashed when they announced they had found some reruns of Singapore Stamp Collecting they would rather use*

* actually this is bullshit, I just made it up.

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