Thursday, September 06, 2007


Woodlands walk off in crucial SLeague game

A few weeks back as I was sat on the stone terraces at an SLeague game I was mulling over to what extent football is a mirror of society. Indonesia. Colourful, passionate, ill disciplined yet raw and energetic. Germany. Efficient, reliable. England. Commerce driven. Everything has its price. Singapore. Organized, polite. There was the makings of an article.

Instead I will refer you to this post!

An eventful evening in SLeague football saw SAF return to the top beating Senggal Punggol 3-0 with Alexander Duric scoring just one goal. The real headlines came at Woodlands where Tampines were leading 2-0 when the home players walked off en masse! I can imagine that in Indonesia, after all Persita coach Benny Dollo is a master of the walk off but at least he returns when his dummy has been returned. Last night there was no such encore.

I saw Woodlands a few weeks back, at SAF oddly enough, and I remarked at the time their German coach was spitting Teutonic vitriol at the officials in that game. Obviously I don’t know the circumstances behind last nights action and this post isn’t really about that, more an exciting night of SLeague action with a dash of unSingaporean indiscipline ( a couple of overweight negatives!!) thrown in for good measure.

It’s a shame we don’t get the games live! It would have made for a great evenings entertainment seeing first Persija in a ding dong battle with PSIS then Tampines at Woodlands not forgetting of course the lethal Singapore Armed Forces arsenal.

Asian football at its best, yesterdays’ events have washed away the bad taste left by the East Java Derby on Tuesday.


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