Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Muang Thong United

Recently had cause to write to Muang Thong United about a couple of things and they responded promptly and positively to my questions.

Compare that to requests I send to clubs and officials in other countries when replies are often delayed or just not forthcoming.

Have I mentioned before about how the Thais are getting the marketing side of their game together? I vaguely recall something along those lines...

I'm really glad to hear this.

BTW, I'm a Thai student who now doing a degree in Marketing.

My apartment in Thailand is located not far away from the home ground of MTUFC (Actually 5 - 10 mins walk)

Sadly, I'm going to miss the game MTUFC vs CFC!!! I wish I could go back to Thailand for this match.

Welcome to Thunderdome na krub Jakarta Casual.

" 14 + Winothai = GOALSSS!! "
i tony

thanks for stopping by
shame you re going to miss the game. still, you can always go to a nsw state league game!
You lucky sod getting a reply.

I emailed them a couple of months back, still waiting for my reply!!

A mate of mine says Peter Butler has left Kelantan and is now Techincal Director of a Burmese club, any news on this your end?
interesting about butler with the malaysia cup starting next weekend. i will make enquiries...well one actually
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